Michael tells Victor that one of the limos was in an accident. He says it was Nikki and David’s car. Victor wants to go there right away. Victor says his car hasn’t come back yet so Michael offers to drive him. While Victor waits on Michael to get the car he calls Sabrina and leaves a message for her that he has to go check on Nikki and then he tells her he loves her.

Paul gets Nikki to the hospital and he tells them that she has a history of drug abuse but has been clean for a long time. He tells them they think someone put something in her drink. Nikki starts gasping for breath as they set her up in a room.

Phyllis talks to Daniel about Amber. She tells him that she knows about Amber sleeping with Adrian. Daniel accuses Phyllis of not being able to stay out of his life and his relationships. Nick and Victoria rush over and say they have to go because their Mother was rushed to the hospital.

Sabrina is in the wrecked limo bleeding while her phone rings. Later the medics are working on David when Victor and Michael get there. They already got Sabrina out and took her to the hospital. They tell them they took the lady off to the hospital and the driver was killed instantly. Victor looks in the car and says he told her not to get involved with this man as he thinks back to when he married Nikki. As he looks around he finds an earring that he recognizes. He runs over towards David who is barely hanging on and demands to know if Sabrina was in the car with him. Victor runs off heading to the hospital.

Nikki wakes up and she asks Paul if she is in the hospital and she wants to know what happened. He tells her that David drugged her at the gala. She doesn’t remember anything. Paul is honest with her by telling her that David tried to kill her.

Victoria and Nick and Phyllis come in and JT tells them what happened. Nick says he knew he should have taken care of that guy before this. JT assures him that they will get David. When they go in to see Nikki Phyllis says she is going to call Daniel first.

Daniel goes to Amber’s apartment and finds her packing and she tells him she is moving to L.A. because she can’t stand being there seeing him with other women. He tells her that might be a problem because he was going to move there to and live with his Dad for a while. Amber tells him his mother won. Phyllis calls and tells Daniel they are at the hospital. He tells her he can’t come right now but he won’t tell her where he is right now. Daniel tells Amber about Nikki being in the hospital. He tells Amber about him telling his mother off. Amber tells him she understands his mother trying to protect him from her saying she is a terrible person. Daniel doesn’t think that matters. He says they matter. He asks her what if he doesn’t want her to move to L.A. He says if she goes he may never see her again.

The family goes in to talk to Nikki. They fill Nick in on her plans to divorce David and how David wasn’t even his real name. Paul comes in and tells Nikki that David’s car was in an accident and David was killed. Nikki asks to be alone but when Paul starts to leave she asks him to stay. She tells him she doesn’t know what’s wrong with her, after all David did to her why does she feel like crying right now. He tells her she is one hell of a good woman. He informs her that David wasn’t in the car alone. He says Sabrina was with him.

JT tells Victoria and Nick and Phyllis that Sabrina was in the car with David. He says they have her in ICU right now. Victoria says she was looking for Sabrina to apologize. She says she has to see her to apologize. She says she accused her of lying and she treated her horribly. She has to find her.

Victor is sitting with Sabrina when Michael walks in. He tells Michael to find out when he can bring her home. Michael tells him she is in ICU for a reason but Victor tells him to just do it. Victor whispers to Sabrina that he told her to wait for the car. He promises to make her better. Michael comes back in with the doctor who tells Victor she is in no condition to be moved. He tells Victor she lost the baby.

Paul tells Nikki that Sabrina is in the hospital in critical condition. He tells her they have David in the police morgue. He tells her he can make arrangements for her after she says she needs to make them because he was her husband.

JT encourages Victoria to fix things between her and Sabrina and her Dad. Victoria says she was so wrong. She says she believed all those lies because she wanted to believe her but she was so wrong. Victoria thinks she needs to talk to Sabrina now. JT thinks she needs to let Victor have this time alone with Sabrina.

Victor tells the doctor he wants to make arrangements to bring his wife home but the doctor is set against it. He says her liver was lacerated in the accident and she needs antibiotics. The doctor admits to Victor that his wife’s organs are failing and he doesn’t think she has much time left. Victor looks lost and he says he simply won’t accept that.

Nick feels bad about what his dad is going through. He says he really loves Sabrina and he must be going through hell. He says why do we say and do things we regret when it is too late. He says we treat strangers better than our own family. He says he knows things are tough with his dad right now but the Newman’s always pulled through together. Phyllis tells Nick he should go see his father. Nick says he can’t, he crossed the line. Nick says it is Adam’s place to be there for him.

Victor tells Michael to call John’s Hopkins and fly in a specialist. Mike reminds him what the doctor said. Victor says she will be devastated when she learns she lost the baby. He tells Michael to get her on a dialysis machine. Victoria and JT walk in and she asks how Sabrina is. Victor tells her to kindly leave. He tells her that she turned on Sabrina and him. She tells him she was so wrong but Victor says it is too late for that. They leave the room and outside in the hall Michael tells them that Sabrina won’t make it. He says she has blood poisoning and her organs are failing.

Michael tells Victor he is waiting on a call back from Johns Hopkins. Victor asks him if he talked to Victoria and Michael tells him yes. While Victor sits alone with Sabrina she opens her eyes and whispers, My sweetheart. Victor sits there and cries.

Nikki gets out of bed and sneaks out of bed and heads out the room pulling her IV along with her.

Amber asks Daniel before she unpacks what they are doing. She asks him if they are back together. He tells her well he is there. She asks if he wants to be there. They start kissing and suddenly there is a knock at the door and it Phyllis but they don’t answer the door so she leaves.

Nick tells Victoria how sorry he is about all this. She says she brought this on herself. She says she treated her father horribly. Victoria begs Nick to go talk to Victor.

Sabrina asks Victor if she is in the hospital and asks what happened. He told her she was banged around pretty badly. He says the doctors worked overtime to make sure she is ok. He lets her know that the baby is gone but he assures her they can try again. She asks him if she is dying. He tells her not to talk like that. She starts to say if she dies… but he stops her and tells her she is young and strong and tells her he doesn’t want her to talk like that. Nikki is watching and closes the door without them knowing she was there. Victor tells Sabrina he promises not to let anything happen to her.

Jan Barrett

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