When they get to Restless Style Phyllis complains of stomach cramps and about the air conditioner being broke. Nick talks about being able to cool off at the pool party. He offers to let her go home and he will take care of the advertisers. Amber walks in and confronts Phyllis of deliberately asking her to close down her computer knowing she had that picture. After Phyllis denies it, Amber walks out and Phyllis mumbles that she really doesn’t like that girl. Nick remarks especially when she nails you with the truth. Phyllis acts innocent saying she didn’t do it on purpose.

Victoria calls and invites Nick and Phyllis over to the pool at the ranch saying Sabrina and their Dad is out of town. Nick says he will bring Summer for a little while but Phyllis is sick. He mentions the Restless style party and asks her to come.

Adam and Heather discuss how mad Victor was when he saw her there last night. Adam says it won’t happen again. She says no, because Victor isn’t home. She tells him to follow her if he wants to see her new bathing suit.

Cane sees Cloe at Indigo and tells her that he is going to the Restless Style party. She tells him she is going too and suggests they go together. She says carpooling would be a good idea since the price of gas is so high. He says no because he has no idea how long he will be there. He tells her he will see her there and he leaves.

Jack and Sharon are shocked when Michael walks in telling them there are ants all over the food out there and ask where the bug spray is. Michael asks who invited him there. Gloria walks in and surprises them even more, telling Michael never mind, she found some spray. Jack asks her what part of his message did she not understand. Gloria tells him he said in the message that he had to talk to her about a party they were having so she assumed he wanted to invite her. Gloria pulls Jack to the side and gets Jack to tell her they can stay but makes her promise no scenes. When they go outside, Sharon asks how he could do that. Before he can answer Amber walks in telling them let’s get this party started. They tell her to go outside with the supplies she has for the party. Cane walks in telling them that Jill is sick so he is filling in for her. Jack says that is fine he is always welcome. Next, walks in Cloe announcing that Cane invited her.

Nick gets out at the ranch and talks to JT and Victoria. Victor and Sabrina walk out and surprise them. Nick tells him he thought he was gone. Sabrina says she wasn’t feeling too well so they decided to stay home. Nick tells her Phyllis has the same problem so she stayed home.

Adam and Heather come out and are surprised to see Victor home too. Victor says he doesn’t recall inviting anyone. Adam tells him he thought he would be in Boston. Victor tells him he sees he has defied his orders. Adam pretends not to know what he means. Victor tells him he doesn’t want that woman in his house. Adam says he assumed it was his home too. He says he takes orders from work not at home. Victor scolds that he defies him in his own home, show some respect. Nick tries to stop it but Victor tells him it doesn’t concern him. Victor and Sabrina go back inside and Heather and Adam leave.

Sabrina follows Victor and tells him that Adam probably likes Heather. He tells her that woman accused him of murder. She tells him he knows how much it means to her for the family to be together again by the time the baby arrives. She tells them they are right outside and begs him not to throw this opportunity away.

Gloria sprays some bug spray by the pool gagging Cloe when Lauren notices Gloria’s ring on her finger. They ask what that is. She tells them they were going to wait until the fireworks started to tell them. She admits she and Jeffery got married again. Lauren and Michael pull Gloria inside the pool house and she tells them she married Jeffery for his money, rather her money. She tells them he gave her all her diamonds back after they got married again. Michael says this is too sick and he and Lauren leave.

Jana shows up at the party and finds Amber drinking heavy. She asks about Daniel and Amber says he doesn’t need her. Jana says yes he does. Amber disagrees. Jana tells Amber not to do anything stupid tonight. When she sees Amber looking at Adrian Jana begs her not to. Amber says he is an old friend, and she needs a friend. Jana says she needs Daniel. Amber says he doesn’t need her though.

Adrian sees Colleen and she announces that she is living there now. She tells him to have a good time. He wonders what happened between them. He says they use to be able to talk. Colleen just walks away. Amber joins Adrian for a drink.

Sharon tells Jack that Phyllis is sick but Nick is on his way there. Jack says he can handle the advertisers on his own. She reminds him that they do have partners. They argue over his inviting Gloria to stay. He tells her some decisions can’t be made by a committee and he walks away. Later Jack is on the phone asking if they are sure this leads back to Sabrina Newman. He says this has to be bulletproof if he is going to use it in the article they plan to print.  He tells them to get back to him and not to tell his partners, tell only him.

At the pool, Sabrina goes to Victoria and asks her if she is having fun. Victoria says she hopes she is feeling better. Sabrina asks her how she is, saying she noticed she was stressed out yesterday. She asks if she has thought anymore about the gala. Victoria told her no. She tells Sabrina to email her with her ideas and she walks away.

Victor asks Nick about the article that Adrian is writing about Sabrina. He tells him he wants to see the article before it goes to print. Victor asks how his mother is and warns him again about David. He tells him to watch out for David, he doesn’t trust him at all.

Victoria and JT talk about the scene with Victor and Adam. She notices her father holding Reed. She tells JT to look. Sabrina notices Victor too. After Nick leaves Victor invites JT and Victoria inside but they say they are going to watch the fireworks. Victor asks Sabrina if she would like to hold Reed, but she asks Victoria first if she can. Victoria says ok but only lets her for a minute then takes him saying he needs to be changed. Victor kisses Reed and then tells Victoria and JT good bye.

Jack tells Cloe and Cane that the cover on their second issue didn’t sell so good. Cloe suggests he uses Lily on the next cover. She and Cane hand Jack a selling pitch together. Jack promises to give it some thought. When Jack walks away Cane is impressed with Cloe’s pitch.

Colleen watches Adrian with Amber having a good time. She asks Jana what they are doing. Jana looks over at them and tells Colleen they are having a good time. Later Amber is drunk when she tells Nick it sucks that Phyllis is home sick. She mentions the thing about Phyllis’s computer but Nick tells her to talk to Phyllis about that. When Amber stumbles out, Jana and Colleen both watch Adrian follow her.

Jack announces that they have big plans for the magazine. Nick doesn’t seem to like it when Jack says he promises to cater to the upscale market that they covet. He says the best is yet to come and then he raises his glass and makes a toast to Restless Style.

Cane tells Cloe he is leaving. She tries to keep him there but when she sees he is leaving she screams in pain claiming she stepped on a bee. When he offers to look at it she tells him not to touch it. He agrees to take her home after she says she can’t drive and then he goes to get her some ice. On their way on the dark road Cloe’s car runs out of gas. She tells him her gauge is broken and their cell phone’s are out of range. Cloe says welcome to the boonies. He asks her can she walk and she says no.

Amber and Adrian get back to Restless Style and on the sofa he tells her not to worry about what Daniel thinks. She tells him he is a gentleman, and kind and sweet and kind of cute. He says yeah they are just a couple of keepers. He tells her how he loves her eyes. He says Daniel is a fool and they start kissing.

Sabrina tells Victor that holding Reed like that meant a lot to her especially since Victoria let her. She goes upstairs. Adam goes back to the ranch and tells Victor they need to talk. Victor tells him to listen to him. He tells him not to ever forget who he is and who you are. He says if he does he will be sorrier that he has ever been in his life and this is the last warning he is giving him. Victor walks upstairs.

Nick and Jack argue over the magazine. When Nick and Sharon walk out Jack gets a call. He asks if this is rock solid. He repeats, Sabrina Newman in a scandal. He says to back up their files and cover their tracks, he will be in touch.

Jan Barrett

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