Gloria runs up to Jeffery as he comes in at the club saying she has missed him. She can’t believe he couldn’t find Kyon or the cream. He tells Gloria he wanted to find that cream as much as she does. He thinks maybe Kyon moved and just threw the cream away. They think what if she uses the cream. Jeffery thinks she won’t and he doesn’t think they need the cream or Michael’s help in buying the Jabot stock.

Nikki asks David who is Angelo Serafini. David admits it is him and that he has lied again. She tells him she doesn’t understand him. David claims that he changed his name to give himself a whole new life. He explains about how the neighborhood he grew up in was involved in a lot of organized crime. He says the only hope he ever had was to start a new life. She tells him she fell in love with a man named David Chow and that man doesn’t even exist. He apologizes about not telling her the truth. She tells him that the only reason he is explaining this to her now is because he got caught. .

Nikki tells him she feels so stupid for defending him. She tells him that he is a compulsive gambler and he has two ex-wives dead and a dead step daughter. He tried to twist this around to blame Paul but she tells him not to dare blame Paul. He says Paul didn’t tell her about his childhood. She says she had a bad childhood herself so that is no excuse. He says then she of all people should understand. She says she can understand that but not his inability to tell her the truth. David asks her if she hates him but she says she could never hate him. He asks if she will give him a second chance. She says try 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th. He asks her what she is saying. She tells him she can’t give him any more chances. She says it is over and she walks out.

Nick goes to the ranch house and gives Victor the key back to the tack house and tells him that he is taking away the only home his granddaughter has ever known. Victor tells him she will be fine since she is surrounded by people who love her. He tells Nick that his magazine won’t last as long as they print articles like the one about Sabrina. Nick tells him if the facts are proven wrong then he will take responsibility. Victor thanks him for bringing the key and walks out.

Brad is talking to Jill about her plan to take over Chancellor Enterprises and Jabot and he tells her about David’s gambling problem. She says she bets that Nikki and David would do anything to keep this quiet. She says they need some solid evidence. He says maybe they can use David’s phone records. Heather comes in and tells Jill she needs to find out what kind of man Ji Min was and then maybe she can get him some justice. Brad asks Heather to get David Chow’s phone records explaining that they are concerned that someone is using his phone to leak strategy information on new product lines. She mumbles to herself that that is weird. Adam walks up and asks her what is weird.

Phyllis is sitting with Summer when Nick comes home. She asks him how come he didn’t tell Victor it was Jack that did this without them knowing it. Nick says he would only say he warned him about Jack and that he shouldn’t trust him. Nick doesn’t think he has to explain anything to his father. He tells Phyllis they need to start packing. Nick snaps at Phyllis telling her he isn’t hungry. He apologizes to her and then says he feels better now that his father is out of his life. Phyllis thinks this is bothering him more than he realizes but Nick refuses to admit it and he starts packing.

Sabrina asks Victor if Nick was there. Victor explains he was there to bring him the keys to the tack house since he asked him to move out. He doesn’t want him on his property anymore which upsets Sabrina. He tells her about how Nick has betrayed him by going to the feds. He says he has given both of his kids everything they could possibly want and this is how they repay him. He says being disrespectful to his wife is not acceptable and this is the only way to handle it.

Paul gets a call from a guy named Bobby from the Genoa City Police and he tells JT that Amato is in deep with a major mob family. JT says they need to see photo’s of Amato and associates. Paul says that Bobby might not be able to identify David Chow but they sure can. Bobby confirms the man in Paul’s photo is Amato. He says he is a bad dude so be careful. Bobby says Amato and his crew are dangerous men.

Jill notices Adam lurking when she is talking to Heather and she asks him if she can help him. He tells her he is only there to ask Heather out. Jill asks him if he has ever heard of using the phone and she walks out. Adam asks Heather if she would like to go to the gala with him.

Jeffery explains to Gloria how he plans on buying Jabot stocks without Michael’s help. He says while he was gone he set up an offshore company and called it Agreeing Lovers, as an anagram for Gloria’s Revenge. He says no one will ever be able to trace it back to them. He tells Gloria that she really has to start trusting him more. Gloria kisses Jeffery and says it was for being a loving and clever and devious husband. He says he learned a lot from her. She says this proves that agreeing lovers can accomplish anything. She goes to the powder room. Jeffery opens his briefcase and there is the cream and Jeffery has a crooked smile on his face. Gloria is checking on Jeffery’s trip and is satisfied that Jeffery told her the truth. They head upstairs arm in arm.

Sabrina tells Victor she thinks she is starting to feel the baby. She talks to him more about his feelings towards Victoria and Nick. She points out that Nick is still the same child he sang to as a child. Victor dislikes Nick’s arrogance saying he betrayed him. Sabrina thinks that’s too strong a word. She says the biggest betrayal is for Victor to turn his back on Nick. She begs him not to do something he will regret for the rest of his life. Sabrina thinks his son deserves a second chance. She begs him to go to Nick, to take the high road.

Nick and Phyllis talk. Nick packs while they talk. He asks where the paper is because he needs to check the real estate section. She tells him he has too many memories here. She says this land is a part of him. He remembers when he was a child and his dad took the training wheels off of his bicycle. He tells Phyllis his Dad was so proud of him. He says yes he is going to miss this place. She offers to talk to Victor but Nick doesn’t think it would do any good. He thinks he had ridden under his dad’s coat tails long enough. He says maybe now he can finally get out from under his control. Phyllis tells him he will never be completely free of his father. He calls her a party pooper and she says she is not, but he must have the wrong girl. He kisses her and says he is glad he has her.

Brad gets David Chow’s phone records and when Jill finds an unknown number. Brad encourages her to call it. She calls it and says she is a friend of David Chow’s but the man hangs up after he tells her if she is a friend of Chows she can stuff it. Brad says that is Chow’s bookie and he has several calls made to him. Jill says it looks like they have their proof.

Adam tries calling Skye again but still gets no answer. He leaves Jabot just as Nikki walks in. She asks Heather what Adam wanted. Heather says a date with her for the gala. Nikki warns her that she might think twice about getting involved with a Newman. Heather is looking through Ji Min’s files when she finds a photo of him and Walter. She wonders who this other man is.

Nikki is in her office and isn’t happy when David walks in. She tells him he won’t be working there for long. He tells her to think about the gala. He convinces her not to get rid of him until after the gala is over. She tells him but once the gala is over she is filing for a divorce.

Sabrina goes upstairs to get ready when Adam walks in. He tells Victor that he found out that Jill and Brad are investigating David’s past. Victor is pleased to hear this saying this means that they will find out about his gambling habits. Victor thanks him for his useful knowledge.

Jill asks Heather to pull David Chow’s contract and personal records. Then she wants his phone records put in the top right hand drawer of her desk. Brad walks up and Jill tells him that Nikki never should have hired David. She wonders if she knew he gambled. She says it sure makes it easier for them to get them out of there.

David calls Leo and tells him it is Angelo Serafini. He asks him to get him some liquid dreamer. He says what ever the cost is he will pay for it. He asks him to get it tonight and call him.

Sabrina asks Adam if he will talk to Victor about his asking Nick to move. She tells him that Victor cut Nick and Victoria out of his will. Adam says this is none of his business so he refuses to talk to Victor. She tells him that their loss doesn’t necessarily mean it is his gain.

Victor goes to the tack house. He tells Nick that he has changed his mind about them moving. He says despite his behavior he is welcome to stay. Nick hesitates and then tells his Dad that he doesn’t want to stay now. Victor tells him ok, have it his way and walks off.

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