Jill tells Cane she will never forget the misery that Katherine’s family has caused her. Cane tells her she needs to forgive Katherine, saying they love each other and she should turn their relationship around. He asks her if his DNA test shows he is not her son will she turn on him like she turned on her. She tells him she has no doubt whatsoever that he is her son.

Lily and Nina talk and they apologize to each for fighting. They agree that one of them won’t be happy by the end of the day when they get the DNA results in so they decide to call a truce for Katherine’s sake. Nina’s phone rings and she tells Lily the results are in.

Jack asks Mary Jane if she is ok. She says she has had a bad day and she sure could use a friend. . She tells him she is fine when he tells her he has to go meet Sharon. He tells her he will call her as soon as he has some time.

Victor arranges for a specialist to be flown in for consultation for Summer if they need one. Heather confides in Paul telling him that this might not have been an accident. Paul can’t believe for one second that Phyllis could be responsible for this.He says never and then he asks who told her that.

MJ is in her hotel suite when she has flash backs to when Victor brought her into town. Then she remembers Paul’s questions about meeting her before and how Jack wondered how she knew about John Abbott’s portrait hanging in the study. She takes an envelope from her Bible which has the wedding invitation of Patricia Williams and Jack Abbott. She looks at it and then whispers, Happy Anniversary Jack.

Nick and Phyllis talk to Summer hoping that she can actually hear them. Phyllis asks if she remembers last year waking up to fireworks. She tears up saying Super Girl wake up please. When Nick pulls her away from the bed she tells him that this is all her fault and God is punishing her. Nick tells her no, this was an accident and she is an amazing mother. He tells her she is the glue that holds them together. He says he couldn’t have asked for a better mother for his daughter.

When MJ answers the door she thought it would be Jack standing there but instead it is Paul. He asks if she is ok. She tells him it is an anniversary and not a pleasant one. He came in regards to some rumors about Phyllis. He asks if she has noticed anything odd about Phyllis’s behavior lately. She tells him this isn’t a bad time and then she says she is sorry. He tells her he can’t stay when she asks him to stay and have a cup of coffee with her. She changes her mood and tells Paul she can’t help him and then closes her door on him. She asks Kitty where her pills are and she finds them and takes some. She climbs into her bed hugging Kitty as she cries telling Kitty to make it stop.

Sharon lets Noah in and asks why this is happening again. He says he lost one sister and he can’t lose Summer too. Sharon tells Noah not to lose hope. She tells him that Jack is the father of her baby. She has no idea what this is going to mean for her and Nick though. She tells him his Father needs to focus on Summer right now. Sharon assures him she is going to be fine, and she knows that Jack is going to be a great father.

Victor finds Nick in the chapel and tells him that Phyllis is looking for him. Nick tells him it is hard for him sitting in there watching Summer because all he can see is Cassie. Victor tells him he can understand that but he can’t give up here. He tells him to talk to Summer because he is sure she can hear him. Nick asks why this is happening again. He tells Victor that Sharon’s baby is Jack’s and it is a girl. Victor sympathizes with him knowing he wanted so much for the baby to be his. Victor leaves and goes back to Summers room telling Phyllis that Nick would be there soon. Jack comes in and is told that Nick is having a hard time thinking he is going to lose Summer. Jack says he loves Summer too saying he will always remember that he delivered her. He tells Phyllis that Summer is a tough and strong little girl just like her Mom. Nick says God already took one of his little girls and he tells God he wasn’t going to give his other one to her saying he won’t allow this to happen again.

Nina has the DNA test results in an envelope in her hand as she assures herself that Katherine’s health can handle this now. She tells Katherine she is home just in time. She didn’t have the courage to open the envelope herself.

Jill says she knows Cane is her son, after all look at the bond they have. He admits he does like the war that always goes on in his crazy family. Lily comes in with a copy of the test results. Jill says to go ahead and open it so they can get this whole thing over with when Lily hands Cane the envelope. He opens it and then he tells Jill he is her son. Not surprised but relieved this is over. Lily says they can finally put this behind them once and for all. Jill says he should take the Chancellor name. Cane says he doesn’t want to make things worse for Nina. Jill can’t wait to rub Nina and Katherine’s nose in it but Jill agrees to be nice to her instead. When she leaves Lily kisses Cane and says she will leave it up to him about taking the Chancellor name. When she leaves to buy some dessert for the BBQ at the Chancellor’s Cane makes a call to Langley leaving a message saying he took care of it.

Nina screams out No, No! She just can’t believe it. She hands the results to Katherine. Nina thinks someone tampered with the results but Katherine says no one did. Now they wonder who the young man is that they all thought to be Phillip all those years. Nina says if only she could find his body. She tells Katherine about the policeman that disappeared after riding in the ambulance with Phillip that day and then she rushes out to see if she can figure out what is going on.

Mary Jane starts dreaming that she is in her wedding dress chasing after he cat. She stumbles upon Jack making out with that woman. She tells him she saw him in his office and asks how could he do that to her, She tells him she was pregnant with his baby. She turns to run off and she falls. She cries out oh no, not my baby!

Noah tells Nick he is sorry about him not being the father of the baby. Nick tells him that he and Summer are the most important people in the world to him. Noah says he can only hope Summer is going to be ok. He hugs Nikki. Phyllis tells Summer that Noah is there. Noah tells her that her favorite brother is there as he sits and talks to her. Meanwhile in the hallway Paul explains to Nikki how come Heather is hanging around. He asks if she thinks there would be any chance this wasn’t an accident. Nikki asks if he really thinks Phyllis did something to Summer.

Mary Jane (who is really Patty Williams)is still dreaming. She loses her baby and then she finds out that Jack only married her to become president of Jabot. She tells him she loved him and now she finds out that she was nothing to him. She pulls out a gun and holds it to her head. Jack begs her not to, saying if anyone deserves to be shot it would be him. His eyes get big just as Mary Jane shoots, firing three shots at him. Suddenly Mary Jane wakes up in her bed and then she closes her eyes again.

Nikki thinks the idea of Phyllis hurting her daughter is insane. She asks how he could think such a thing. He agrees with Nikki but he tells her that Heather got an anonymous tip. Nikki says Phyllis has done some shady things in her past but she would never do anything to hurt her own child. Paul agrees with Nikki but he gets an alert from the lab telling him the DNA test results on Cane are in so he says he has to go for now . He tells her he will get back to her when he can. She says yes please do and he runs out.

Jack tells Sharon about how excited her is about tearing down walls to make a nursery for the baby and Sharon too if she wants to be nearby. She tells him she is not ready for this togetherness. He says since he has accepted her ambivalence she should cut him some slack on his enthusiasm. He tells her this is his second chance and he knows he has always been good with other people’s kids so he is sure he can be a good Daddy to his own child.

Mary Jane goes back to her dream when she falls back asleep. She is looking for Jack and then she calls out for Paul saying she needs her big brother as she falls to the floor. In her dream Victor walks up telling her he can give her what she wants. He can make her a sophisticated and dynamic and professional woman that Jack would fall in love with. Victor removes the veil on her and she tells him she will do anything he wants as long as she can have Jack. The Sharon shows up pregnant telling Mary Jane that she is just a play toy to Jack, and that she is the only one that Jack wants. Victor whispers in her ear that he hopes history won’t repeat itself. Mary Jane wakes up sitting straight up in bed and saying Jack will love her and this time there won’t be any other women. She says he will be all hers.

Nick and Phyllis are with Summer in her hospital room when Heather arrives with Detective Gill. They ask Phyllis to step away from Summer. Phyllis tells them she would never harm her daughter when they say she is a threat to her. Heather accuses her of feeding Summer peanuts just to get the attention of the husband that she just separated from. Phyllis tells them that that goes beyond insane and yells at them to go to hell. Gill threatens to arrest her for obstruction of justice if she doesn’t agree to cooperate with them. Phyllis tells them she isn’t going anywhere. When she fights Gill off of her, Victor points his finger at Heather and says “How dare you!” Heather and Gill take Phyllis outside in the hall leaving Nikki horrified and Nick staring in shock.

Phyllis complains to Nick that they have posted a guard in front of Summer’s door as though she is some kind of criminal or something. Nick tells her they will figure it out. Victor calls Michael who says he is on his way and he will handle this. Heather tells Nikki she is sorry but she has no choice here but Nikki snaps saying as she walks away that there is always a choice. Phyllis denies doing what they are accusing her of. Nikki tells her she knows. Heather and Gill tell Phyllis she has to make herself available for questioning. Phyllis makes Nikki and Victor promise to be there for Summer.

After Jack shows Sharon the progress made on the nursery she stops him telling him it is too much so he agrees to back off. She tells him it isn’t him, it is her. She says she needs to provide a stable home on her own. She asks him to give her some time to figure this out please. As he pulls her into a hug he agrees.

Murphy tells Katherine he knows Esther is a good egg but to serve tofu burgers at a cook out? Katherine agrees to talk to Esther about it. Jill comes in and Katherine tells her she is feeling fine no thanks to her. She says she is ready for Jill’s ‘I told you so’. She is surprised that Jill tells her she is just glad she is ok. Murphy hopes leaving the two of them alone isn’t a mistake as he walks away telling Katherine to yell if she needs him. Jill wonders how Nina took the news and Katherine too. Katherine says she is just glad it is all settled. Jill tells her she still feels they’re still family now. Katherine snaps at her asking her how she can say that after she practically left her for dead. She says who the hell needs a family like that and then she stomps out.

Lily is at Crimson Lights when she goes out on the patio with a box of desserts. Cane talks to her about his family being his greatest gift ever. She tells him it is no gift. He is Phillip Chancellor. She smiles as she tells him that after today nobody can question that now.

Nina goes to the gravesite where she has always thought her husband was buried and talks to him as she sits on the bench. She says it is back to square one now. She can’t even help her son find out now if he has the Huntington gene. She tells Phillip that she loved him so very much and now she won’t ever be able to find out where he came from. She asks how come she can’t accept Cane as being Phillip. Suddenly Paul appears saying it is because she is right, he might not be. He tells her that he just talked to the technician from the lab. He tells Nina she is right, there is something wrong with Cane’s blood test.

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