Nikki tries to get David to see that he is sick and needs help. She begs him to listen to her. She tells him she understands his problems. He tells her he doesn’t want her to understand him or to love him. He tells her to get it through her head, it is over and he goes up to the room to pack his things.

Heather and Adam are at Crimson Lights and they say it is hot so Adam suggests that they go for a swim out at the ranch but Heather doesn’t think that is such a good idea. She tries to explain to him that she tried to put Victor in jail for murder so he doesn’t like her too much. He asks how much evidence she had against his father. She tells him some of the case but suggests he asks Victor but he wants to hear it now. She tells him more but then tells him she can’t tell him anymore. He asks her how come she didn’t tell him this before. She says she doesn’t know. He still wants to go swimming. She is worried but he says no one is there so she agrees. They head to the ranch and Adam tells Heather she can go change at the pool house. She tells him no need and she pulls her dress off and has a bikini on.

Victor tells Sabrina they are going to Boston to celebrate the 4th of July the traditional way. She goes over to Crimson Lights to talk to Jana about some business while Victor goes to a meeting and they can go to Boston after.

Victoria and Nick see Nikki at the Club and they tell her that they told Phyllis what is going on. Nikki wishes he hadn’t had. They tell her that it is her choice to put up with David. Nikki says apparently not since David is upstairs right now packing. She says he is leaving her. David walks up and tells them he assumes Nikki told them what is going on and they don’t have to worry because he has told the bellhop to change rooms for him. Nick says that isn’t good enough and tells him to get the hell out of there. After he gets packed he tells Nick he is leaving his mother for her sake. Nikki says he keeps saying that but he knows this is not what she wants. He says to trust him it is for the best and he leaves.

Amber tells Adrian that Phyllis is going to be mad at them for taking breaks. Adrian reminds her that they have taken two breaks. He gets a call so Amber goes to make their order. She tells Jana about the Restless Amber. Adrian walks up and she asks them if they are both working. Amber says it beats going home alone. A guy comes in at Crimson Lights to pick up Colleen and Adrian finds out she is going out on a date with the guy.

While the man waits for Colleen to get off work Amber talks to Jana about Kevin in Dublin with Daniel. Jana got a test message from Kevin telling her about all the fun he is having, which makes Amber jealous that Kevin is in touch with Jana but Daniel isn’t with her. She thinks Daniel is too busy over there with the hot women but Jana assures her he isn’t. When Colleen is finished she and the guy leave. Adrian says he can remember that guy when he was teaching in school. Amber tries to help Adrian think of other things instead of being worried about Colleen.

Victoria tells JT about David. JT tells her about Paul investigating David. She wants to know if her Mom knew and he says no. He admits he helped Paul. He tells her it was before he knew how she felt so then he backed off. She wants to know what Paul found out. He tells her how Paul found out that David could have killed someone. She gets upset that he didn’t tell her this before. He tells her the details about what Paul found out. She tells him he has no good excuse not to tell her about all of this. He defends himself saying if he is a little over protective of her then that is just too bad. She told him she needs some time to herself to think about this.

JT sees Sabrina and she thanks him for going to their wedding. He tells her it was Victoria’s call. He goes over to Paul when he sees him walk in. Sabrina goes out on the patio to talk to Victoria. She tells Sabrina whatever it is she wants to talk about now isn’t a good time and then she apologizes and invites her to sit down when Sabrina wants to talk about the charity ball. They discuss it and start laughing. The subject comes up about having babies. Sabrina starts to tell her about being pregnant but Victoria changes the subject before she can. When Sabrina is about to go she sees JT and tells him she is glad he is back. She knows Victoria is upset about something. JT and Victoria talk more about Paul’s investigation. She accepts his apology and she asks him not to stop the investigation. She wants him to find out everything he can about David and keep her mother safe. He agrees.

Nick tells Nikki that he wants to stay with her to have dinner. She says she is ok but he would prefer to stay with her right now. Victor walks up and asks Nikki if she is ok because he saw David leaving the club with a suitcase. She tells Victor that everything is fine, that David just had to go on a business trip. Victor asks on the 4th of July? Nick says well only in America. Victor walks away and Nikki thanks Nick for helping. He says no problem but his father will find out sooner or later.

Nick goes back to work and talks to Phyllis. They see an email from Daniel and he sends some pictures of them having fun with some women. She tells Nick he doesn’t need to see that. Victor walks in and asks to talk to Nick for a minute. Victor tells him something is going on with his mother and he wants to know if he has any idea what it is. Nick asks him why he even cares. He tells Nick he wouldn’t have come there if he wasn’t concerned. Nick asks why he still cares. He wants to know why he wouldn’t. He says this is nonsense about David taking a business trip. Nick says he will take care of his mother. Victor tells him that he is warning him that David Chow is a dangerous man and he knows this, he can feel it in his bones.

Nikki comes downstairs because she can’t rest so she asks the bellhop if there are any tables available. When she makes her order Paul walks up and joins her. Nikki tells Paul he always shows up when she needs him. He tells her she told him to butt out but he cares about her and he always will. He says he is going to be honest. He says he is sorry she is hurting but he isn’t the least bit sorry that David is out of her life. Paul takes Nikki out for a walk. When they come back she thanks him for not telling her “I told you so” about David and she hugs him. In the background David walks in and sees Nikki with Paul and he walks out.

Victor goes home and Sabrina comes in and kisses him. She tells him how she talked to Victoria about the ball. He wants to know if that made her uncomfortable. She tells him no, in fact she enjoyed it. She says she wants so much for this family to reconcile before their baby is born. Adam and Heather walk in not knowing Victor is home. Heather leaves the room and Victor tells Adam he wants to make one thing clear to him. He says Heather is not welcome in this house.

Amber and Adrian get back to Restless Style. Nick and Phyllis are just about to leave so Amber defends herself about being gone. Phyllis understands and she tells them in fact they are glad they are late. Amber asks why. Phyllis says because now they are going home and they bid their goodbyes. Just before Phyllis gets into the elevator, she tells Amber she forgot to turn her computer off and asks her to get it for her. Amber says ok and walks over to it and she sees the picture that Phyllis cropped on her monitor of Daniel having fun with another women. Amber is devastated but the look on Phyllis’s face shows her satisfied because she knew just what she had done by leaving that picture on there.

Jan Barrett

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