Katherine takes a deep breath just as she enters the room with Victor to see Sabrina. He tells her they are arranging for the best possible care for Sabrina. Katherine asks what was Sabrina doing riding with David Chow. Victor thinks it has something to do with Nikki. Katherine tells him she needs some answers and offers any help he should need as she hugs him good bye.

Victor stands there looking at Sabrina when Nick walks in. Victor asks Nick what he is doing there. Nick tells him he knows he is angry at him right now but they are still family and he isn’t leaving. Michael talks to a surgeon to get over there to check out Sabrina. Nick tells Michael he is glad his father has him there. Michael tells him that Victor needs him too no matter how much he denies it.

Victoria and JT go to the hospital to pick up Nikki and they insist on her going back with them to their house. The doctor comes in and tells Nikki that her tests showed deadly levels of morphine in her system and it was a good thing she got there when she did. Nikki is in shock and asks how she could have been so stupid. Paul shows up and talks to Nikki. He was surprised to hear what was in the test results but is happy Nikki is ok now. They agree Nikki needs to be with Victoria and JT. Victoria tells her that Nick is with Victor and Nikki thinks this is good.

Jill and Brad are at Jabot fighting off the press over David’s gambling habits. They talk about how David has to resign and so will Nikki since she is married to him. An assistant walks in and tells Jill to turn the news on. They find out that David Chow was killed and an unknown woman was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

A reporter shows up at Restless style with photos of Sabrina Newman being removed from David Chow’s limousine to be taken to the hospital. He wants to sell the photo to Jack to publish in his magazine. Jack asks the man if he actually thought he would print this photo. Jack refuses at first but then decides to buy all the photos that were taken at the scene only if he has exclusive rights and all copies. The man asks for $30,000 and Jack agrees to pay it.

Jack listens to the news describing the accident that killed David Chow. Sharon walks in and she sees the photo’s that Jack has. She recognizes Sabrina and says she thought it was Nikki that was in the car with David. He explains to Sharon why he bought the photos from the photographer. He asks if he has turned their magazine into a sleazy one. When she tells him no, he asks her how come he is feeling so guilty.

Michael tells Nick and Neil that Sabrina will be lucky if she last a couple more hours. He tells them about the baby and how she lost it. Victor comes out and thanks Neil for coming. Nick tells him he is sorry about the baby. Victor tells Michael he wants some answers as to why Sabrina was in the car with David and why did the car go off the road. Michael says he will look into it. When Victor walks off with Neil, he turns around and looks at Nick without saying a word and then turns back and joins Neil.

Katherine is questioning Nikki about her drinking. Victoria tells her she wasn’t drinking but she was poisoned. Paul walks in and tells them he got some more news. He says they found an empty vile in David’s pocket that had traces of the morphine in it. Nikki gasps as Victoria hugs her. Katherine realizes now that David wanted her to think Nikki was drinking again. JT and Paul explained that David was planning on Nikki dying from an overdose and then he could inherit her money. Katherine wants to know how long David had been planning this. They figure since Nikki was planning to file for a divorce. They tell them that David was also tied in with the death of Ji Min and the mob. Victoria asks JT if he knew all this and kept quiet about it. Paul says it was his call.

Jack says the sales are even higher for the magazine. Sharon thinks the article in the magazine was a good thing. She thanks Jack for buying the photos. Jack says as much as he can’t stand Victor, even he doesn’t deserve the kind of pain it would bring if those photos were to surface in the papers. Sharon tells Jack he is worried about Victor right now.

Jill can’t get any answers from the hospital concerning Nikki’s condition. They see that Jabot’s stocks are dropping so Brad says they need to appoint an interim CEO. Jill gets ready to make a statement to the press. Brad thinks he will become CEO but she tells him this company is facing a crisis and the shareholders need stability and they need to know this company will run smoothly. So she will be CEO for now. He says that isn’t what they agreed on. She yells at him telling him to be patient.

Adam is reading the stock reports and sees Jabot’s stocks are dropping. He happens to see a missing persons report on Skye and freaks out. He calls her cell phone again and tells her voice mail to call him as soon as she can.

Victor asks Neil to go over some documents that are going out to the ranch. Neil tells Nick he has to go to the ranch to deal with some documents. Michael tells Nick that Victor is setting himself for a huge disappointment. Nick says he will never give up. Michael says there are some things that even the great Victor Newman can’t do. Nick says if anyone can that man in there can.

Victoria is sitting outside when Paul defends JT for not telling her about it all. He tells her that JT wanted to say something but he asked him not to. Victoria says it is fine, because they all kept secrets. Victoria tells JT that her mother asked her not to say anything about her divorcing David and she agreed. JT tells her they are just going to have to live with their decisions. She says if anything happens to Sabrina she doesn’t think she can live with it.

Nikki tells Katherine she was desperate for David’s love to be real. Katherine tells her no one is all good or all evil. She tells Nikki that the press found out that David was gambling and she lets her know that her job is in serious jeopardy right now. Nikki says she has to get over there but Katherine tells her that Jabot is strong enough to weather this. Nikki says she wants to know who leaked this to the press to begin with.

Neil goes to the ranch and Adam tells him about Skye. He wants Neil to go to New York to look for her. Neil reminds him that he works for him not the opposite. Adam apologizes and says he wasn’t thinking. Neil asks him if he has been to the hospital. Adam says he assumed his father didn’t want him there. Neil thinks he should go.

Sharon and Jack discuss the magazine demands for more issues sent out for the magazine. They decide to have more sent out to the vendors. Jack has the photographer sign a legal document preventing him from giving these pictures to anyone else.

Sabrina wakes up and Victor tells her that the dialysis machine will help her. She tells him she loves him. Then she apologizes for losing the baby. He tells her when the doctors say ok they can try again. The machines start beeping and the doctors run in and check her vitals.

Adam goes to the hospital and Victor thanks him for coming. Michael walks up with a doctor and he and Victor go in the room with Sabrina. Nick tells Adam to pull up a chair while they wait. Nick sits as Adam paces. Adam suggests that Nick goes home but Nick tells him all the problems will be forgotten and when it does he will be there. Nick gets a call from Katherine and he tells her that Sabrina is still critical. Katherine tells Nikki that Sabrina’s condition has not changed. Nikki doesn’t think Victor will recover if he loses Sabrina. Katherine says he has lost so much. She tells her that Sabrina was pregnant and she lost the baby. Nikki is shocked and says so much for the vasectomy. Katherine tells her he had that reversed some time ago. Nikki says she is so sorry.

Nikki tells Katherine she went to Sabrina’s room last night and she watched Victor with Sabrina. She says she wanted to talk to him but she couldn’t interrupt. She said it just broke her heart watching him.  Katherine tells her she saw him earlier and he had been up all night.

Jill announces that she will be stepping in as interim CEO and she assures everyone that the company will remain strong and healthy. She speaks for all of Jabot and its employees as she extends heartfelt wishes and prayers for Nikki’s recovery and condolences on the death of her husband. When David’s gambling problem comes up she makes no comment and stops the press conference.

The doctor tells Michael they won’t waste a liver on someone that won’t likely survive an operation. Michael was afraid of that but they want to know who should tell Victor. Nick speaks up and tells them not to tell his father that. He explains that if Sabrina survives it is because his father refuses to give up .He says right now all his father has is hope.

Jan Barrett

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