Kevin and Jana visit Daniel and they are surprised to hear that he is mad at Amber and says he hopes he never has to see her again. While they talk Amber is over at Deacons. She tells him she didn’t come back for more. She tells him what a disgusting creep he is. She tells him after he broke her boyfriends heart she came there to break his eardrums. She wants to know when he is going to give her the DVD that will clear Daniel. Over at Crimson Lights Heather and Michael are watching the DVD on her laptop. Michael tells him it looks legit to him so it should be enough to get Daniel out of lockup He tells Heather to come on her secret is out that she does have a heart.

Victor leads Ashley in making her promise to keep her eyes closed. When she sees the office chair he explains it is a seat for her on the Newman Enterprises board of directors. He tells her yes there is someone stepping down. She asks who.

Billy leaves a message for Jill telling her to call him back because they need to talk. Colleen comes in saying she has been summoned to Newman by Victoria so she assumes she is guessing she is about to be booted off the board. Billy asks her why that would happen.

JT argues with Victoria about her getting rid of Colleen. He tells her never mind that everyone saw her foolishness and flashing online. He begs her not to be that person. When she asks what person? Responsible? He tells her no, her father. JT says so what if it wasn’t Colleen’s finest moment. She says he should have told her about this. He says he was helping out a friend who was being exploited by some loser. Victoria asks him what he wants her to do. He wants her to stand up to her father promising to stand by her side. He says they make a pretty good team when they want to be. He says it isn’t fair to crucify Colleen for one stupid mistake that she made. Victoria thinks he is only trying to protect someone that he used to love. Victoria says no, this has to be done today. JT can’t believe she would give in to Victor when she knows he is wrong. She tells him that her father calls the shots and anyone else that thinks otherwise is very naïve.

When Ashley asks who is stepping down Victor avoids answering her. Finally she guesses it must be Colleen. He tells her that Colleen turning in her resignation for personal reasons and that’s all there is to it. Ashley doesn’t believe that. She says Colleen took over the seat in honor of her father by following in his foot steps. Victor thinks she is the wrong person for the seat on the board saying after all she is the face of Jabot Cosmetics. He says this is the best solution for all. He tells her she should resume her rightful place.

Colleen tells Billy what happened with the bartender that played her. She says she got wasted and he dared her to do something uncharacteristic and when she took the dare it was being recorded. She thinks Victor is probably behind this. She admits to Billy that it was Jack that has been coaching her for the position on the board. Billy laughs at the ongoing feud between Jack and Victor. He offers to go with Colleen to stand up for her. He says those Newman’s think they own the world. She jokes around and asks don’t they. He says no one is going to treat his family like this without a fight. She smiles and thanks him.

Amber tells Deacon about her relationship with Daniel and how great their life was before Deacon came to town. She tells Deacon he is a creep. He tells her he knows she likes bad boys though and that Daniel is way too tame for her. He guesses that Daniel didn’t appreciate what she did for him. He tells her that he and she belong together. He tells her he sent the DA the DVD and asks doesn’t he deserve thanks but instead she slaps him across the face.

Jana tells Daniel she is sure that Amber would never cheat on him after what happened last summer. She says there must be a mistake. Daniel assures her it was no mistake. He says the only mistake made was him trusting and even wanting to marry Amber. He asks how much of a moron is he. He says he heard it all over the phone. Jana says she guesses the guy was Deacon. Daniel says Amber tried to tell him it was a sacrifice for her saying she has evidence that will clear him. Kevin tells Daniel he remembers Amber struggling with a decision she had to make that really had her upset. He says poor Amber for having to make such a horrible choice. Daniel says sarcastically yeah sure, poor Amber. He says she does whatever she damn well pleases and Deacon got what he wanted which was Amber in his bed while Daniel is in jail.

Michael wants Daniel to be set free and then he wants a public apology from the DA’s office. Heather laughs saying Daniel isn’t in the clear. Michael tells her Daniel told the truth and he was set up. Heather seems to think this gives Daniel a motive to want Balfour dead. Michael says Daniel is no killer and then he receives a call from Amber. She says she is with a man who has a DVD that can clear Daniel. She tells him to bring the police with him to make him hand it over. He tells her the DA’s office has it already and they are on their way. Michael tells her that Heather wants to talk to who sent this to her. Michael tells her not to move they will be right there. Amber tells Deacon he is going to be the one in jail now once Daniel’s lawyer and the Assistant DA gets there but Deacon doesn’t seem to be worried.

JT asks Victoria to sleep on this and she says she won’t. When Billy and Colleen come in and face Victoria and JT. Victoria tells Colleen she has drawn up a letter of resignation that she would like for her to sign and if she doesn’t sign she will be fired. She advises her to walk away with some dignity though. Colleen complains this is just because Victor wants Ashley to have her seat and he just got Victoria to do his dirty work for him. She asks isn’t there some other way. Victoria says no because she also agrees with her father. Colleen doesn’t believe her saying she knows Victoria is no prude. She tells her she has turned into her father. Billy agrees with Colleen and asks why Victoria is going along with this. He claims there are other options like a public apology. Victoria says this is not personal but as far as Newman’s Board is concerned Colleen is history. JT is not very happy with Victoria’s decision.

Victoria can’t blame her father. She asks did he pour alcohol down Colleen’s throat or ask her to act like a little slut. Billy asks what grounds is Colleen being fired on, moral plentitudes? He says there wouldn’t be a single Newman on the board if that was the case.

Victor brings Ashley a glass of juice as she comments on how attentive he has been. He says he considers Ashley his equal at work and at home. He tells her he isn’t trying to just humor her either. He says she is his partner in business and in life. He says the board seat is the least he can do to show her how much he loves and appreciates to her.

Billy calls out the list, starting with the fact that Victoria’s mother is a former stripper. He says not that there is anything wrong with that because personally he loves strippers. He says Victor has been married more times than Elizabeth Taylor has been and he himself is a criminal. He brings up the centerfold Victoria posed for that Victor had to buy all the published magazines it was in to keep it from the public. Victoria stands by her decision even after all this. Billy warns her that if Colleen decides to fight this it is going to cost the Newman’s and then Victoria will regret being her father’s drone. JT finally steps up and says that is enough. Colleen tells him she doesn’t understand how he could come to her rescue at Jimmy’s and then asks doesn’t it make him sick to see them treat people like this. When they are gone, Victoria thanks JT for standing up to Billy and not standing by Colleen. She says loyalty to the family is what matters. He tells her that Victor asked him months ago to find some sort of dirt on Colleen but he ignored it because he knew there wasn’t any to find. He said just recently Victor told him to forget about finding anything against her and now Colleen is off the board and on Viewclick. She asks if he is saying this is her father’s fault. He says yes he does think Victor is responsible, doesn’t she?

Heather and Mike hear about Deacon setting Daniel up from Amber. Deacon says he wasn’t even in town when the man was shot. He claims he found the DVD in a parking lot. He claims he met Daniel while in a meeting with Victoria and he was only trying to be a good Samaritan. He tells them he didn’t put a return address on the envelope because he wasn’t sure he’d still be in town. Amber yells out that Deacon blackmailed her into sleeping with him and he made sure Daniel would find out about it. Deacon admits he and Amber have a history together. He even mentions their matching tattoos. He admits sleeping with her but her obsession with him has nothing to do with the DVD he found. Heather decides that Amber is making all these accusations up to cover for being caught cheating on Daniel.

Daniel says Amber and Deacon screwed him over. Jana says she knows when you feel you might lose someone you love, you do crazy things that you normally wouldn’t do. Daniel says he would rather rot in jail than be with someone that stabbed him in the back.

While Heather is verifying Deacon’s alibi Amber tells Michael that the guy is a sociopath. Heather thinks in her opinion that Amber has only proved to her that she and Daniel have issues in their relationship. She tells Deacon she is sorry to have wasted his time ass she leaves the hotel suite. Michael assures Amber that he will do anything and everything possible that he can to help Daniel. Heather still says the DVD gives Daniel motive to kill Balfour. Michael wants the bail reduces and reinstated otherwise he warns her that she will stay on her losing streak in her already bleak career but that is her call.

Victoria is not happy with JT for keeping secrets from her. He says he is telling her now though and besides they never use to argue like this. He says things haven’t been the same ever since she was hit in the head in that alley. He says they are no longer in sync like they use to be. He said before she would have understood what happened at Jimmy’s. She says the bottom line is that Colleen put the company in jeopardy and like it or not she has been dealt with. Victoria warns him that he is going to have to answer to Victor regarding Colleen’s wed exposure. JT isn’t worried saying he wishes he had been honest with Victor all along.

Ashley apologizes to Victor for pushing him away from her. She says she is touched that he would do this for her. She says she is so sorry and it is just that she has been so worried about the baby. She says now she knows that Victor believes in her. She says she is feeling so strong now and thanks him. He tells her he doesn’t know what would have happened to him in Paris if she hadn’t have found him. She takes a deep breath as she smiles and says the baby just kicked. Victor puts his hand on her stomach. Ashley smiles and says Hope, a new start! Victor says he has to get to the office but he won’t be gone long. When she is alone, she feels the baby kicking again.

Kevin thinks back to when Amber told him that she had done some horrible things in her life but being with Daniel made her want to be a better person now. He tells Daniel this was for him so it should count for something. Michael comes in and tells Daniel he has some good news, bail has been set for him. When Kevin and Jana start to leave, Jana tells Daniel that it looks as though Amber came through for him. She reminds him that Amber really loves him.

Deacon tells Amber that even though she claims she despises him he can’t help but notice she is still there with him. She tells him that everything she loved is gone. She says he had his one night so can’t he just go away and leave her and Daniel alone. He tells her he freed her and then brags that he still has his touch. She tells him to go to hell as she storms out the room.

Michael tells Daniel he should have him out of jail by tomorrow. He says the DA has a DVD that proves he was framed but he isn’t off the hook entirely just yet but the bail has been reinstated and the judge reduced it significantly. When Daniel thanks him, he tells him not to thank him. He should be thanking Amber, because she is the one that got the evidence to Heather. Meanwhile we see Amber upset outside Deacon’s room as she thinks back to Daniel dumping her and her saying that she would rather be lose him forever than to see him in jail for the rest of his life. She gets a phone call from Daniel telling her he is getting out tomorrow and when he does he needs to see her.

Billy promises to stand by Colleen in this and then he compares himself to the suck up Cane. He feels that it is his job now to protect his family and declares this fight far from being over.

JT and Victoria report back to Victor who asks how Colleen took the news. Victoria tells him not too well. Victor says JT has some explaining to do though. He asks about what. He asks how come he was so protective of Colleen in that bar. Victor wants to know if he has forgotten who he works for. JT says he enjoys his job very much but he can resign. Victor tells him he can do that. Victoria whispers NO. JT says he will turn in his keys and badge and then he leaves with Victoria following him. Victor makes a call calling for a board meeting with all members except Colleen Carlton who is no longer with them. He wants the meeting set for tomorrow.

Jan Barrett

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