Billy calls Mac while he is at Jimmy’s and leaves her a message. He says it’s him, the guy that worships the ground she walks on. He tells her he still wants to celebrate his birthday with her so he is heading to the trailer and he hopes she will meet him there.

Mac is at the trailer with Cane telling him her cell phone needs to be charged. She tells him that the movies he suggested for her to take to Lily seemed to have cheered her up. She tells him that Lily is scheduled for surgery for today and she verifies that it is ovarian cancer. She says if the cancer has spread Lily might not be able to have kids. He looks so surprised saying with the exception of some cramps and indigestion, she always seemed like the picture of health. Mac tells him that normally there are no symptoms until it’s… then she decides just to say they are hoping to have caught it early. Cane says Lily pushed him away so he doesn’t understand why Mac is even bothering to help him. Mac says she can’t condone what he did but she does know he didn’t do it to hurt anyone. She says she will tell Billy he is staying there and she promises to call him as soon as she hears something.

Olivia comes in to give Lily the good news. An associate of her that happens to be a leading gynecological oncologist has agreed to fly in and do her surgery. She says the only thing she needs now is for Lily to sign the consent forms and they will be set to go. When she hands them to Lily, she looks at them and then says she can’t sign them because she isn’t having surgery today.

Jack and Sharon watch the press conference on TV, When Mary Jane’s picture is shown, Jack says she is the woman suspected in making the accusations that Phyllis had intentionally hurt her daughter and now they say she is responsible for hurting Summer. Sharon asks good God what kind of woman he was seeing. He admits seeing that Mary Jane was a bit off kilter but he never knew she was capable of anything like this. He tells her about the last time he saw Mary Jane right there at the coffee shop and how she just vanished suddenly when he turned his back. He says he had assumed she had been long gone. He says never mind that though he wants to focus now on their baby instead. When Jack hugs Sharon, Mary Jane is standing outside wearing a hat to try and disguise her self. She isn’t happy about what she is seeing.

Victor tells Heather and Adam that thanks to all the crank calls there are numerous reports of where Mary Jane is. He says one woman claims she is hiding out in her fish tank. He says nothing like a million dollar reward to bring out crazy ones out of the woodwork. Heather offers to get the Genoa City Police to help find her but Victor says his own people are on the case and they are completely competent to do the job. Adam is happy with all this and the timing saying it was perfect for him. He tells Heather they should celebrate as he leads her upstairs.

Nikki comes in to talk to Victor. She tells him she hopes they can find that horrible woman. Victor tells her they suspect that she actually could be the one that has been gaslighting Ashley. Nikki says then it wasn’t Estella after all. Victor feels someone on the inside was involved though. He tells her about Adam seeing a woman with long dark colored hair. Nikki is surprised he could see well enough to describe someone since he almost completely blind and all. She tells Victor in fact she is there because of Adam. She tells him Adam has been hiding something from him that she thinks he should know about.

Jack tells Sharon he won’t hear of her going to her next ultrasound alone. He says he will reschedule his meeting saying their daughter will always come ahead of Jabot. When she says she is a lucky little girl he tells her he is the one that is lucky, it’s like winning the lottery twice. He says he loves his boys but he has always wanted a little princess. Sharon suddenly starts craving peach frozen yogurt so Jack offers to go down and get some for her. When he is gone she says to herself that Jack is such a good man and is going to be a wonderful father so she did the right thing. She says it is the best for everyone.

Mary Jane has no where to go so she digs through some garbage for something to eat. When she hears someone coming she hides as she eats some leftovers that she found and stuffing what she can’t eat into her pockets for later. She finds an old baby doll that she seems to relate to by clutching it to her chest.

Lily says that she had been doing some searching on the internet and she is aware that if she has this surgery she may not be able to have children afterwards so she has decided to harvest and freeze her eggs first. Olivia thinks this is a bad idea because the hormones needed for that procedure could make her cancer worse. Olivia says yes she had delayed her own surgery but says she was already pregnant and she never took drugs to feed the cancer. Neil says the only thing that makes sense to him is for Lily to have the surgery today. Devon agrees with Neil but Lily tells them she has her mind made up already, she is going to harvest her eggs.

When Billy gets to the trailer he finds Cane there instead of Mac and isn’t too happy to see him making himself at home when he comes out with a towel thrown over his shoulder and his toothbrush in his hand. He tells Billy he is leaving. Billy asks if they teach how to break into places in con artist school. Cane tells him Mac doesn’t know he is there but Billy says that is probably why she didn’t want to go back there last night. Cane says he plans on leaving town but he is waiting to make sure Lily is OK. Billy says she is the only thing that matters. Billy says no one including Lily wants him there so he orders him to go. Cane doesn’t argue he just goes quietly. Neil, Olivia and Devon try to talk Lily out of this but she is stubborn. Devon tells her she doesn’t have to give birth to be a mother. Olivia tells her that this doctor will only be there for that one day. Lily feels like they are all ganging up on her. Neil tells her he lost her mother and now he doesn’t want to lose her too. Lily sends the family out so she can have some time to think. When they leave she grabs her clothes and purse and slips out too.

Heather finds that Adam is feeling especially peppy today as they lay in bed together. He tells her he is happy because he feels like for the first time in a long time he can see a light at the end of the tunnel finally. He says he is still trapped there in Victor’s gilded cage but he feels they are going to make it now. He says he can see a future for the two of them which Heather likes to hear. Now back downstairs Nikki blurts out to Victor that Adam is gay. Victor is shocked as he asks her what did she say. She tells him she didn’t misconstrue anything. She says she knows a kiss when she sees one.

When Jack comes back upstairs to Sharon’s suite he finds a box on the floor by the door. When he bends over to check it out he sees Sharon’s name on it. He moves the newspaper aside covering the content in the box only to find a baby doll with its eyes poked out. He says what the hell!

Heather tells Adam she hates to play and run but she will call him later. He tells her he will be there. He tells her his future is so bright that if he wasn’t blind he’d have to wear shades. She tells him she loves him as she leaves with him telling her he loves her too. She runs into Rafe as she goes out the door. She asks if Adam is expecting him and he tells her no, he is only there to catch the scoop on the press conference. He says he is still working on his aunt’s case so he thought maybe Adam could tie Mary Jane to Ashley’s gaslighting. She asks how come he doesn’t just ask Victor. He says Victor isn’t exactly forthcoming. When Adam sees Rafe there he seems uncomfortable especially when Rafe tells him he just saw Heather leaving. He tells Rafe they need to talk.

Nikki explains to Victor that she wasn’t spying on Adam when she saw him. She was there to get Victor’s clothes and his bedroom door was open and that is when she saw Adam and Rafe kissing. He thanks Nikki for telling him and says he will handle it from here.

Billy goes to Jimmy’s and tells Mac he found out about her bringing Cane and letting him stay in the trailer which by the way he just threw him out of. He asks how she could bring him to their place. He tells her Cane is not her problem. He says he is a jerk and he is pissed. When she tells him to lower his voice he tells her he can yell if he wants to. He tells her she lied to him. Mac tells him she was going to tell him today. She says she is sorry she let him use Billy’s trailer but she isn’t sorry that she helped Cane. She tells him it is who she is. She says maybe they shouldn’t be together. She thought it was the right thing to do because Lily needs him saying she could die. She says Cane had a right to know about it. She says he will leave once he knows Lily will be OK. Billy says Cane is nothing but a con artist and right now he is conning her and she doesn’t even see it. Mac tells Billy to let go of her arm when he grabs her. She takes her apron off and marches out.

Jack throws the box away before Sharon sees it and tells her he was delayed by traffic. He asks if anything happened while he was gone like did any visitors show up or anyone called? He tells her he has been thinking that maybe she should move back in with him. She doesn’t think that would be a good idea saying she doesn’t want to give him false hope. She says she can’t love him the way he wants her to and she says she isn’t alone anyway. She says she needs to learn to fend for herself. He says he wants to protect her but she asks protect her from what though.

Mary Jane wanders through the alley looking for her missing Kitty. When the police drive by she hides. She says she needs her Kitty to help her figure out what to do. She has the doll’s eyes that she poked out rolling them in her hand.

When Adam puts his t-shirt on Rafe asks if he is breaking up with him. Adam says he was confused and he is sorry if he led him on. Rafe says he understands that Adam just isn’t comfortable with his sexuality yet. Adam tells him he isn’t gay. He says he is very much so attracted to women. Rafe says so he guesses he mistook gratitude for attraction. Rafe realizes Adam used him and tells him thanks a lot. Adam tells him he will always care for him, just not in that way. Rafe calls himself stupid but warns Adam he is playing a dangerous game messing with people’s lives like this. He tells him it will blow up in his face one of these days and he marches out while Victor watches him leave.

Tyra brings some food over from Indigo to the hospital but they tell her Lily can’t eat before her surgery. Devon takes it to get the nurses to put it in their refrigerator. Neil gives Tyra the latest on what is going on with Lily wanting to harvest her eggs. When she goes into the room to talk to Lily she soon comes back out telling everyone that the room is empty and Lily is gone.

Billy is shocked to see Lily walk in at Jimmy’s. She says she knows she is supposed to be on an operating table right now but she escaped. She says if she has the surgery there will be a very big chance that she won’t be able to have any children after. She is looking for Cane and she asks Billy if he has seen him. He asks didn’t she tell him to leave her alone. She tells him she did but she needs him. She asks what if he has left town already. He says he saw him and when she asks if he can take her to where he is Billy says he isn’t there anymore but promises to find him for her.

Mac spots a woman in the alley and asks if she is OK. She tells her she isn’t going to hurt her but asks her what is wrong. Mary Jane tells her she lost her Kitty but she doesn’t want to go to a shelter. Mac gets her to go with her to eat something and promises to put a dish of milk out for her kitty. She hands Mary Jane a tissue to dry her tears and then she tells her she is going to help her.

Jack tells Sharon he can protect her from plenty of things. She challenges him to name one. He says bed bugs. She smiles and then says she is sorry. Her hormones are being a bit emotional. Jack reminds her that he is only a phone call away if she needs him for anything and then he leaves. When he is out in the hall he happens to bump into the woman that is in charge of housekeeping. He makes arrangements to stay in the vacant room closest to Sharon’s room and he tells her to bill it to Jabot. He hands her some cash money asking her to make sure as few people know about this as possible.

Nikki sees Heather at the coffee shop and invites her to join her. She tells her she knows this is none of her business but she thinks she should warn her about Adam. She asks how well does she even know Adam. Nikki says he isn’t’ the guy she thinks he is. Nikki tells her she doesn’t want to see her get her heart broken. When she leaves she warns Heather to be careful. Heather is grumbling about the busybody when she walks past Rafe. She tells him Nikki was warning her about the evil Adam. Rafe says Adam may not be evil but she is right. He says Adam is bad news. Heather tells him he and Nikki can both go to hell.

Victor tells Adam it is over, he knows what he has been hiding. He says he knows that he is gay. Adam laughs and asks what would give him that idea. Victor tells him about Nikki seeing him and Rafe together so he can stop pretending. Victor tells him he is his son no matter what, he will always be his son.

Everyone panics wondering where Lily went. Olivia says it is a matter of life or death. While back at Jimmy’s Billy tells Lily they need to get her back to the hospital and promises her to find Cane. Suddenly Cane walks in the door. Billy steps aside as Lily runs into Canes waiting arms as he holds her while she cries.

Jan Barrett

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