The day finally came for Mac and Billy. They wake in the morning happy to see each other in one another’s arms. Billy says it took them a long time to get there. Mac says but it was worth every second.

Deacon wakes up declaring that Amber was well worth waiting for but she doesn’t exactly agree. She tells him the sun is up so that means the night is over as she jumps out of bed. He notices that she changed her tattoo and now it doesn’t match his. He asks if she is going to pretend it wasn’t good with him. While getting dressed she tells him she just wants that DVD that will clear Daniel from the charges. Deacon pulls her down on the bed and tells her that he isn’t the only one that enjoyed last night. She notices the phone off the hook and she realizes what he did. She screams at him that he did it again. She says he called Daniel then calls him a son of a bitch as she runs out the room. He lies there saying she forgot her DVD.

Daniel sits behind the bars sick. He can’t seem to get the sounds of Amber with Deacon out of his head that he heard Amber telling Deacon to promise he will never tell Daniel last night on the phone.

Chance is holding Delia on his knee while Esther, Katherine and Murphy all make over how cute she is. Jill walks in and wonders where Chloe is assuming she is out shopping again. Chance says no she is party planning. When Chloe comes downstairs with Nina Jill accuses them of comparing notes on how to get pregnant so they can snag a rich guy. Nina tells her that she could hold a seminar on that herself. When Nina sees Chance with Delia she thinks back to when Chance was a baby and Phillip played with him on his knee. Katherine says Chance will make a wonderful father one day. Nina whispers that she once thought the same about Phillip too.

Phillip and Cane are at Jimmy’s when Phillip tells Cane he should go to the hospital. Cane tells him as soon as he knows that Lily is OK he is leaving town. Phillip tells him he is planning on leaving too but Cane can’t understand how he can turn his back on the family like that. He tells him he only pretended they were his family but in reality they really are Phillip’s family. Back at the hospital Lily opens her eyes to see Neil standing over her with tears in his eyes. She softly says hi to him.

Chloe says birthdays are for kids. She thinks birthdays are just another day in ones life. Chance thinks they are like victories, an act of defiance. Chloe agrees with that and says she took some punches this year but yet she is still standing. When she offers to take Delia he tells her that birthday girls don’t change diapers. She says well chivalry is not dead! She tells Esther what a great and responsible guy Chance is. Esther thinks Mac is the same way which gives her the idea that Chance and Mac are actually like two peas in a pod. Chloe gets an idea of how they can set Mac up with Chance. She says the two of them can save the world and then she can save her marriage.

Mac and Billy are happy together. Mac says they really should tell Chloe the truth about them because she keeps holding out hoping for a reconciliation. Billy says fine but not today. Mac asks why not today, he says not on her birthday, but says they will soon. Mac gets a call from Chloe inviting her to a birthday lunch. Mac finally agrees to go but when she tells Billy about it he says he just knows Chloe is up to something but then decides who cares as long as he and Mac are together.

Neil can’t bring himself to tell Lily the outcome of the surgery when she asks how bad it is. The Doctor comes in and explains to her that the cancer had spread so he had to remove her fallopian tubes and her uterus. She looks at Neil and says “Dad?” The Doctor asks if Neil wants some time Neil just nods his head. When the doctor leaves, Lily cries saying to please tell her it is not true. He tells her that there is a little good news though. He tells her they managed to save her eggs saying it was a tiny miracle. Lily begs Neil to please wake her up.

Chloe tries to tell Katherine and Murphy that she and Mac have been getting along just fine so she invited her to join them for the lunch. When Chance comes back in Chloe starts right away putting her plan into action by pumping him up with all good things about Mac. When Phillip is mentioned Chance says he has no interest in making an effort to get to know his father especially since his father made no effort with him all these years.

Nina finds Phillip on the phone making arrangements to leave town. He tells her he has responsibilities in Sydney. He says he has no right to expect anything from any of them but tells her she has done a wonderful job with their son. When he says he is really impressed with Chance, she tells him when he gets to know him better the more impressed he will be. She tells him that if he leaves town she doubts Chance will ever reach out to him. Phillip tells her he is going back to his life as Phillip Langley. The waitress brings her a cinnamon roll that Phillip ordered for her before she got there. She is honored that he remembered it use to be her favorite. She tells him that he could call himself Bug Bunny if he wanted to but it still won’t change the fact that he is still Phillip Chancellor. She tells him if he wanted to be, he could be more. He could be a father!

Jill goes to Jimmy’s and asks cane how Lily is doing. Cane tells her he isn’t sure how the surgery went but he has to ask her why is she there. She tells him she knows that his feelings for Lily are genuine.

When finds out the visitor he has is Amber he isn’t happy to see her. When he tells her he doesn’t have anything to say to her she tells him she is not leaving. He calls out for the guard to take him back to his cell. Amber begs him to let her explain first.

Neil tells Devon and Tyra that Lily was too upset to hear the details on how the surgery went. He walks off to get more information from the doctor. Devon tells Tyra that Neil is worried sick he will lose Lily like he lost Dru. Tyra tells Devon that nothing is going to happen to Lily. He tells her she doesn’t know that and then she tells him to try and keep the faith as she hugs him.

When they each have their own opinion about whether or not Chance needs a father in his life, Nina tells Phillip that he and Chance are very much alike. She tells him not to tell her that he has nothing to offer Chance. She begs him not to go for Chance’s sake. He asks if she has told Chance about him being gay. She says no but Chance will be able to handle him being gay. She tells Phillip that he just might need this more than Chance does.

Mac comes in while Chance is showing everyone photos of Iraq. Chloe hurries Mac in and sits her with Chance making it very obvious what she is planning and then she takes everyone else out the room to go get the food. Mac giggles saying she thought she was invited to a birthday party but apparently set up to be a blind date for the two of the. Mac admits she is seeing someone else and Chance admits he is interested in someone else too but they both decide not to spoil Chloe’s fun. Chloe seems to think her plan is really working when she spies on the two of them.

Amber insists to Daniel that Deacon forced her to be with him. Daniel thinks it is funny that he never heard her screaming for help while she was with him. He tells her he is there sitting in jail while she is out there banging a guy she barely knows. She admits she knew Deacon from a long time ago which surprises Daniel. He asks then how long has this been going on between him and her. She says she hates Deacon and that she did this for Daniel.

Amber says that Deacon has evidence that will prove Daniel is innocent. She says he hid the forgery and he is the anonymous tipster that called the cops. Daniel just wants to know how she knows Deacon, he wants the details saying it must have been pretty intense. She tells him it was over and that is his problem. Daniel sees it differently. He says Deacon doesn’t have a problem, he has her now and Daniel gets to sit in jail. Then he yells at her that she sold herself to Deacon.

Chance tells everyone about a pal of his proposing to his girlfriend and how he is going to be his best man. Chloe asks him if he has a date yet for the wedding. Billy walks in and hands Chloe a gift which is a stuffed seal reminding her of a fun weekend they had. She tells Billy that Mac and Chance are really hitting it off. Billy walks over to Mac and takes Delia when Nina walks in asking to speak to Chance for a second. She takes him to the dining room and tells him that Phillip is thinking of going back to Australia. She tells him he shouldn’t miss this opportunity to get to know his father. She tells him he might be surprised. She tells him that Phillip has his flaws but he is funny and warm and actually kind hearted. She asks him to try not to judge Phillip too harshly.

Devon promises Lily she isn’t alone in this. He tells her he is right there. He tells her to let him know if she needs anything. She whispers Cane! Back at Jimmy’s Jill is still with Cane telling him she knows he was the one that talked Lily into having the surgery. He says it was amazing, but Jill says it isn’t amazing. She tells him Lily loves him. She says she knows he won’t take advantage of the situation. She says she knows he is a good man. She tells him to come with her so they can find out what is happening with Lily. When Cane stands up he tells her thank you.

Amber screams at Daniel asking what was she supposed to do, let him sit there and rot in jail? He asks her if she has this so called evidence. When she says no, he tells her he didn’t think so. She tells him she will do whatever she has to do to get it though. He tells her well she has proven that already. She tells him to stop being so mean to her, she did all this for him. She says she thought he just didn’t ever have to know about this. Daniel says perfect as he tells her to get out of his sight.

Deacon thinks about his night with Amber as he puts the CD in an envelope and seals it. He tells himself that she will be back!

Billy tells Chloe about Cane and Lily. Chloe is uncomfortable when she sees Mac smiling. Katherine and Esther come out with a birthday cake for Chloe. Jill comes in with Cane. Billy thinks this is a bad idea but Jill tells him Cane is going to be a part of her life so he is going to have to find a way to deal with it. Katherine keeps Billy from Cane as she walks over to him and tells him she is so glad he came as she hugs him. The looks on Billy and Nina’s face show they don’t share her sentiments.

Neil is so devastated that he practically ignores Tyra as he goes into Lily’s room to see how she is doing. Devon tells Tyra that Lily is still in and out of it and she still doesn’t know what she is saying. He tells her she still wants Cane. Tyra says Cane might be a liar and a con man but he also adores her and he knows that. She thinks Lily needs the man that she loves. Neil sits next to Lily’s bed and makes a plea to Dru telling her he knows she is out there somewhere just like she was the day their girl got married. He asks where she is now. Tyra looks in and hears him saying that there isn’t a damn thing he can do to make this better. Tyra walks into the room just as Neil cries out to Dru telling her he needs her right now. He tells her he can’t do this on his own. He cries out, “Oh God, I can’t do this without you!” Tyra is devastated hearing him so she leaves the room as he cries out for God to please, please help him.

Amber tells Daniel she is so sorry but she felt she had no choice. He tells her he wishes she had been more honest with him saying lying is what she always chooses to do. She tells him he just doesn’t understand. She says even if he never forgives her she’s rather lose him forever than to see him stay the rest of his life in prison. He tells her that he guesses she got her wish and then calls for the guard to let him out of there so he can go back to his cell.

Cane asks Katherine if she will call Neil to find out about Lily and insists that once he knows she is OK he will go. Murphy asks that Cane stays clear of Billy so Katherine doesn’t get upset. Across the room Billy tells Mac that Cane has no right to be there. He promises her not to make a scene when she says she has to go. When she says her good byes to everyone Chloe tells Chance about how Mac volunteers at the homeless shelter. Chance tells Chloe whatever she is trying to make happen here isn’t! He then says he has to make a phone call. He calls Phillip telling him it is him, his son, Chance. He asks if they can get together. Phillip tells hi absolutely and they agree to meet at Crimson Lights tomorrow. When Phillip hangs up he calls and cancels his flight out.

Chance tells Chloe he called his father for his Mom’s sake. He knows his Mom still loves the guy. Cane wishes Chloe a Happy Birthday but she thinks it is best if he doesn’t stay. He gets a call from Devon and tells him he can come see Lily. Cane tells Katherine and Jill what Devon told him. Jill tells him to give Lily their love when he says he can go to see Lily. Katherine thanks Jill for whatever she said to Cane to get him over there. On the way out the door Cane is stopped by Billy who tells him that there is no way in hell that he will let him back into this family.

Jan Barrett

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