Paul is on the phone with Bobby. They discuss the photo of Ji Min, Walter and Chow and they figure out that David now has a motive. Paul is sure now that David killed Ji Min.

David brings a drink to Nikki that he spiked and wants to make a toast to her and the changes she brought into his life. He tells her the drink is just ginger ale. Nikki sees no reason to celebrate and says she is filing for a divorce first thing in the morning. David tells her he won’t contest it. He tells her he still loves her. Nikki tells him she doesn’t doubt that but says it isn’t enough. She says his lying destroyed them. He promises to be out of her life forever. He hands her the drink and asks her to at least drink this with him.

Cane says lying about being pregnant is as low as it gets. Cloe offers to pee on a stick to prove she isn’t lying. Cane says they didn’t have sex. Lily says that still doesn’t prove that Cane is the father. She says that baby could be anyone’s that is IF she is even pregnant. Cloe tells them they are having a bundle of joy and they all just have to deal with it.

Sharon tells Nick that the sales for the magazine are going through the roof. She asks him why he wants to go against the one person who knows how to make Restless Style a success. Nick can’t believe Sharon is defending Jack. Nick tells Phyllis he can’t believe Sharon is backing Jack.

Jill and Katherine admire the job that Sabrina and Victoria did for the gala. While they talk about Cane and Lily David walks up and asks to speak to Katherine alone. He tells Katherine that he thinks Nikki might be drinking again. Katherine gets upset and says she was worried that might happen. Jill and Brad wonder if David is talking to Katherine about them asking him to resign. They worry that Katherine won’t want this to leak out to protect Nikki.

Out on the balcony Walter asks Heather if they have met before. She tells him she doesn’t think so. He tells her she gave him a look in the parking lot. She tells him he must be mistaken. She tells him she wasn’t looking at him and she doesn’t know him. She tells him she is there with a date. Walter says ok then it is his mistake and walks away. Adam walks up and she tells him that that guy was hitting on her. She tells him to stay close to her.

Jana tells Sabrina and Victoria that they are running out of champagne. They tell her to order some more from the supplier but Victoria says they would have to dip into the profits. Victor walks up and tells them to order it and send him the bill.

Victoria tells JT after tonight she never wants to have to deal with Sabrina again. JT gets a call from Paul. Paul explains how he figures David killed Ji Min. He tells JT he has to get Nikki out of there now. She is in too much danger.

A reporter calls Jill and asks about David Chow. She tells them Jabot will conduct a thorough investigation on the allegations. She tells Brad what the reporters wanted. She says well so much for getting him out of Jabot quietly.

Michael and Lauren are dancing when Michael gets a call. He finds Victor and tells him that the package he was waiting for is arriving. Victor tells Sabrina he will send a car for her if he can’t be back in time. Victor and Michael leave.

Katherine and David find Nikki. Katherine asks her if she has been drinking. Katherine wants her to go home. David tells her he will go get the car. When Nikki goes to the ladies room, Katherine tells him in tears to just keep an eye out for her. When David goes out a chauffeur comes up and tells David the regular driver couldn’t make it so he will be driving them.

JT finds Nikki and tells her he needs her help. He tells her Reed is sick and he needs her to come with him. She wants to call David but he tells her she can call him from the car. He tells her the nanny told him to hurry so they leave. 

Lily and Cane are home and she tells him Cloe makes no sense. Cane says Cloe is crazy. He asks her if she thinks Cloe is telling the truth and Lily says no. Meanwhile Devon and Anna get ready for their song. Neil asks Tyra to dance with him and she hesitates. Devon tells her Neil doesn’t give up so easy so she agrees to dance. While they dance Karen watches and looks very unhappy.

Back at the ranch Victor and Michael meet with Phillipe who says he was very pleased to receive their call. Victor wants to know more about his conversation with Adrian Korbell. Phillipe tells him he never talked with Adrian. He tells him the owner of the magazine called him and set him up in a very nice hotel. Michael asks Phillipe what was the man’s name. Phillipe says Jack Abbott. Victor looks at him and says I’ll be damned. Phillipe explains to Victor the story behind him and Sabrina. He says she attached herself to him to further her career. He said she would have been waiting tables if it weren’t for him. Victor says he thinks he has heard enough. Michael offers to show him out. Phillipe asks about the paintings he was interested in. Victor tells him to have a nice day.

David asks Nick if he has seen his mother. Nick tells him no. David asks if he sees her to tell her the car is outside waiting. He looks for Katherine and asks her if she has seen Nikki. She has no idea where she is. She thought he took her home. Jill tells Katherine that a reporter called her. She says that David is a compulsive gambler. Jill guesses by Katherine’s reaction that she already knew this. Katherine says they have to handle this quickly to assure their investors that Jabot is solid. She asks if Nikki knows that David’s problem is public knowledge. Jill says probably. Katherine says that would explain it.

JT brings Nikki home with him. She is dizzy but JT helps her to the sofa. She wants to know where the baby is. Paul walks in and she tells JT that he lied to her. Paul tells her she has to listen to him. She wants to know if this is about David. Paul tells her to hear him out on this.

Devon and Anna are on stage singing. While they are singing Daniel and Amber look at each other. David walks in and whispers something to Katherine while Brad watches. When the song ends the crowd applauds them.

Victoria and Nick loved their performance.  Nick tells Victoria they will probably ask her to do the gala again next year. They talk about the article in the magazine and she assumes he is responsible for it. Nick admits to her that it was Jack that did it all. He tells her that Jack brought Phillipe to town. Victoria is shocked and says she has to find Sabrina and runs off.

Amber goes over to Phyllis and lets her have it. She brings up about how Phyllis made sure she saw that picture and how she blocked Daniel’s emails to her. She says she thought he was cheating on her because of that. She says she got drunk and slept with Adrian. She says but she still loves Daniel more than anyone else in the world. She says he made her a better person. Phyllis tells her she is glad Daniel dumped her. Lauren and Katherine watch as they argue.

JT and Paul tell Nikki what they found out but Nikki refuses to believe that David can be a cold blooded killer. JT tells her he wants her to spend the night there tonight. She tells JT that she and David are getting a divorce but she was waiting until the gala was over. Paul asks whose idea was it to keep it a secret. She says David’s. Paul asks her if she has been drinking and she says she hasn’t been. She said that David gave her a ginger ale though. Paul looks suspicious. Nikki says she is going home because she doesn’t feel well and she starts to collapse but Paul catches her. Paul tells JT to call the hospital and tell them he is bringing in a woman who’s ingested an unknown substance.

Sabrina comes outside and asks David to give her a ride home. Reluctantly he agrees. They get in the back seat of the limousine. The driver makes a call saying he has both of them. Sabrina buckles her seat belt as the car pulls off. When they take off David and Sabrina are quiet. She gets a text message from Victor and smiles. She looks up and sees headlights coming right and so does David. The car crashes. 

Jan Barrett

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