Everyone is excited about the sales of the magazine except for Nick and Victoria. Jack thinks they need to print more magazines out there but Nick disagrees. Victoria is thinking that she never should have said yes to doing the cover. Victoria tells Jack he used what she said about Sabrina out of context. He tells her that they were her words though. She asks what about poor Adrian.

Victor finds Sabrina writing a letter to Victoria. She doesn’t understand why she was so vindictive. Victor offers to contact some reputable journalists to straighten this mess out but she doesn’t want him to in fear of making matters worse. She tells him that he and the baby is her family now and he agrees and they hug. After Sabrina takes a nap Victor suggests they counter the negative press by announcing her pregnancy. Sabrina doesn’t want to. She says the gala is only a week away and she has a meeting with Jana. When she leaves Victor calls Michael and tells him he wants to file a lawsuit. Michael says he is on his way over.

Adam comes in and tells Victor he has pulled all their ads from Restless Style. Victor says he was going to tell him to do that. He says they are trying to locate Adrian too. Victor says he is looking forward to getting his hands on that pipsqueak. Victor tells Adam he also wants all the names of the CEO’s of advertising companies. He says by the end of the day Restless Style will have no advertisers left.

David is shocked at the size of the house that Nikki bought them. He tells her he will try to be worth it for her. She tells him she considers it an investment in there future. Nikki tells David all they have to do is sign the papers to the house and it is theirs. David suggests that they take a picture of them signing, so they both smile for the camera as they start to sign.

Paul is going over his stack of mail that has collected up when JT walks in. He shows JT a letter he got from Mina postmarked the day before she died. He opens the letter and she says that she vows to prove that David killed her mother. David was sent a copy of this letter also. She says in the letter that she knows all about Jupiter. JT wants to know what that means but Paul doesn’t know. They agree that the letter doesn’t sound like a suicide note though. They say it was mailed locally so David must have received his the day Mina died. Paul thinks about contacting David’s ex but JT doesn’t think that is a good idea. JT has to leave to check Neil’s alarm system. Paul sees David and he asks him if he checked out the game today. David tells him no. He informs Paul that he has made lots of mistakes but this time it is different. He says he isn’t gambling anymore and his future is with Nikki. He tells Paul that is something he can bet on.

Neil and Karen stop by Indigo to see how Tyra is doing. She says things are crazy but she can handle it. Neil talks about how Tyra organized his pantry and now he can actually find his soup. Karen says she seems very competent. He says she is and he tells Karen that he thinks they can spend more time together.

Ana comes back from shopping with Devon and shows off her new sneakers. Ana thanks Karen for encouraging her to sing.

At Crimson Lights Sabrina tells Jana she wants to talk about the gala and not the article. She says she needs her help in getting a painting for Victor. A reporter comes over and starts’ asking Sabrina questions but Jana chases him off and then she apologizes to Sabrina.

Sharon says she is done taking calls. Phyllis tells Jack that she doesn’t understand why he didn’t even tell his wife about what he was doing. Sharon tells Phyllis this is between her and her husband. Phyllis tells Jack he didn’t stop to think about how this would affect Nick or Sharon or Victoria.

Victor asks Michael to prepare a libel suite against Restless Style. He says he will bury them in legal fees. Victor says never mind that one of the partners is one of his sons. When Michael goes to the study to start everything Adam comes back in and he tells Victor that the top advertisers at Restless Style are Jabot, Newman and Forrester. Victor says he will call Eric Forrester. Adam says Nikki will never pull their ads in fear of hurting Nick. Victor says if she doesn’t then she will be fair game too. He tells Adam he has changed his mind about his plan on getting David’s gambling problem out in the open.

When Michael comes back out, and Adam is gone Victor tells Michael he wants to rewrite his will. Michael thinks he should think about this but Victor doesn’t want to. He wants the will changed now. He says the children that were to carry on his legacy will be removed. He wants this done tonight. Later Michael tells Victor that his will now provides for Abby, Adam and any children he may have with Sabrina as well as his grandkids. He says it cuts Nick and Victoria out. Victor says he doesn’t want them to get a penny from him. Two men arrive and act as witnesses to Victor signing his new will.

Nick tries to apologize to Sabrina but she doesn’t accept. She says she isn’t interested in his lies and excuses. Sabrina leaves and a man follows her that has been following her. Jana blames Nick too. She says he set this in motion so be prepared for the consequences. Nick goes to see a banker and is told that they don’t look at the magazine as a good investment so they won’t approve of a loan to buy Jack out. Phyllis suggests that they sell to Jack but Nick doesn’t want to and neither does Phyllis.

Victoria goes to the club and she is talking to Nikki on the phone telling her she will be there soon. She sees Sabrina and she apologizes to her. Sabrina doesn’t think she is sorry and blames her and Nick. She tells her that she betrayed their personal conversations about Phillipe. Victoria swears she never told Adrian anything. Sabrina accuses Victoria of not wanting to see Victor happy.

Jack and Sharon talk. She said she has been thinking about the lies and about what he has done. Jack tells her he had the best intentions. She considers herself one of those women who married a man thinking he’d change. She tells him his promises no longer mean anything to her. She says she has to stop asking him to be someone he isn’t.

Victoria tells Nikki that Jack was the one that changed the article and he took what she said out loud out of context. She says this is going to restart the war between Victor and Jack. Nikki tells her that she and David have bought a house. She tells her that it is in David’s name too. She tells Victoria she needs to let David know she believes in him. Victoria wants Nikki to attend a gamblers anonymous meeting.

Victoria tells Nikki she never should have bought this house. Nikki tells her she may be a fool for love but she is no fool. Yes the house is in David’s name too but she made arrangements where David won’t ever be able to borrow against the house or get cash or a line of credit using the house. Back at the club David gets a call from Walter and he tells Walter that he has changed his mind. Something came up and he is no longer interested. He says he is done and hangs up.

Adam tries calling Skye again but gets her voice mail again. He leaves her a message telling her it isn’t like her not to return his calls. Sabrina walks up and joins him telling her that she is happy that at least one of Victor’s kids doesn’t hold her in contempt. He tells her that he has pulled all their ads from Restless Style. Meanwhile Nick is told by security guards to go to the main house. When he goes inside Victor tells him he wants him to pack his things and get off the ranch.

Paul is on his laptop when he finds a picture of David of the Jupiter Club. The caption identifies David as Angelo Serafini. Paul calls Jt telling him he thinks they finally have found a break. He tells him he found out what David’s real identity is.

Jan Barrett

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