Amber and Cloe are talking and Cloe asks Amber what it was like being married to Cane. She asks if he ever talked about wanting kids. Amber says she doesn’t know, they ended it before they got that far. She wants to know why she would care and accuses Cloe for having a crush on Cane. Amber notices that Cloe has to go to the bathroom a lot lately. Cloe sees Devon and asks him if Lily is moving out. Anna tells her that Cane bought her a new house.

Cane carries Lily over the threshold in their new house. Cane kisses her and then sets her down. Lily asks if he can believe they are actually living together. He starts taking his shirt off and leading her to the bedroom. She says they don’t even have a mattress but he doesn’t let that stop them. Later Lily looks at Cane’s box’s of jerseys. He says he doesn’t go anywhere without them. She sees a sculpture that she and Daniel bought for their wedding. She says good memories were erased by the awful ending. She looks at Cane and asks if that won’t happen to them. Cane says he loves her. He says no lies will come between them. Cane promises her that nothing is going to change between them and then kisses her.

Sabrina asks Victor if he had a chance to talk to Nick. He tells her he did. He says Nick has decided to move out of the tackhouse after all.

Nikki tells David not to talk to her anymore than he has to. She tells him as soon as this gala is over then so are they. She walks off.

Victoria talks to Victor about putting Nick out of his home. Victor tells her he has had enough disrespect from his children for one day. He asks her to ask Nick to be more reasonable. He tells her that Sabrina asked him to talk to Nick. Victoria blames Sabrina on all of this. Nikki walks up and joins in and calls Victor a bad father for blaming his children on all his mistakes. He yells at Nikki saying this all started with her marrying that loser. Katherine hears them yelling and walks over and asks them all to please try to be civil to one another at least for the gala.

Jana apologizes to Amber for not having much time for her lately. She says she has been up to her neck with the gala. Jana says she notices that she and Cloe were hitting it off but Amber says all Cloe is interested in is herself. Amber wonders if maybe she would be better off just moving out of Genoa City. She says that is really the last thing she wants to do though. Jana suggests they consult with the Ouija Board. Amber says she needs to talk to someone and then suddenly she gets an idea. She says she knows exactly who she can talk to and leaves.

Kevin goes to Restless style and tells Daniel they had plans. Daniel says he has been working there while Amber isn’t around. He is thinking about going to L.A. to live with his Dad. Daniel says he doesn’t want to leave but he just can’t stand the thought of Amber being with another guy.

Paul and JT talk about them talking to a mob informant. He tells JT they need to get David now. When Paul talks to the informant he tells Paul that Chow has done previous jobs as a killer for Amato. Paul holds a picture of Walter, aka Amato and says he is a ruthless operator. Victor walks over to them and tells them he is going to be out of town for a few days. Paul says he has someone following Nikki to watch over her. Victor says that isn’t good enough. He says they have to remove Chow. Paul thinks David is more dangerous when he feels cornered. Paul tells him that Nikki could be in serious danger and she could be killed in this.

David is on the phone telling them he needs it tonight saying he is working against the clock on this. When he hangs up Walter walks up and tells David he wants him to take this job. David tells him he isn’t interested and to find someone else. Walter says David did such a good job on Ji Min so he wants him again. David still refuses. David tells him that he is working on a hit of his own that will give him access to millions of dollars and a house of his own. He says he will pay him 5 times what he owes him. He asks Walter to help him out here and walks away. Walter makes a call and says one of their boys has gotten cold feet.

Amber calls into a radio talk show and talks about her being dumped by her boyfriend. Daniel is listening and recognizes her voice so he calls in and identifies himself as the guy that dumped her. Amber and Daniel start bickering back and forth. When the talk show hosts start talking against the other they defend each other causing the radio hosts to hang up on them. Amber tells Jana and Daniel tells Kevin at the same time that they are moving to L.A.

Victor goes back over to Nikki and scolds her for calling him a bad parent and tells her she better look at herself in the mirror. When he walks over, Victoria asks Nikki what her father said to her. Nikki says she has more important things to worry about. She tells her she promised not to say anything but she can’t keep this to herself anymore. She says as soon as this gala is over she is leaving David. Victoria begs her to tell everyone now. Nikki says she just needs one more day until after the gala is over. Victoria asks her how come she didn’t tell her Dad. Nikki says she can’t bare hearing I told you so. Finally Victoria agrees not to say anything to anyone now.

Katherine and Sabrina talk. Sabrina tells her that she and the baby are fine. Katherine is worried about her being under too much stress. Victor walks up and Sabrina suggests to him that after the gala is over that they go to Paris to spend some time alone together and with Katherine’s encouragement Victor agrees. He says that he has one more loose end to take care of and he walks away.

Nikki talks to David asking him where he has been. Katherine walks up with a photographer. When they start taking pictures he tells them to at least act like they are married. He tells David to put his arm around Nikki and he tells Nikki not to worry he isn’t going to bite, he is just her husband. Katherine notices Nikki looking at a cart of alcohol. She admits she has been thinking about drinking these days but refuses to talk to her about it right now, she says after the gala she will. David goes outside and thinks back to when Nikki told him she wants a divorce. He gets a call and is happy when he arranges to meet the person right now.

Sabrina tells Victoria that it looks like it will be a classy event despite their fighting. Victoria asks her how stupid does she think she is. She tells Sabrina she will probably go back to Victor and tell him she slapped her down. She tells Sabrina she is sleeping in her father’s bed and secured her fortune. She asks her how long it will be before she takes him for every penny he has and run off with Phillipe. Sabrina calls Victoria a spoiled little brat that can’t appreciate what she has. She tells Victoria after this damn gala is over she never wants to have to deal with her again.

The movers leave Cane’s place and Cloe shows up. She calls Susan and tells her she found Cane’s new house. She says she followed the movers. She says she is not a stalker and then hangs her phone up. Inside Lily goes to look for a tape measure. He pulls a ring out of his pocket. Cloe stands outside the window looking in.

David meets with a guy in a car. The man hands David a package and then warns him that the drug could be lethal. David tells him he knows all about liquid morphine. Nikki comes out the Colonnade Room and sees David. He suggests that they drive to the gala together tomorrow for the sake of appearances and she agrees. When she walks off David wishes her sweet dreams. Walter was hiding in the bushes watching David as he walks off.

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