Katherine and Chloe are with Chance at Crimson Lights as he says the place hasn’t changed at all. They introduce him to Kevin. Chance says he had been given an honorable discharge but he can be recalled in the military anytime within the next two years though. He says he is just glad and happy to be able to be home with his family right now. Phillip walks in and Chance watches him carefully.

Jana visits Daniel in jail and tells him that Michael sent forensics to his apartment to search for fingerprints. Daniel tells her right now the only thing he has going for him is Amber. He says he doesn’t know what he would do without her in his life.

Deacon calls Amber to remind her of his offer to her telling her time is running out saying tick tock, tick tock. He says one night with him and her man can go free or he can spend the rest of his days behind bars. He tells her it is her choice.

Neil is pretty upset that Lily did a crazy thing by running out, Olivia says she isn’t condoning this but she can understand her bolting out like she did but they do need to find out how far the cancer has spread ASAP.  Neil mutters out loud asking, “Where are you Lily?”

Cane holds Lily tight as they hug. Billy calls Mac and tells her to meet him at the trailer. He looks over at Cane and Lily as he walks out the bar. Lily tells Cane she wants to harvest her eggs before she has her surgery. She says she just can’t risk not ever being able to have children.

Billy meets with Mac and admits he has had a change of heart. When she asks what made him change his mind he told her that seeing Cane with Lily he realizes what an ass he has been about all this. He says he has waited 6 years for Mac so why waste more time. He also brought over her scrapbook. He pulls Mac towards him and wants to relive the dance that was the greatest memory of his life.

Lily tells Cane how much it means to her to have a big family. She says if she loses that dream it would be like her Mom would too. Cane knows what she means saying he understands what it would mean to be able to see Dru in her children. He says but she needs to have the surgery. He says she can’t afford not to.

Jana agrees with Daniel that Amber is one of a kind. Daniel tells that Amber wanted a commitment from him but he wasn’t ready for it. He admits that now he realizes he is ready for it. He tells Jana he really loves Amber and when he gets out of all this he is planning on asking Amber to marry him.

Amber talks about couples supporting each other no matter what. Kevin tells her he doesn’t know what she has up her sleeve but he advises her not to do it. She says but what if she can get Daniel out of jail and it is the only way. Kevin asks if it is something Daniel can’t forgive her for then she needs to ask herself if it would still be worth it.

Chloe invites Phillip to join them out on the patio at the coffee shop. He says he would actually like to talk to Chance adding that he is sure that Chance must have a million questions for him. Chance tells him not really but Phillip seems to really want o give him his side of the story. Chance politely tells Phillip he really doesn’t have any questions. Katherine takes Phillip inside and tells him that in case he hasn’t noticed, Chance hasn’t really welcomed him home. She asks him to give Chance some space. She tells Phillip what he has done to this family is unforgivable. She walks away going back to Chance and Chloe only to tell them she is leaving  so Chloe is left there to entertain Chance. Phillip goes back over to them and announces that he has been told to back off. He says they can talk whenever Chance is ready. Chance tells him he doesn’t see anything that they need to talk about. . He tells Phillip he died when he was a baby and he has no bearing on his life. He says just because he has risen from the grave, it doesn’t mean that anything has changed. Phillip gets the message and backs off. When he is gone he tells Chloe he wants to talk about something else. She offers to give him the inside scoop on everyone in Genoa City and then she asks who he wants to know about first. He looks at her and smiles as he tells her he’d like to know more about her.

Olivia says she has consulted with other doctors and they all agree it is too risky for Lily to put off the surgery. Katherine comes in and Neil thanks her for coming. He tells her that Lily slipped out and that the odds are stacking up against her with every minute that passes that she doesn’t have this surgery.

Cane tells Lily he understands how she feels more than anyone else about her wanting to keep her Mom’s legacy alive. He says having no kids himself would end his legacy. He asks would her mother want her to sacrifice herself to have a biological child. He says none of it would matter if she doesn’t survive this. He reminds her that when Chloe was pregnant, she never doubted one second that she would be able to love Delia as if she were her own. Lily tells him that she wouldn’t mind having a child that isn’t her biological child. She tells him that when she first went to the hospital it was because she thought she was pregnant with their child.

Billy and Mac have fun going back in their memories with the scrapbook. He tells her he had to bribe the maid to swipe it for him. Mac starts to protest when Billy insists on reading her private journal because she says they are embarrassing. As he reads them he adds some of his own entries. Mac turns him around so she can kiss him on the neck and she sees that he still has that freckle back there.

Chloe explains to Chance how the little rug rat was not really in the cards. He says so she was a surprise. Chloe says the best surprise she ever had. She says they had a few twists and turns along the way with the results being that they are now no longer together. She says Billy is a great father but a lousy husband and she bets he will eventually give up on Mac and come crawling to her begging to come back. Chance tells her she is really pretty, actually beautiful so he has to ask why she would even want to be the second choice. He says although he can’t really relate since he has never even had a girlfriend.

Lily tells Cane about the false positive results of the pregnancy test so that is why she had called him to come over the other day. He says now he sees that saying he was thankful they never had kids was the wrong thing to say to her. He tells her she will make a wonderful mother but she has to save herself first. Lily begs him to take her to Chicago to find a doctor that will harvest her eggs for her. He wants her to fight and beat this because he just can’t live in a world without her. He asks her to please let him take her back to the hospital.

Amber goes to see Daniel and she tells him she is still working on getting him out of jail. Daniel says he has every bit of confidence that Michael will get him out of this yet again. Amber is worried that they might have to do something really drastic to get out of this. He asks does she mean like busting him out. He tells her he doesn’t want her to get into trouble. She is worried that he will be convicted. He tells her to think happy thoughts, like thoughts about their future. He admits to her that he is ready to be with her forever. She asks if he means that. He says he wants to take her for a spin in her wheelchair in her old age. She tells him she loves him, saying everything she does is for him. She asks that he does know that right?

Deacon tips the waiter who brought in a dinner cart along with a bottle of champagne. He tells the man he is expecting a very special guest tonight. He says if there is such a thing as a soul mate, Amber would be his.

Neil tells Olivia and Katherine that he just missed Lily at Jimmy’s. Olivia is worried if Lily misses this surgery they will have to reschedule it for next week. Lily walks in and Neil fusses at her about her walking out. She tells him she is sorry but she needed time to think so she could make this decision without anyone pressuring her. She tells them she will have the surgery and Olivia hurries off to tell the Doctor. Lily hugs her father while Cane is standing there watching.

Mac and Billy talk about how good JT sang back in their day. They both decide some new memories of their own. They turn off their cell phones and Billy says after waiting for 6 long years he doesn’t want to make any interruptions.

Chloe can’t believe Chance has never had a girlfriend. She can’t believe her ears. She asks if there have been any meaningful hookups. Then she asks what she is missing then. He admits he is a virgin. She asks is he gay. He says no, it just never happened and he would never pay for sex. He says he can wait for the right one to come along. Chloe says she has never met a grownup virgin before and especially not a really hot guy virgin. He says congratulations because she just has.

Neil asks Cane if he is the one that talked Lily into coming back to have the surgery. He tells Neil he can’t take the credit as he prefers it as him being a sounding board. Olivia thanks Cane saying they couldn’t have done it without him. Cane says it is time for him to go and he agrees with Neil that it is not his place to be there. Katherine hugs everyone and asks Neil to keep her informed about how things are going. Olivia tells Neil he was a little hard on Cane. When Lily is brought out on her way to surgery, Neil tells her that Cane is gone but Devon and Tara are on their way. She asks Olivia if she will stay with her and Olivia tells her of course. Neil tells Lily he loves her as she tells him she loves him too. He says he will be waiting for when she gets back and then they take her off for surgery,

Kevin tells Jana that he thinks Amber is up to something because she has been talking about making all of Daniel’s troubles go away. Jana wants to call Amber but Kevin stops her. Jana says she hopes that whatever Amber is planning, it doesn’t blow up in her face.

When Amber arrives at Deacon’s door she thinks back to what Daniel told her about wanting to be with her forever and then when Deacon threatened her then offered the deal. She pounds on the door and when he opens it she marches in telling him OK let’s get this over with. He tells her to slow down calling her Seabiscuit. He says he plans to savor every moment of this. He hands her some lingerie and tells her to go put it on. She says it looks likes something he bought for her years ago. When she says she is not wearing it he tells her they will do this his way or not at all. She is obviously sickened by this as she snatches the lingerie from his hand and stomps off.

Chance wants Chloe to tell him about Delia but she would rather talk about his sex-life. He admits he has been kissed and he likes it. She tells him maybe he hasn’t been kissed right then. He says no that isn’t it because he has kissed a lot of people it just wasn’t  with the right one.She leans towards him and plants a sexy kiss on his lips. When she comes up for air she asks if he has ever been kissed like that before. Chance looks a bit stunned and she says she didn’t think so. While they are there, Billy and Mac are at the trailer hoping to finally get what they have both been waiting for 6 years to get.

Deacon calls to the jailhouse claiming he is Michael Baldwin, Daniel Romalotti’s attorney and it can’t wait. He says it is important that he speaks with his client. Then he puts the phone inside a glass on the side of the bed. When Amber comes out he says “Damn girl! Let me take a look at you!” She spins around only for him to yell out and the he grabs her and kisses her. He tells her to tell him she didn’t miss that as he kisses her again laying her back on the bed. When Daniel comes to take the call he is surprised when all he can hear is someone kissing. Then he hears Deacon promising Amber that Daniel will never hear about this from him and now all that can be heard is heavy breathing as Deacon gets down to business.

Cane goes to Jimmy’s and joins Phillip. They both find it amusing that they end up together in a bar again. Cane tells him he isn’t’ going back to Australia but he knows there is nothing there for him but there is nothing left for him there in Genoa City either. Katherine comes in to thank Cane for saving Lily’s life saying he really is a good man. She apologizes to him but Cane doesn’t think she should have to apologize. In fact he says she should be mad at him. She tells him the bottom line is that she hopes he will change his mind and stay in Genoa City, please.

Olivia comes out the operating room to give everyone the update on the surgery. They can see the look on her face shows that she is depressed and worried. Neil asks her if the cancer has spread. She says they had to remove everything. She starts crying as Neil puts his arms around her.

Jan Barrett

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