Amber brings Daniel a cup of coffee and tells him she is glad to have him back. He tells her last night was nice but today is today.

Lily is happy to find Cane still home. He says he decided to take the day off to spend with her in their new home. Lily says she has to call Devon and apologize for missing his and Anna’s performance. She says it makes her so angry with Cloe for ruining the night for her. He says he would rather not talk about Cloe. Lily sees the news on TV and turns the volume up in time to hear about the accident.

Paul is at the accident scene talking to the investigators. Paul figures out that the accident was no accident after all. The cops said it hasn’t been released to the press yet but as of this morning this place has been designated as a crime scene.

Cane calls Katherine and tells her to turn the TV on and they catch Jill’s speech about her stepping in and taking over as CEO at Jabot. Katherine tells Cane she never authorized Jill to take over and says she will be right there. Katherine tells Nikki to stay put because she will go and take care of her daughter.

Gloria and Jeffery watch the press conference and they are glowing thinking that Jabot’s stock is going down making it so much easier for them to buy them. Gloria says it will make it possible for them to own the company. They notice that Brad doesn’t look too happy with Jill’s taking over. Gloria thinks she needs to go to work and make nice to Brad and see what she can find out.

JT and Victoria are outside and she is cold and she says it is crazy with it being in the middle of the summer. She tells JT she needs to see Sabrina and she needs to tell her how sorry she is about everything that happened. She wants to know why Sabrina would get in that car with David. She says and she was pregnant. She talks about how much Sabrina wanted kids. Victoria tells JT she was horrible to them. She says Sabrina made her Dad happy and she should have been grateful to her. She says she made the biggest mistake of her life and she may never have a chance to tell her she is sorry. She says she needs to see her.

Phyllis is at the hospital and she asks Nick how Sabrina is doing. They talk about how Victor is refusing to give up. She tells Nick she is going to go finish packing. Nick tells her to go unpack. He says sooner or later his Dad is going to need them so he wants to stay.

Cane is on the phone with Jill and she tells him to stay there in case she needs him. Lily says it is strange how things happen. She says if David and Sabrina had left a little earlier the accident would never have happened.

Cloe is on her laptop looking at ultrasound pictures and finds one with a date on it that she needs. She says perfect and presses the print button.

Paul sees Heather at the accident. She says she is there for Jabot’s sake to be sure they can’t be tied in with it. Paul lets her know that it turns out the accident was no accident after all. Paul explains to her about how David Chow’s real name was Angelo Serafini.  He tells her he was involved with mob and he killed Ji Min. Paul shows Heather the photo of Ji Min with David and Walter. He explains that Walter is a loan shark with the mob. He says Ji Min wanted to expand his operations and then tried backing out when he realized the mob was involved.  That is when they ordered a hit on him. David was the hired killer. The evidence against Jack and Victor was planted by David to throw suspicion off of him. Heather recognizes Walter as the man that hit on her at the gala. She tells him how she saw him talking to the limo driver in the parking lot that night. Paul shows her a picture of the limo driver and she confirms it was him.

Cloe shows up at Amber’s with a cake. When she sees Daniel she tells Amber it looks like their little plan worked. Daniel wants to know what plan. Amber says there was no plan. When he leaves Amber tells Cloe she isn’t in the mood for cake. Cloe tells her she is eating for two now. She says one piece for amber, one for her and one little piece for Cane Jr.

Brad and Jill are arguing when Katherine walks in asking what is going on. Jill tells her she is trying to save the company. She says the public needs to see that someone is in charge there with David dead and Nikki in ICU. Nikki walks in and announces that she isn’t dead yet.

Victoria goes to the hospital and Nick tells her how things look for Sabrina. She tells him she has to see Sabrina and she says she isn’t leaving this time until she does. She says no one is keeping her out this time.

Cane gets a call from Jill and she asks him to come to Jabot right away saying she needs him. Lily tells him it is fine, his mother needs him so go. Meanwhile Cloe shows Amber the ultrasound picture. She says her lifestyle has to change. She says getting pregnant was not on top of her to do list. She says now she is excited about it though. Amber thinks Cane will do the right thing by her. She wonders if Daniel would do the same thing. Cloe tells her maybe she could accidentally get pregnant on purpose but Amber says no way. She tells Cloe she’s been there done that. She says she hopes it works out better for Cloe than it did her.

Gloria gets to work and tells Brad it is a terrible thing about David Chow. She rubs it in that she knows he would have preferred being put in the CEO’s seat. She tells Brad if he needs her to do anything to keep her in mind and he says he will remember that and walks away.

The doctor tells Victor there is no change. He asks if there is nothing more she can do. She says there is nothing anyone can do. He tells her he didn’t fly her there to give up. Victoria walks in and tells Victor she needs to see Sabrina. He says Sabrina doesn’t need this. Sabrina whispers to Victor that she wants to see her. Victoria smiles at Sabrina as she walks towards her. Sabrina asks her to help her with her pillow. They reminisce about times in Florence when they both were hitting on a cute waiter and they both thought he liked them but all along he liked a friend of theirs, Marc. They both smile with tears in their eyes. Sabrina thanks her for coming.

Daniel shows up at the hospital. They tells him that the accident destroyed Sabrina’s liver and the rest of her organs are failing. Nick tells Daniel he is aware of his mother trying to break him and Amber up and he was against it. Daniel realizes now how it feels to be in love with someone but not being able to trust them.

Amber is at home when Phyllis shows up to see her. Phyllis tells her she didn’t come to see Daniel this time. She tells Amber she wants to call a truce even though she can’t stand the sight of her. She says she misses her son and doesn’t want Amber to come between them. Phyllis says as insane as it sounds, Daniel wants to start over with her. Amber is surprised to hear this and asks if he told her that. She asks Phyllis if this means she can get invited to family events now. Phyllis tells her not to push it.

Paul runs into Jabot and sees Nikki. He tells her how it looks like the crash was no accident. He tells her he thinks it was a hit ordered by Walter. Nikki asks him to find out all he can but not to tell Victor. She thinks she needs to be the one to tell him. But JT is with Victor at the same time telling him everything they know. JT shows Victor a picture of Walter.

Jeffery is talking to the press. He tells them that Jabot is on the brink of a civil war. He buys 100,000 shares of stock for Agreeing Lovers, Inc., the company he started as an alias. Then he buys more that is to be kept a secret from Gloria, saying he wants it to be a surprise. At the same time Gloria is buying stock using money from her trust for 50,000 shares of Jabot stock. She tells them not to tell her son Michael or Jeffery. She says it is going to be a big surprise.

Cloe goes to Lily’s house to show Cane the ultrasound picture. Lily asks if she has gone in sane. She tears the paper up and tells her that Cane didn’t even sleep with her. She slams the door in Cloe’s face.

Heather goes to Jabot and tells Jill that she thinks they have found out who killed Ji Min. She tells her David Chow. Jill shoots a look at Nikki that could kill. Nikki is waiting on the elevator when the reporters start throwing questions at her.

Daniel goes to Amber’s and she tells him about his mother being there. Daniel tells her that he thinks they need to go back to being just friends.

Victoria and Sabrina are laughing when the nurse walks in and says she is sorry to interrupt. Victoria tells Sabrina she never got the chance to say what she came to say. Sabrina smiles and says next time. When Victoria leaves the room, Sabrina is in tears. Victoria goes out the room and tells Victor she and Sabrina had a lovely visit. She apologizes about her losing the baby. Victor says she didn’t lose the baby, it was taken from her. He says he will find out who is responsible.

Jan Barrett

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