Victor is in his office smiling at his picture of Sabrina while Nikki is at Crimson Lights telling Paul that it was s year ago today since the Gala. She talks about all that happened that night that she would never have dreamed would have. She says never in a million years would she have thought David wanted to kill her nor did she ever imagine Sabrina didn’t deserve getting caught in all this and getting killed herself. Nikki realizes that if it wasn’t for Paul she herself would probably be dead now. She says if only she had listened to him and Victor back then. She says maybe some day she will be able to stop thinking this was all her fault.

Billy tells Cane he is not going to worm his way back into the Chancellor family despite what his mother says. Cane says except for this lie he is an honest man and besides he reminds Billy that he did turn down millions he could have gotten from the Chancellor’s before any of this came out anyway. He tells Billy he was a better son to them than he will ever be. He throws it into Billy’s face that he was the one they relied on not Billy.

Phyllis needs to go to Restless Style but she tells Nick she can’t decide on whether she should run with those photos they took of Summer for the magazine or not. Nick encourages her to keep them in and it will show their faith in their Supergirl!

Sharon receives a delivery from Fenmore’s. When she opens it she finds a baby’s bib with Daddy written on it telling her this is from Jack. Out in the hallway Jack talks to a security man for the club telling him about the box left outside Sharon’s door. He tells the guy he doesn’t want the mother of his child to find out he has been staying there in a room close to hers. Before he can walk away Sharon comes out her door and finds him standing there. He quickly explains that he was returning a key he found as he hands the man his room key. She tells Jack she got the package and she says she appreciates what he is trying to do but it is too much. She tells him she needs some time to herself and she asks that he stops hovering over her and then she goes back into her room.

A minister comes into Lily’s room to talk which by surprise is the same on that performed the ceremony for Lily and Cane when they got married. When she tells him she can’t have any children now. She says she still has cancer and now she has a better chance of dying than staying alive She has never felt so alone before, he reminds her that she needs to remember that she has been blessed with God’s gift of family and friends and her new husband. She has to tell him that her marriage is over which he expresses his sorrow over hearing but he reminds her of the vows she and Cane had and the love they had between them. He tells her he was so moved by that love. He asks her to trust in that.

Cane tells Billy he has taken things for granted and that is why their mother chose him over Billy. Billy says then why did Jill put him as CEO at Jabot then. Cane says it was political but then says never mind, just ask Jill why she made him CEO. When he storms off Billy is now questioning why he was chosen to be CEO.

Phyllis is trying to take care of business for Restless Style over the phone as opposed to going to the office while Nick is playing with Summer. He tells her to go on to the office because he and Summer will be just fine. Finally she agrees and tells them to have fun.

Mac finds Mary Jane in an alley when she calls out for her. She has a box with a blanket, a toothbrush, shampoo and stuff in it for her. She asks Mary Jane if she needs anything like a shower or clothes or if she wants to go to a shelter, she says she can just tell them that Mac sent her. When she asks what her name is Mary Jane tells her it is none of her business. Mac tells her that she can trust her because she is not going to hurt her. Mary Jane says she is wrong, she can’t trust anyone.

Victor is in his office when Jack storms in even when Victor says he doesn’t want o be disturbed. Jack says too bad as she slams the doll with the eyes cut out on his desk. When Victor wants to know what that is, Jack tells him someone left it outside Sharon’s hotel suite door and he says they both know who did it. He tells Victor it looks as if he didn’t put a big enough price on Mary Jane’s head. He tells Victor he knows it is Mary Jane doing this and says God knows what she is capable of but they need to stop her. Jack feels he is the one responsible for bringing her into their lives and into Summer’s life too. Victor says he is following up on some leads and he had increased security at the ranch. Jack says that won’t help protect Sharon. Victor says Sharon can stay out at the ranch but they both say that would be awkward with Nick living on the ranch too. Jack admits taking a room at the club to be close by to keep an eye on her. They agree to work together on this and promise to keep each other informed and then Jack leaves taking the doll with him.

Nick looks through the collection of movies they have to find one he can sit and watch with Summer when she wants to watch Mommy, Mommy, Mommy. He takes the video of his and Phyllis’s wedding and sits close to Summer as he starts the video.

Phyllis decides to stop at Crimson Lights to tell Nikki how well she done on the newest issue of Restless Style and thanks her for it. She tells her she only stopped by to get one of Summer’s favorite blueberry muffins. She tells Nikki and Paul that Summer is doing well with the therapy saying it is difficult for her at times but it will be fine.

When Phyllis goes inside she sees Sharon as she gets coffee. Sharon tells her hello and they talk about how Summer is doing which Phyllis is sure to tell her that she doesn’t know what she would do without Nick being there to help. Suddenly Phyllis says OMG there she is as she goes over to the counter and attacks a woman who looks similar to Mary Jane from the back. When she sees it isn’t her she quickly apologizes to the woman. The woman is mad and is threatening to call the police. Sharon explains to the woman that she had been mistaken for a woman that had seriously hurt Phyllis’s daughter. She apologizes to the woman. When the woman leaves Sharon tries to calm Phyllis down. Phyllis says “OMG I’m such an idiot!” Then says she has to get home and she leaves.

Jack comes in and talks to Paul about Mary Jane. He tells him she has been harassing Sharon and then mentions what she did with the doll. Paul tells Jack about his and Nikki’s trip to Europe and how they couldn’t find even one person that recognized her. He says someone has gone through a lot of trouble to bring her there and to disguise her. Paul says he can’t help but feel like he has met her somewhere before saying there is something incredibly familiar with her and he asks Jack has he felt like that. Jack says no.

Mary Jane doesn’t want to talk to Mac about going to a shelter. She wants Mac to just leave her alone. She is downing a granola bar when she hurries and hides when she hears someone coming. Billy walks up asking Mac what she is doing back there. He tells her about him and Cane getting into it at the Chancellor house and he will tell her about it later. Mary Jane listens to Billy talk and she remembers him introducing her to Jack. When he leaves she comes out of hiding saying she does trust Mac now and wants her help. Mac admits not knowing what it is like being on the streets. Mary Jane tells her she has been so alone. Mac vows that she isn’t alone anymore because she has her now.

The minister tells Lily if she needs to talk he will be there for her. When he is going out the door Cane is coming in and the minister tells him that Lily needs him. Lily looks over at Cane and tells him it is OK for him to come in. She apologizes to him and he asks for what. She says she can’t have any children now. He tells her that she is the only thing that matters to him. He reminds her that they did manage to remove tow of her eggs and they froze them. He says it wasn’t a dream, they will be there for her when the time is right. She smiles as she says then there will still be a chance.

When Phyllis gets home she tells Nick that they have another blockbuster issue. He tells her that they have been watching the wedding video for the 6th time. When Summer sees Phyllis on the video she speaks out “Mommy” and then points to the TV. Phyllis sits next to her and watches it with her.

Sharon thinks back to her dream when Cassie told her that Summer is the girl she spoke of. She looks at the picture of Cassie and says it’s like she knew that Summer would need him the most. She starts rubbing her stomach and tells the baby it looks like they will have to get along without Nick.

Lily tells Cane about Mac bringing her a laptop with some old movies to watch and asks if he will watch one with her. He tells her he would love to and if she falls asleep while watching it he will be there when she wakes up. She whispers to him asking him to stay.

Mary Jane tells Mac she is afraid someone will find her while on the streets but she can’t go to the police. She says she has nowhere to go. She tells Mac if only she had a place where she could just close her eyes and not have to worry about food.. Mac tells her to come with her, she knows of a place she can go and no one will find her.

Paul and Jack talk to Billy about why he hired Mary Jane. He tells them her references were supposed to have been checked out. He wouldn’t have hired her had he knows she was a whack job. Then he blames Jack saying he knew her a hell of a lot better than he did. Paul says whoever set her up there was a real pro and they went through a lot to cover her identity that wanted her in Jabot. Jack wonders who she is working for.

Victor thinks back to the times he talked to Mary Jane and how many time he warned her to stay away from his family. Then he thinks about the press conference offering a reward for her. Nikki walks in and says she will go if he wants her to but she is hoping he will let her stay.

Summer says “Mommy Princess” as they watch more of the video. Nick and Phyllis look at each other as she continues watching the video. At the same time Sharon is back in her hotel room watching a video of her and Nick’s wedding from years ago.

Mary Jane takes her box of things into Jimmy’s and asks Mac if she really owns the place. She tells Mary Jane yes and that she is welcome to stay in the storage room saying at least it is clean and safe. She says no one will know she is even there. Mary Jane hugs Mac as she thanks her telling her she really, really owes her one.

Paul tells Jack he is still working on the case even though Victor wanted him to back off until now. Jack and Billy agree with Paul to keep each other informed of anything they find out. When Paul is gone Jack tells Billy he has a sneaky suspicion that Victor has something to do with this. Although Billy isn’t so sure of that he says it wouldn’t make any sense. Jack tells him he just doesn’t know how the man operates and he says he has to find Mary Jane before Victor does and before she hurts anyone else.

Nikki tells Victor that there isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t regret letting David Chow into her life. She says when people become obsessed they are like a ticking time bomb. She says she should have known better but she was blinded by how she wanted things to be even though everyone around her could see the truth. She says she deserved to be scorned for getting involved with him which ended up hurting everyone she was close to. Victor tells her they all make mistakes and then tells her he really wants to be alone right now. When she leaves Victor sits in his office thinking about everything as he looks like he is feeling so guilty.

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