Cane is admiring the ring he bought for Lily when she walks in all dressed in white.

Nick and Phyllis suggest that Jack doesn’t show up for the gala to avoid a scene. Sharon reports that the east coast wants another run of the magazine. Jack says you can’t argue with success.

Amber doesn’t want to go to the gala but Cloe tells her she has to go. Meanwhile Kevin tells Daniel he wants him to go to the gala and hang out with him at the bar.

Heather brings in her box of Ji Min’s possessions and asks Paul if he has time could he go through them and see if he can come up with something that she might have missed. He tells her he will make time for it and she leaves for the gala.

David is holding the vile of liquid when Nikki comes downstairs. He tells her she looks beautiful. He tells her he still thinks they can make the marriage work. He wants to stay there and have a few drinks before going to the gala but she says no, she wants to go and get this over with.

Victor tells Sabrina she looks beautiful. She can’t wait until it is all over. Victor gives her a gift of some earrings that are blue topaz, December’s birthstone. He tells her he wants to make an announcement tomorrow about the baby. He says she is due the recognition as his wife and the mother of his child.

Jeff and Gloria are at the club watching the Financial News and Network channel on TC. She tells him that when she is the major stockholder at Jabot she looks forward to making Jill her receptionist. She wants to call the stockbroker right now. She isn’t looking forward to going to the gala.

Katherine tells Victor that his wife and daughter are working very well together. He gives Sabrina credit saying his daughter has been a disappointment. He tells her they are going to announce the pregnancy tomorrow.

With David by her side, Nikki walks in. Nikki thanks Victor for his donation. He assures her that he didn’t do it for her. David says they appreciate it. Victor says his opinion is of no importance to him. Sabrina takes Victor off to meet a donator. Victoria and JT walk up. JT shakes David’s hand. Nikki sends David off to see a donator and JT goes to get drinks. Nikki assures Victoria that she and David are not back together. She says it is an act. Then she asks if she told JT about it. Victoria says JT knows about David having a gambling problem but that is all. Nikki says after tonight they won’t have to pretend anymore.

Cane greets Jill and Katherine and tells them he plans to propose to Lily tonight which excites Jill and Katherine. Jill talks bad about Amber but Katherine defends her.

Amber and Cloe walk in and Cloe starts to head over to Cane but Amber stops her. She tells her she is there to protect her from Daniel. Daniel walks over and says cute, but who will protect him from her and he walks away.

Adam walks in with Heather. Victor walks over to him and says hello to them and asks to speak to Adam alone. Adam tells Victor that the Financial News Network is planning on running a story announcing David Chow’s gambling habits tonight. Meanwhile Paul is going through Ji Min’s things and finds the picture of Ji Min with Walter, making Paul wonder what their connection is.

Sharon kisses Jack and calls him a genius because everyone wants a copy of this month’s magazine. He says well not everyone feels that way unfortunately as he looks over at Phyllis talking with the Baldwin’s.

Michael sarcastically tells Lauren that everything seems so cold around there. He says everyone’s talking about the article except those that published it. He asks Phyllis and Nick what is going on with their partners?

Kevin catches Daniel staring at Amber and tells him to stop it. He says he isn’t but then Kevin smacks him telling him he is doing it again.

Cloe watches Cane and Lily. She asks Amber if she sees a ring on Lily’s hand. She starts to walk towards Cane but Amber stops her. She tells her to stop stalking him and to stick with their plan to hang out with her. When Cloe goes to the ladies room Amber and Daniel eye each other. Katherine comes up to Amber and asks her if there is any chance of recollection. Amber says no so she is considering moving back to L.A. Katherine tells her if she goes back to L.A. then Phyllis wins. She asks if that is what she wants.

Victor tells JT as long as David Chow is walking around free Nikki’s life is in danger. He says is Chow touches her to throw him out or he will. When Victor walks away JT calls Paul. Paul tells him about the picture he found. He is waiting on the newspaper to send him a copy of an uncropped picture of it to see if he can figure out where the picture was taken.

Michael corners Nick and Phyllis about the article. He finally gets Phyllis to admit that Jack rewrote Adrian’s article. When Michael and Lauren walk off Victoria walks up and tells Nick if they aren’t living on the ranch then she doesn’t want to either. Nick tells her not to be like that and reminds her that Victor did tell them they could stay. She says she wonders if it was his decision or did Sabrina get him to change his mind.

Cane and Lily see Cloe coming towards them. Lily says she isn’t afraid of Cloe but they decide to run. Cloe bumps into Heather and spills her drink. Adam gets a call and finds out no one has heard from Skye.

David talks to Brad and Jill. She lets him know she knows all about his gambling and wants him to resign from his position at Jabot. David refuses to resign saying he has done nothing illegal. He asks Brad if he is sure he wants everything to come out at a board meeting. When David walks off Jill asks Brad is there something she should know about. Brad says David was only bluffing. He offers for her to check his phone records but Jill declines the offer.

Victoria thanks everyone for showing up. David makes a speech thanking everyone too. He says he would like to thank his wife who had faith in him. Jill tells Brad David didn’t even break a sweat and says he sure has guts.

Victor invites JT, Victoria, Phyllis and Nick to the ranch tomorrow because he and Sabrina has something they want to talk to them about. Victoria tells her she will be busy and Nick says he has to pack. Victor tells them that this is the last time their father will ask anything of them and he walks off.

Gloria and Jeffery are at the club talking about Gloria’s fortune. He says he knows about her checking with the credit card company to confirm he went to Korea. He tells her she is worth millions. They notice the news on the TV talking about David, Co-CEO of Jabot, losing millions to gambling enterprises. They say no comment yet from Jabot’s executives. Gloria thinks now the stocks will go down and it would be a perfect time to buy.

Heather goes outside and asks the valet to get her wrap from her car. While she waits she happens to spot Walter talking to a chauffeur. She recognizes him from the picture with Ji Min. He sees her too. Walter watches her as she goes back inside.

Jack admits to Sabrina that it was him and not Adrian that is responsible for the article. He says Nick, Sharon nor Phyllis had anything to do with the article. He said he did it to sell the magazine. She asks him if he has any idea what he did to Nick in this. She tells him the one person he truly hurt in this was Nick.

Lily and Cane are talking and he is about to propose when Cloe walks up. She tells him she needs to talk to him. Cane tells her to go away. When she insists on talking to Cane Lily tells her to just say what she wants. Cloe says ok, she is pregnant and Cane is the father.

Adam and Heather are out on the balcony enjoying the silence as they kiss. Adam says they need to make this perfect with some champagne. When he leaves to get some Walter walks up to Heather and says this is a nice party isn’t it?

Paul gets a fax with the picture and sees it has David in the picture with Walter and Ji Min along with a few other men.

David adds the liquid to Nikki’s drink and stirs it up. He tells her he wants her to know that he meant every word of his speech. He says he never deserved her and was lucky that she stuck by him. He tells her she is a remarkable woman. He wants to make a toast to her and the changes she brought into his life.

Jan Barrett

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