Lily thanks Colleen for all the souvenirs she brought her from Italy but she is really only thinking about the biopsy. Colleen tells her that they don’t know the results yet. Lily tells her part of her wishes she had gone to Italy with Colleen. When Colleen mentions Cane Lily tells her now she understands better that Cane lied because he was scared of losing everything he loved because she feels the same way now. She only wishes she could tell him that.

Neil is planning on taking the family to Hawaii as soon as Lily is in the clear so they can put some distance between Lily and the man that Neil can’t bring himself to even say his name. Neil and Devon are both worried about what the test results will show when Olivia goes to get them.

Chloe is holding Delia while Billy blows his birthday candles out on the cake. Chloe thinks it is important that even though they aren’t together that they celebrate this day as a family and Jill says she totally agrees. While Billy opens gifts he is excited to get a video camera. He says he is in a hurry though because he has to go to the office so he says he has to take his cake to go. Mac comes in and asks if it is someone’s birthday. She then says she is going to go and Chloe gives her a sarcastic remark saying don’t let them stop her which seems to amuse Billy. When Mac is on her way out the door Phillip arrives. He says he is there to see Nina and Chance and he promises not to make a scene since Katherine is napping. Mac tells him good luck with that and then she leaves.

Kevin shows off his inner Chipmunk T-shirt. He says but the Chipmunk is so much bigger that that. Kevin tells him that one of his speeches was broadcast on the radio. Michael tells him that Lauren heard it and said it was very inspiring. Kevin says he isn’t into this for the money but he wonders why don’t they copyright it and turn it into something bigger. Michael asks if he is really serious about this. Kevin tells him yes he is. He asks Michael to be his partner in it and they will split it 50/50.

Phillip says he wasn’t expecting to see him there which Billy says he can say the same thing about him. Billy says it is good that Phillip is there saying he thinks it is about time the two of them talked.

Phillip says he came there to see Nina and Chance but sure he will talk with Billy. He tells Billy to go for it and take his turn. Billy says he can’t judge Phillip because he skipped town too when things got rough so he gets why Phillip ran too. He even bets that Phillip hatched his escape when he was sent to boarding school. He says nothing says unwanted like a blazer and a one way ticket East. Chloe can relate to that one. Jill says ok so now it is official, she is a horrible mother. As Billy goes on he says he can relate to Phillip even though Phillip left behind a bit more than he did. Nina and Chance come in and they listen and hear Billy say that even though Phillip sent that jackass in his place, he still considers Phillip to be his brother and he will keep an open mind to that but he warns Phillip that if he ever hurts Jill or Katherine again he will kill him. With that said Billy tells Phillip Welcome Back. Phillip tells him he appreciates his support and he assures him that he is not there to hurt anyone, not anymore.

Lily tells Colleen she is worried she will get the worst news of her life. Colleen tells her she should call Cane but Lily can’t make herself do it. She says she has already pushed him away and besides if she calls him now her Dad and Devon would never forgive her. She says plus Cane said he is happy they never had any kids and he is glad now that she is free to live her life with someone else. She cries as she admits she doesn’t want to be free though. She says doesn’t want to be free to be with anyone else, she wants Cane there. She says she is scared and she doesn’t want to die. Colleen hugs her to console her while outside Devon and Neil do not look too happy with the look on Olivia’s face when she returns with the results.

Michael laughs at the slogans that Kevin came up with for coffee mugs and calendars and stuff.  Kevin says they will be a novelty book of all his Chipmunk quotes. Michael says he can see he thought of everything saying he just might be onto something. He tells Kevin OK, the truth is he thinks he is on to something so he will put up the capital but Kevin has to find the designer. Kevin says he already has a successful designer, saying it is Amber. Michael says he isn’t sure Lauren will want to add some rodent themed T-shirt shop to her upscale boutique but it will be fun asking her. Kevin tells him he is a great brother and partner.

Chance goes up to Billy to shake hands as he asks his ‘Unc’ how it is going. Nina remarks that Billy has spent his life partying while Chance has been fighting for freedom. Before Billy can say anything else Chloe walks up and offers her hand to Chance introducing herself as Delia’s mother. While Chloe is there flirting with Chance Billy says he has to go and they can catch up later. On his way out Jill tells Billy thanks for making the effort with his brother.

Lily tells Colleen not to call Cane. She says she has more on her mind right now. Colleen goes out the room to give Lily some privacy with Neil. When she is out in the hall she sees Olivia with Devon consoling him. Inside the room Lily is assuming from the look on Neil’s face that he has bad news for her. He tells her the biopsy came back positive for cancer and that Olivia is going to schedule surgery for her ASAP. He says they will know more once they remove the tumor. Lily cries as she says this can’t be happening. He tells her to listen to him. People beat this cancer everyday and they will too but she has to believe that.

Kevin is all excited as he kisses Jana and says he has a surprise for her. He says no not a new espresso machine but a new venture that will change their lives. Michael agrees that this is a good idea and  they will make a killing on this Chipmunk craze. Jana is a little cautious while Kevin runs off to get her the sketches he made. He says he promises she is going to love them.

Mac and Billy meet with each other at Murphy’s old trailer. She tells him she wasn’t sure she had the right place when she got there. He tells her he bought the trailer as a birthday present to himself so they could have their own private getaway. He tells her he has lunch in the refrigerator and for dinner… and she interrupts him as she kisses him. He brings her inside and gives her the grand tour of the place.

Nina tells Chloe that Billy seems like a devoted Father. Jill agrees saying he does love his little girl. Phillip thinks it is great that Chloe lets Billy see Delia. When Chloe says she is going out to enjoy the day Nina thinks that is a great idea and invites Chance and Phillip to join her for lunch. When Jill thinks that Chance probably would want to gather his bearings first, he agrees saying he has to finish unpacking. Phillip says he would love to have lunch with Nina so they leave. Jill calls someone regarding to an important family matter that can’t wait.

Olivia sits on Lily’s bed and tries to explain more about the type of cancer she has. She says she will know more after they do surgery. Lily wants to know what they will have to do. Olivia says that they will remove as much of the mass as they can and then they will be able to determine just how far the cancer has spread. She tells her if the mass isn’t contained a long list of other things will need to be removed. When asked about the odds for her, Neil tries to stop her saying she doesn’t need to hear all that now but she tells him to stop trying to protect her. Olivia sadly says it’s approximately a 45% survival rate.

Olivia vows that they will fight this together. When she leaves Colleen steps out for a cup of coffee. Lily tells Neil and Devon that she appreciates their support. She just smiles at them through her tears and says she couldn’t get through this without them. Neil assures Lily that they will be there for her every step of the way.

Mac and Billy lay back and enjoy the skylight in the trailer when Colleen calls Billy to yell him about Lily. He asks can he see her but she tells him she is with her Dad right now. He asks how Neil is and she says he is in there with her. He says he will give the family some time and then go by the hospital later. She asks if he knows where she can find Cane. He asks if she is kidding. She says no, she isn’t. He tells her to try the outback, he can’t help her. When he tells Mac what is going on she is sure that Cane does love Lily so she wants to help find him even though Billy doesn’t.

Jill meets Michael at the club and tells him about Phillip coming back. She says her own son faked his death to get away from her. She says it is ironic because Cane nearly turned himself inside out to become her son. Michael smiles and asks how can he help her. She says nevertheless she wants to change her will immediately.

Kevin shows Jana his sketches and she likes them but wants to know how they can possibly profit from other’s misfortunes. She says it just seems wrong. He asks what he can do to make her not hate the idea. She says to donate the profits to charity. He asks all of it? She says ok some and then he won’t be accused of cashing in on his crimes. She kisses him and says that would make her feel better.

When Chloe comes in she asks if they are already driving Chance to drinking. He says no, he is having lemonade. He offers to pour her a glass. She is impressed when he uses manners by asking may he pour her some. She says what a gentleman and then asks if he is sure he is related to Billy. She thinks he might be wondering what the deal is between her and Billy but he tells her no because it is none of his business. She tells him that she heard that his homecoming was like straight out of a reality show. She asks what he thinks of his Dad, he tells her he just met the guy so he doesn’t have an opinion either way.

Phillip complains to Nina that Chance barely looks at him. He thinks either he is hiding his anger or he has no interest in getting to know him. Nina thinks he will come around and listen to what he has to say.

Jill tells Michael that her liquid assets aren’t what they use to be but she does still own half of the estate. Michael is under the assumption that she wants to leave Phillip what she had planned on leaving Cane. She tells him no, she wants it split three ways between her three sons. Michael says that could turn things into a probate nightmare. He thinks Billy might contest it or maybe Nina on behalf of her son. He says they won’t like anything going to the deceitful. Jill says she is sure he can make it very clear that there is no question that she was of sound mind when she says she still thinks of Cane Ashby as one of her sons. She will always love him as her own.

Billy doesn’t want Mac to go looking for Cane. She is getting frustrated because he isn’t answering his phone. She asks him wouldn’t he want to know if it were her. He tells her that is not the same thing. Then Billy gets frustrated when she grabs her purse. He asks her where she is going. She says he might not think Lily needs Cane but he is wrong as.

Chloe flirts with Chance until Billy comes back in saying his meeting got cancelled. He says he came back to hang out with his little girl. When Delia starts crying she tells Billy it was perfect timing. Billy and Chloe both head upstairs to check on her.

Phillip wonders how Chance would feel about him being gay. Nina thinks he will handle it. She tells Phillip he doesn’t know chance. Phillip thinks maybe he won’t. Nina says she is just thrilled that he doesn’t have a life threatening disease so now the rest will work itself out in time.

Olivia consoles Neil. She says if only Dru were here to help Lily get through this. Neil tells her that he didn’t think he would survive when he lost Dru. He thinks it was having Lily around to remind him of her since he sees so much of her in Lily. He cries out at the thought of losing his daughter. He calls out to God asking, Please God, No!

Devon talks to Lily about their trip to Hawaii. He apologizes and Colleen tells him it isn’t him. She tells him she wants to see Cane. Lily stops her but Devon says he thinks it is a bad idea but if it is what she wants she should do it anyway. Lily picks up her phone and dials Cane’s number but hangs up when she gets his voicemail.

Cane is at the bus station getting ready to board a bus when Mac runs in telling him that she had been trying to call him. He tells her that there is no use. He turns to go for the bus when Mac yells out that Lily needs him right now.

Jan Barrett

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