Kevin anxiously fills Jana in on the news about Daniel being arrested after the cops received an anonymous tip that lead them to the forged painting which was hidden in the walls at Daniel’s apartment. They worry since they have accused Jana of being Daniel’s accomplice they might be planning to arrest her next.

Daniel is getting frustrated trying to figure out who has gone through all this trouble just to set him up. Amber remembers Deacon’s request for one night with her. Michael comes in and says the DA wants to revoke Daniel’s bail until his trial comes up in the Fall. Amber tells Daniel not to worry she will prove he is innocent before that.

Nick and Phyllis bring Summer home from the hospital. She still can’t quite get the word Daddy out yet but Nick promises to be there for her when she does. Nick thanks Phyllis for letting him come home. She says it is fine, she just wants the best for Summer. He tells her they are a family and they will remain a family. Summer says Da Da. Nikki and Paul come in to let them know what they found out about Mary Jane while they were in Europe investigating her.

Heather tells Adam going to a half way house wouldn’t be so bad. She says they are really nice and besides she thought he hated it there at the ranch. She doesn’t understand why it is so important to him to stay in that house. Adam thinks back to setting it as his goal to send Ashley over the edge with Victor following her. Then he thinks about the day Ashley fainted on their wedding day.

Ashley says she just can’t forget her wedding day. She says she will not let anyone, especially not Estella chase her away from her own home. She wonders how she got past security. Adam tells her he is sending Adam to a halfway house. She asks why. She says that is really not necessary. He tells her she needs to avoid all this stress. She says yes but she just feels horrible about this. She begs Victor to please reconsider sending him away.

Heather tells Adam that thanks to the bogus tip Mary Jane gave her falsely accusing Phyllis of wrongdoing, she no longer has any pull with her boss. She tells Adam she can’t do anything about him being sent to the half way house. She wishes he didn’t care so much about what his father thought.

Ashley tells Heather Victor is downstairs so Heather says she will take the back stairs to avoid him on her way out. She tells Adam he has been so wonderful to her and incredible, so she would like him to be Hope’s Godfather. He tells her that is unbelievably kind of her. She tells him she has faith in him and she is convinced that Victor will change his mind before sending him away.

Phyllis explains the extent of Summer’s condition to Nikki who feels so bad for her saying poor baby. Phyllis assures her that she will have a full recovery eventually. Nikki says if there is anything she can do to let her know. Paul says that there is not any evidence that she was ever in Europe. He says he will have to talk to Victor again because neither of them are getting anywhere individually. He thinks they need to work together to find her if they are truly going to find Mary Jane Benson. When Paul leaves Phyllis gets a call from Amber who tells her that Daniel is in jail. Phyllis tells him she is on her way and then she explains to Nick and Nick as she takes off.

Michael explains to Daniel that maybe Heather will surprise them and be sympathetic towards him after what he put his mother through. Daniel asks how he can fight this. Amber promises to find a way to get him out of there. Daniel, who still knows nothing about her relationship from the past with Deacon, doesn’t know how she ever can.

Paul tells Victor they are looking for two people, Mary Jane and the well connected person that is helping her. Victor says she is a nobody, literally. Paul says finding out who she is will lead them to where she is. Victor agrees to get his team working on this right away so Paul can focus on his wedding. Paul says with all due respect this is very much his concern as well. Victor finally says fine and for him to contact his team. Victor agrees to have a press conference and offer a reward. As Adam is listening he closes his laptop and jumps out his window not bothering to remove the ankle monitor.

Michael tells Kevin and Jana that none of this concerning Daniel’s arrest should effect them but check behind their walls you never know what you are going to find. Kevin goes to talk to Heather while Michael wonders if Mary Jane can be tied into any of this since after all she did try setting Phyllis up. Heather thinks that is a stretch saying no judge will let an accused murderer out on bail. She says she wishes she had the influence over her boss that everyone thinks she does but she doesn’t so she can’t help him.

When Phyllis arrives to see Daniel, he fills her in on what happened. He asks how Summer is doing. She tells him every word is a struggle for Summer but they will get through it. She tells Daniel she is his mother too so she won’t go home and just leave him there. He tells her seriously to go home.

Amber tells Deacon he is an idiot and a moron for putting an innocent man in jail. When he grabs her she shoves him off of her threatening to have him thrown in jail. He says he doubts she would talk because then her past with him would come out and she doesn’t want anyone to know it, especially Daniel. She says she will tell and besides Detective Wallace is a personal friend of hers and if she were him she would start running. He says yeah well thanks for the help and then he sits back at his laptop and tells her not to let him hold her up. He looks over at her and says, “Oh, you’re still here?”

While the cameras are being set at the ranch for the news conference Paul tells Ashley what Victor is doing. He isn’t surprised when she tells him she never noticed anything unusual about Mary Jane. He says a sociopath can be very charming. She says but to hurt an innocent child is horrible. When Heather arrives Ashley is straightening Victor’s tie and she tells him after all this is done she would like to tell him about the nice talk she had with Adam. Victor is irritated to see Heather there saying he doesn’t need the DA’s office there. He sits in front of the camera and as they start he offers a one million dollar reward to anyone who leads them to the capture of the woman responsible for harming his granddaughter.

Adam runs out to the potting shed and warns Mary Jane about the press conference. He tells her she has to leave town now. He says her face is going to be plastered everywhere so he demands that she goes right now. She runs out the door with none of her things, not even Kitty. Suddenly the ankle monitor starts beeping and Adam says perfect.

Nick and Nikki watch the press conference on TV. Nick says it is amazing how fast they put that together. He says he is thankful that Summer is alive and that they will deal with the medical issues now. He tells her that yes he has moved back home. He says he can’t be anywhere else and Sharon understands he has to be there. Nikki offers to stay with them a while if they need her saying all it would take would be for her to bring in a bunch of her clothes. Nick says speaking of clothes he caught Adam walking around with women’s clothes the other day but he claimed it was some of Ashley’s dry cleaning. She says she has found when something concerning Adam is a little off that usually means there is something bigger with it. Nick asks what she thinks he was up to. She tells him she has no idea. She asks him what sort of clothes Adam was taking. He says he didn’t really notice. He jokes around saying maybe the clothes was for him. Nikki tells him not to laugh and then she tells him about her seeing Adam in a compromising position with his lawyer. Nick assumes she means with Heather but she says no it wasn’t Heather. She says his lawyer boyfriend. He asks if she is serious and she says yes but she hasn’t mentioned it to Victor. Nick seems to thinks Victor should know about this.

Phyllis tells Daniel everything will be fine, because Nick is back home for good (or so he says but no, but given his history she is absolutely not buying it). She says they have a whole team of medical experts with names she can’t even pronounce so Summer is being taken good care of. She wants to talk more about his situation. He has no clue who hates him enough to do this to him but when he finds out he will get them back tenfold.

Deacon tells Amber the cops will only laugh at her. He says they can’t blame him for killing Balfour because he was a thousand miles away from there that night. She tells him she is sure he left a trail of evidence for her to follow. He pretends to get excited hearing she would follow him around. He tells her to go ahead and do a strip search on him. She tells him he can laugh now but she vows to bring him down. He says he has another way they can both get what they want. He asks what if he told her he has rock solid evidence that could get Daniel set free.

Detective Wallace goes to the ranch and asks Victor if he was aware that Adam left the premises. Adam suddenly comes in panting saying he went out of the boundaries because he was chasing someone. It was a woman with long dark hair. Ashley jumps in saying she saw a trespasser the other day with long dark hair too. She says she was heading towards the old potting shed. Wallace calls the information in saying they found Wilson and then describes the woman they are looking for now. Heather and Paul show Wallace how to get to the potting shed. Victor watches as Ashley and Adam hug and comfort each other.

Kevin isn’t happy finding Jana being questioned by the agent that took Aucker’s place in the investigation so he throws him out when the man says he doesn’t have a warrant. He tells him to go find the real killer and calls him a son of a bitch. Jana politely tells the guy she won’t be answering any questions for him today and when he leaves she thanks Kevin for coming to her rescue.

Deacon says he does have evidence that can clear Daniel. Amber tells him he is so full of it. He hits the play button on his laptop. She sees it is a recording of Balfour before his untimely demise talking about Daniel being an idiot for forging the painting. Deacon nibbles on Ambers neck as he says she knows what she needs to do in order with get this information. She tells him he can’t frame an innocent man just to get into her bed. She tells him he can have any woman he wants. He says that is true but she is the one that got away, but she won’t this time. Daniel uses Michael’s cell phone to call Amber telling her that the judge revoked his bail. He asks if she found anything yet. When he hears a noise over the phone he asks if she is alone. She lies telling him it is some idiot with the TV at Jimmy’s. She tells him she loves him and hurries to get off the phone as she says good bye. When Deacon pulls at her she shoves him away again. He warns her that he will delete that video tomorrow and the Danny Boy will be staying in jail. He tells her that who knows, after one night with him, she might just want to leave Daniel there in jail.

Nick offers to tell his father about Adam if Nikki wants him to. She tells him she has thought about telling him but she isn’t sure it is the right thing to do. Nick says he doesn’t really care about Adam’s sex life but the guy lies too much and having a boyfriend surely isn’t his only secret.

Detective Wallace returns holding up the purple asking if anyone recognizes it. They all do and now they are assuming that she has been behind this all the time but they have to wonder why. Victor claims he only met her briefly at Katherine’s wedding. Ashley thanks Adam and then Victor decides not to send Adam away to the halfway house. When Adam thanks him, Victor says no, thank you son for protecting this family… our family.

Mary Jane ends up in an alley somewhere all alone. She asks herself where does she go now and she realizes she doesn’t even have Kitty anymore as she cries. She thinks about Jack saying he still loves her. She doesn’t know what she would do without him.

Jan Barrett

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