Nick is complaining to Nikki that they are restricted to the hallway at the hospital so she is trying to calm him down. Victor can’t find the hospital administrator because the guy is off sailing. Michael comes in with more bad news saying that Summer is now in custody of the state. Victor and Nikki both say they think these accusations are ridiculous. Victor is really mad saying that if Summer recovers she will go into foster care. He orders Michael to find a way to place him and Nikki as her guardians.

Kevin and Jana seem to be in good spirits but they find out Daniel doesn’t have an update on Summer’s condition. Daniel thinks Kevin stuck to his decision about not helping him get that cell phone from the evidence box in the courtroom. Aucker comes in with another search warrant saying they are going to search their apartments, their cars, and Crimson Lights. Kevin is upset and he tells them they won’t find anything. Aucker tells him that is what he told him about the money and they found it though. Amber comes in telling everyone she got home from the gym only to find their apartment had been trashed. Aucker tells them that Balfour’s cell phone was stolen last night.

Billy goes to the Chancellor Estate and Mac tells him Grandma is feisty as ever. She says the same person looking out for her is also looking out for them. When Chloe comes in Mac pretends to still be mad at Billy. Chloe doesn’t see through her act. Billy doesn’t care though, he says life is too short to be miserable. He says the DNA Gods have delivered him good news about not being the father of Sharon’s baby and bad news, that Cane is still his brother.

When Lily and Cane arrive at the Chancellor Estate for the BBQ Jill goes over to them to welcome them. Lily gives her the box of cupcakes with little American flags on them. Cane hugs Katherine and Jill just rolls her eyes. He tells Katherine he can forgive her for having her doubts as he himself once doubted her. Cane tells them he loves Jill and Katherine so much. He asks them to please at least try and get along for the day. Meanwhile Nina is at Phillip’s gravesite with Paul who drops a bomb on Nina with the news that Cane’s blood sample had been frozen.

Nikki and Victor beg Michael to get the judge to let them sit with Summer in her room. They don’t want her to wake up only to see strangers with her and then be taken to a foster home. Victor says he will do everything in his power to prevent that from happening by getting custody of her himself. He says he will accept round the clock monitoring or whatever it takes. Michael leaves to see what he can do. Victor comforts Nikki as she cries on his shoulder. She asks what if the worst happens and they don’t get to say good bye to her.

At the BBQ Billy and Mac keep looking at each other while Chloe never notices them. Katherine complains about Jill gloating but she is happy about Cane being her son. Pearl from the diner comes in and says Joe Jr. can’t make it and she has to go see her granddaughter that is in the Moose Lodge parade. Katherine hugs her friend and tells her she misses her so much. Cane says Mac deserves the credit for saving Katherine’s life. Cane gets Billy to play a game of basketball with him. Jill is hoping her two sons will finally bond together now. Mac asks Chloe if she will tell Katherine that she is off to the homeless shelter to drop off hamburger buns. Billy listens and rolls his eyes as Cane hugs Jill and telling her she is the best Mum a guy can ask for.

Neil hears that Katherine had a mini stroke from her when he arrives. He tells her he is happy she is ok. He goes outside and joins Lily who tells him the tests proved that Cane really is who he says he is. Jill says she hopes now that Nina will go back to ‘Hollyweird’ where she belongs. Cane makes a toast to his wife, his mother and Katherine. He thanks them saying he finally has a home.

Paul is still with Nina and she is confused. He tells her that the blood didn’t come from Cane’s arm but it did match Jill. She asks how old was the blood but he says he doesn’t know but they will find out. He thinks it would be a mistake to go off half cocked. She says she won’t let that creep enjoy one more minute enjoying Phillip’s life.

Amber, Daniel, Jana and Kevin all deny stealing the cell phone. Aucker says he is sure that one of them is responsible and then he asks Daniel to take a polygraph test.

Katherine is on the phone with Nikki trying to give her some encouragement telling her that Summer will recover just like Victoria did. Pearl talks to Jill and tells her to be nicer to Katherine. Jill doesn’t see Katherine as such a sweet old lady. She says she is a cruel and vindictive witch. When Pearl has to go she says that Jill is one piece of work so Katherine should look out for her. Billy makes a decision to buy Murphy’s trailer. Katherine thanks Neil for taking care of her company and then remarks at how Cane and Lily are so much in love. He admits Nina had him doubting Cane. When Cane and Lily talk about giving little Delia a cousin one day she says she has never felt so close to anyone in her life. She says she worries that maybe she is too happy. The more you have the more you have to lose. Suddenly Nina comes in demanding to know where Cane got that blood from.

Esther brings Delia inside once the fireworks start. Jill and Lily are defending Cane telling Nina she has lost it. Nina insist that the blood came from Jill’s son alright but not from Cane’s arm. She says the blood had been frozen and she tells them they can ask Paul if they don’t believe her. Paul tells them all it is true. Nina says she guesses that he switched the blood samples and now she wants to know where Phillip is. Cane claims he doesn’t know what she is talking about although he looks guilty as sin.

The rest of the gang try to get Daniel to refuse to take the polygraph test but he insists that he has done nothing wrong so he agrees to take it.

Victor talks Ashley out of coming to the hospital. Nikki gets the guard to let her into Summer’s room for a few minutes then she heads back to Victor. Michael comes back telling Victor that the judge has decided to grant him temporary custody of Summer. Nikki is happy to hear this saying she will never forget this. Victor wants to get Summer back to the ranch so he can buy her a pony. Nikki thinks until Phyllis is cleared that Summer should come home with her.

Billy goes to his hotel suite and when he lets himself in Mac arrives within seconds after. They both grab each other and kiss.

Aucker takes Daniel in for the polygraph test. Kevin says Aucker is up to something. He says it is too late to call Michael about this now that Daniel agreed to take the test. They just hope Daniel knows what he is doing. Amber says she trusts Daniel but she doesn’t trust Aucker too much.

Lily looks at Cane and tells him to tell them it isn’t true. When Nina continues Lily tells her to shut up. Nina says he can’t say it isn’t true because he is a fake. Paul tells Jill that you can’t fake science. Nina thanks Paul for his help saying this isn’t his battle. She says she doesn’t hate Jill for this because she is a victim just like she and Lily is. Lily defends Cane more by saying she knows her husband. Murphy reminds everyone that Katherine just got out the hospital. Katherine asks Cane if he has something to say. She says if so now it is time for him to speak up. He looks around at everyone waiting to hear what he has to tell them.

Victor thinks he can take care of Summer better at the ranch since he has the staff and she would be surrounded by familiar faces. She disagrees saying Ashley is already under enough stress and Adam is a convict under house arrest. She says she can give Summer maternal love. She says she knows Paul will be fine with it. Michael tells them they both need to appear before the judge tomorrow but they both have temporary custody so he encourages them to go visit with her.

Billy tells Mac he didn’t lie to everyone, he really did drop by and pay Ashley a visit before driving like a maniac there to be with her. He likes their secret meetings, saying he finds them exciting. He says Katherine would be happy for them but Chloe would freak out.

Cane says he is sorry, so sorry. Jill tells him not to say it, because this isn’t true, it just can’t be. He tells her it is true. He isn’t her son and he is sorry. Everyone stands there stunned, all except for Nina who always knew she was right.

Billy and Mac keep kissing. Billy says after 6 years of foreplay here they are. Billy says he never thought this moment would ever get there. Mac says she tried so hard to forget him and they have both grown so much in the past 6 years. She closes her eyes saying she can just imagine them in their honeymoon suite. This time he says no one will come knocking at their door.

Aucker warns the group not to leave town when he returns with Daniel who actually passed the polygraph test. When he leaves Kevin locks the coffee shop up and then cheers Daniel up by serving all of them a very, very special cake which has the cell phone inside it. Daniel calls Kevin a sly dog with a huge grin on his face. Daniel tells them that until they can identify that masked man in the alley they are still not in the clear though.

Michael and Nikki talk to Summer. He tells her that Fen has some new floaties for the pool. When he is gone Victor tells Nikki he thinks she is right about Summer staying with her and Paul when she gets out the hospital. He says that girl needs a mother and she is the next best thing. With Victor’s arms around her, she promises to take good care of her. He tells her he knows she will.

Cane says he isn’t Jill’s son. Jill says this just can’t be happening as she cries. Nina says he is a lying bastard and that she understands perfectly as she is about to call the cops. She tells him he is a con artist asking him if he is after the Chancellor fortune. He swears this had nothing to do with the money and he never meant to hurt anyone. He says he did this to heal all of them, his beloved family. He says he would never hurt them. Lily asks if he loves them. She tells him she doesn’t even know who he is. She tells him he has lied to her for years. Neil promises the son of a bitch will pay for this. Jill demands for him to look at her and then asks how he could allow her to believe he was her son. He says he is sorry again. Katherine demands to know how he could do this to all these people that trusted him. Suddenly someone says “He didn’t do it” and when all turn to the voice, they see Phillip standing there adding that he did it. Nina covers her mouth because now she is shocked and horrified while Jill is totally stunned.

Jan Barrett

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