Nina, Jill and Katherine are all excited to see Phillip IV when he comes in. He says it is really him. Nina tells him she has something kind of important that they need to talk about. He looks up and sees Phillip there and he looks at Nina looking a bit confused.

Amber meets with Cane on the patio at Crimson Lights and isn’t very pleased with him. She tells him if he wants to apologize it should be to Jill. She criticizes him for all he has done to Mrs. C. She asks him what he wants. He tells her he wanted to tell her good bye.

Lily is confused and seems worried as she wonders why her Aunt Olivia has to be the one to tell her what the test results show. She says it isn’t as if she is some sort of fragile flower that will fall apart. She says she will get over not being pregnant but why do they have to do more tests. When Olivia comes in she tells Lily there is a reason her pregnancy test showed a false reading. She tells her she has a mass on her ovary and it gave a confusing reading because of her hormone levels being messed up. Lily asks what she means by a mass. When Neil comes in she gets scared thinking that something must really be wrong if he is there too now.

Victor thinks back to when the doctor warned him about how important it would be for him to break up this bond between Ashley and Adam. In the meantime Adam is on his way out to the potting shed and finds it empty. He thinks now if that nutbag tells Jack everything he is toast. All he can find in there is Sabrina’s dress.

Jack takes a deep breath before meeting with Mary Jane as she goes inside Crimson Lights. She tells him she is so happy to see him. He tells her he was intrigued by her phone call. When she asks how has he been he tells her his life couldn’t be going any better. He says it has been a long time since he has seen her. She smiles and tells him she is back and ready to pick up where they left off. When Jack tells her that Phyllis was cleared of all the charges, he says it seems that the accuser is the guilty party. Mary Jane doesn’t seem to care about any of that. They talk about who could do such a thing to hurt an innocent child. As Jack continues talking about it, it occurs to Mary Jane that he thinks she has something to do with it.

Victor tells Adam Ashley has been so upset lately. Adam offers some support. Victor tells him that he appreciates it but Ashley needs a less stressful environment. Adam agrees with Victor offering to maybe get some earphones when listening to his music. Victor tells him that with him being there is not beneficial to Ashley or the baby.

Jill can’t believe Nina hasn’t told Phillip about his father being alive. Katherine says she can understand her not telling him while he was in Iraq, thinking she wouldn’t want to distract him while he was there. It could have been dangerous. Phillip says he has seen people die but when he does they stay dead so what’s the big secret. He tells them that while he was overseas he picked up a new nickname and he would like it if they called him Chance now. Katherine tells him this is a bit complicated, Chance looks at his father and offers his hand to shake as he tells his father it is good to meet him calling him Sir.

Amber doesn’t seem interested in anything Cane is saying to her so she says yeah yeah and asks can she go now. He tells her that he doesn’t think either of them are pillars of honesty but he cares enough about Amber that he doesn’t want to see her lose everything in her life like he has.

Neil tells Lily he is there because he is her father not because something is terribly wrong. Olivia explains that they need to take a biopsy to make sure this mass is nothing. Lily says she is a little tired but other than that she feels fine. Olivia says her white blood cell count is elevated. As Neil sits on the bed Olivia says that there is a possibility it could be malignant and if that is what it is they will talk about the best course of treatment. When words like chemotherapy, surgery and radiation comes up Lily starts to panic. Olivia is being optimistic saying she herself is proof that with a positive biopsy one can overcome cancer. She says since Lily is there in the hospital they can get these tests started right away. When Neil goes to take care of all the paperwork for Lily she thinks he is out there talking to Olivia in private about her because he doesn’t think she can handle the details. Devon asks if she wants some snacks or a magazine or something, Lily tells him all she really wants is for her husband to be there with her.

Cane tells Amber how much he misses Lily but he knows he is getting what he deserves. He asks her to imagine Daniel living with that kind of pain. She denies their situation being anything like that. Cane disagrees with her saying they lie so well because they have convinced their self that it is the truth. He tells her that he really loves Jill and Katherine and call them Mom and grandma because that is what they became to him . He says Lily is the best thing that ever happened to him. He tells Amber he doesn’t want to see her making the same mistakes he made so he encourages her to tells Daniel everything that he needs to know now, before it is too late,

Phillip tells Chance he doesn’t want to talk about the ugly details of his story right now. Chance says he has seen ugly and this doesn’t even come close to it. He asks if his old room is empty, because he sure is looking forward to sleeping on a real bed. He goes upstairs to wash up and change into some civvies. As he heads up he tells everyone he really misses being there. Nina turns and looks at Phillip and tells him to see what he has missed out on all these years. Phillip thinks Chance seems like a great guy.

Adam doesn’t understand why Victor is telling him this. He asks wasn’t he just one of the dew invited to Victor’s wedding. He asks since when does him being there cause stress for Ashley. He asks if Victor wants to kick him out and expect him not to take it personally. He says he has become Ashley’s confidante. He wants to know who is behind this. He asks if it is the doctor or is it that he is blind or not perfect like his other kids.

Jack tells Mary Jane that Summer has suffered some brain damage effecting her language skills saying she is like a toddler now. He knows she would never intentionally hurt a child. He says he knows it would have been an accident. He is trying to get her to admit it to him. He tells her she can tell him anything and he won’t judge her. She tells him there is nothing to tell. He can see that Mary Jane is not very stable as he continues trying to get her to admit it. She grabs his hand and tells him she knows these aren’t his thoughts of her because he cares too much for her. Jack just looks at her and nods his head.

Olivia says she has scheduled the biopsy. Neil wants to know what the worse case scenario is here. She tells him if it is malignant the numbers aren’t so good, the survival rate is like only 45%. She says Lily is young and strong and they will fight this aggressively. She says her mental well being will make the difference between life and death. Neil agrees to be strong for Lily and not fall apart but he won’t agree to calling Cane. He says all Cane did was destroy Lily’s life. When he goes back into the room, Lily wants to know if he called Cane. Neil says no, they need to forget about him. She says he is still her husband though. Devon reminds her that he is also still a con man and the sooner he is gone the sooner she can start to heal.

Chance isn’t hungry right now saying he can hold off on eating for now. He is interested in hearing more about his father though and wonders if Phillip is the real thing then who is Cane. Phillip gets a call and reports that he is relieved to hear that he doesn’t carry the Huntington’s gene. Chance says that means he doesn’t have the gene either so everything is good now.

Victor is insulted when Adam thinks he wants to just send him back to prison after all that he has done for him. He tells him he is talking about a facility for the visually impaired, as in like a half way house. When Adam thinks Victor thinks he is the black sheep of the family Victor disagrees. He says he brought him into his home and family and even his business. It was he that abused all that. He assures Adam he isn’t turning on him, besides he asks if Adam is really concerned about Ashley why he wouldn’t want to help her. Adam tells him to screw the coddle the blind home, he’d rather go back to prison where there are people that he knows he can trust. Victor has had enough and tells him he will do as he says. Adam says yes sir but he is going to be the one to tell Ashley about this and she won’t be too happy about this.

As Mary Jane talks to Jack about the fun they have had together he notices her Kitty in the travel case and asks if that cat is dead. She denies it saying no it is alive. When Jack mentions Phyllis’s name Mary Jane gets aggravated. She tells him she was patient the night he left her bed to run and console Phyllis but it would be wonderful to have his undivided attention for once. He tells her he is sorry but he can’t seem to think straight when he is near her. She asks him if he will get her another iced tea. He tells her that her wish is his command and then he goes to place the order but when he turns around he sees she has disappeared.

Neil and Devon are worried about Lily saying this just isn’t fair. When thinking about what she might have to go through Neil vows to stay right there with her to fight it together. Devon tells him even though he can’t stand the guy Cane is her family too and they don’t have the right to keep him away. Neil disagrees, saying good riddance to Cane. Lily doesn’t need to be upset right now. In her room Lily stares at her phone.

Amber says she and Daniel are solid and things are great between them. She says a tiny part of her past worries her that it might come back to haunt her. Cane tells her honestly is the best policy thinking maybe things would be different is he had told Lily the whole truth. Now all he feels is like he is scum. He tells Amber whatever it is that she is afraid to tell Daniel it needs to come out now before he hears it from someone else which will make it harder for him to forgive. He tells her he is really leaving town and when she asks where he is going he tells her he doesn’t know but the people he has hurt deserves peace now. She tells him to take care of himself as she leaves.

Jack calls Heather and tells her that Mary Jane is definitely back in town. He tells her that Mary Jane hurt Summer and made false accusations against Phyllis so he expects her to be arrested. Heather says no judge would issue a warrant for her. He tells her fine then if the DA is going to sit on their butts then he will go after Mary Jane himself and he hangs up.

Mary Jane is back in the potting shed cuddling with Kitty saying that Jack doesn’t really believe she would do such awful thins. He was only kidding with her, saying he is such a kidder. Adam comes in and asks where the hell has she has been. He asks if  she went looking for Jack. She says so what if she did but she didn’t tell him anything about Adam. She tells him that he is the last person on her mind. She tells him that Jack was happy to see her and he even had tears in his eyes because he was so happy. She says he isn’t ready for anything serious yet but he will be. Adam agrees with her promising to take care of everything. He tells her to trust him and he will serve Jack to her on a silver frigging platter. Adam looks sick when Mary Jane talks to Kitty asking it if it heard Adam. Back at the ranch Victor is on the phone making arrangements for his son Adam with the Beacon House.

Everyone laughs when Chance tells Nina he is capable of making himself a snack without her tagging along. When he walks out the room everyone is surprised at how good Chance is taking all this. Katherine thinks they need to get everything out in the open. Phillip snaps at Nina and says to back off and not to rush him. He says let the kid be and not to drive him away like she did him. Nina is shocked at what he is saying to her.

Olivia tells Lily to close her eyes and when she wakes up it will all be over. With Neil and Devon at her bedside she closes her eyes slowly. Still at Crimson Lights Cane thinks back to when he proposed to Lily. He stands there and whispers good bye to Lily and then he slowly walks out.

Jan Barrett

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