Sharon is surprised to hear about Ashley and Victor getting married. Jack tells her if it wasn’t for Gloria telling him about he wouldn’t have known. He says and even stranger was that Ashley claims she saw Sabrina pass the window after they were pronounced man and wife and she fainted. He says since security didn’t find anyone he is worried about Ashley’s state of mind. He says he still thinks Ashley made a big mistake marrying Victor. Detective Gill walks up to their table and tosses Victor’s wallet down and asks Sharon if she has any idea how it got in her hotel suite. Sharon says she has no idea.

Nick goes out to the ranch on business and congratulates Victor, saying Victoria called him. Victor explains he didn’t want Nick to feel like he needed to leave Summer in order to come. Nick asks where Ashley is because he would like to congratulate her also but Victor tells him she is upstairs with the doctor. He says he is worried about her because no one else saw the so called ghost.

Adam wakes Mary Jane up and argues with her about not waiting for his signal. She says she came early because she saw Jack there. She says he seemed so sad and lonely. He tells her that her obsession with Jack almost ruined everything. She denies being obsessed and insists she is in love with Jack. She tells him maybe it is time she left. She says he is sure Jack would love to hear all about where she has been all this time.

No one has heard from Phillip since he left the estate yesterday. Katherine says 20 years of heartache and lies, why would you want to run after him. Jill wants a chance to do this right. Katherine won’t be blamed for running Phillip off. He should have just told them all he was gay. Nina yells at them to stop the bickering saying all this is hard enough to take. Phillip shows up at the door and Nina smiles and invites him in. He tells everyone good morning. He says he went to be tested for Huntington’s and they will get the results later this afternoon. Katherine says she is happy to hear that he at least stepped up for his son but now she wonder what about the rest of his family.

Devon tries to talk Lily out of telling Cane that she is pregnant. He says he knows he won’t walk away from her if he finds out about it. She says she has to tell him. She says she needs to give this dream, this fairy tale a chance. Suddenly there is a knock at the door and it is Cane.

Lily needs to splash some water on her face leaving Devon to give Cane the cold welcome. Cane doesn’t think he can blame Devon for his attitude towards him. And then he says to do what is best for Lily. Before Devon leaves he tells Cane not to be a selfish bastard just for one day. When Lily comes out he asks her if she wanted to see him.

Jill warns Katherine to stop pushing Phillip. She says it is a miracle that he is still alive. Katherine tells her she didn’t feel that way when she rose from her grave. Phillip remarks that he can see nothing has changed between them. Nina says she just can’t pretend the last 20 years never happened though. Jill says Nina is only taking sides with Katherine. Nina says this isn’t about sides. She says it devastated her when Phillip died. They all explain the guilt the other should have Phillip tells them all if he had it to do all over again he would do the same thing. Nina asks how he could say that, that he would abandon his son again. Katherine asks who the hell is he, saying he never gave them a chance.

Nick and Victor talk until the doctor comes downstairs. He recommends that since he is no psychiatrist that Ashley speaks to a professional. Victor says he tried to get her to do that but he can’t force her. The good doctor tells Victor she needs to get nothing but rest and to avoid anything that can give her stress. He goes to his car to get a sedative for Ashley. Victor wishes she would seek some professional help. Nick understand why she is reluctant saying if Victor had a history of breakdowns would he want to be diagnosed? Detective Wallace calls and Victor says he will be right there. He tells Victor he found his wallet in Sharon’s room at the club. Nick says he better go along because Sharon might need him. Victor tells him no, he can handle it.

Mary Jane is ready to leave the potting shed as she starts gathering her things saying to Kitty that they are going to find Jack, she assures Adam that Jack needs her. She happens to notice there is some blood stains on the dress so she will need some new clothes. Adam tells her to stay there, he will get her some. She tells him not to be long. She says she looks good in fuschia as he leaves the shed. She tells Kitty that Adam is not their friend anymore.

Gill asks Sharon where she got the wallet. She says she has no idea, she has never seen it before. He tells her it was found in her room by housekeeping. Gill questions her as he reminds her that she has stolen things before without remembering. She says she can’t say for sure that she is innocent but Jack can’t imagine her pick pocketing Victor. Gill tells them they will just have to wait and see what Victor has to say as he points out that he is there now.

Before the doctor comes in Adam hides the ankle bracelet under his pillow. The doctor tells him he can’t be a part of this anymore. Adam says he doesn’t have any choice. He tells Adam that he needs to let the poor woman .know she has lost her baby. Adam starts talking about Skye and how he never had a conscience back them. Adam says payback is a bitch and then he tells him to shut up and just do his job or the world will know his dirty little secret.

Lily talks to Cane about the hopes and dreams they had when they got married. She remembers a part of their vows…” whatever lies ahead of us, good or bad”… and Cane finishes it saying, “I’ll always be your soft place to fall”… She tells him she just wants honesty from the man who just may be a con man. He admits he did want a family with her but thank God she isn’t pregnant. He knows he hurt her and now she is free to be with someone she can trust. He says sad that person isn’t him. He hopes this will give her some closure. He tells her he has put the house on the market and he is leaving Genoa City for good. He says he is sorry he couldn’t be the man she deserves. When he leaves Lily looks a bit confused.

Nick catches Adam walking out with some clothes and he claims it is Ashley’s dry cleaning. Nick tells him the staff can do that and those clothes look brand new anyway. Nick asks him what about the ankle monitor anyway. Adam tells him he can go ask Ashley if he doesn’t believe him and then asks if Nick wants to be his jailer. Nick tells him he doesn’t really care what he does and Adam tells him the feeling is mutual.

Victor says he has no idea how his wallet got in Sharon’s suite either. He doesn’t want to file any charges though. Gill looks at Sharon and tells her he hopes this doesn’t happen again. Sharon thanks them both for believing her.

Katherine tells Phillip he let them think he was dead for 20 years and now he is blaming them. Nina asks how they could know the real Phillip. Phillip says he never felt safe enough to tell anyone that he was gay because he figured they would all try judging him. Jill seems to be the only one to understand, saying she knows the high expectations of those blessed enough to be a Chancellor. She goes to the door only to find Cane standing there. He says he is only there to say good bye because he is leaving town.

Devon comes back and finds Lily crying so he tries to comfort her. She tells him she didn’t have the nerve to tell Cane about her being pregnant which Cane says he considers it a blessing that she didn’t get pregnant. Suddenly Lily doubles over in pain in her stomach which Devon rushes to call 911.

Mary Jane likes the new clothes that Adam brought to her. She picks one out saying it will look fabulous on her. Adam says he has been thinking of a way for her to reunite with Jack. She says maybe he can get Jack to come out to the ranch. She asks if her to get all dolled up to meet Jack in a potting shed, oh how romantic!. Adam says he will get word out to Jack that his sister needs him. He tells Mary Jane if Jack truly loves her it shouldn’t matter where they meet. She suggests that he calls Jack while she starts getting ready. When Adam leaves she laughs saying Adam must think she has sucker written across her forehead. She tells Kitty to get ready, they are going out.

Jack and Victor think Sharon needs help. Sharon says she didn’t steal that wallet. Victor says he believes her and says he will talk to the housekeeper. Sharon congratulates Victor on his marriage. Nick comes in to see if Sharon is OK and when Jack leaves to make a call Nick sits in his seat as he is about to ask her about the wallet being in her room. He hates to see her having to go down this road again. She says she is disappointed to hear that he thinks she is guilty.

Lily cries out in pain when the doctor pushes on parts of her stomach. She tells him she is just a few months pregnant. She also tells him about her embryonic pregnancy. When the doctor goes to check on her tests results she tells Devon she can’t handle losing another child. She says after losing Cane she really wants this baby and even though it might sound crazy she wishes her were there with her.

Cane tells everyone he is sorry for putting them through all this and he isn’t sure where he is going. Phillip defends Cane saying none of this is his fault. Cane appreciates everyone opening their hearts to him and he will always love Jill and Katherine. He tells them to welcome Phillip back and to love him as much as they hate him. He says good bye but Jill tells him to wait but Phillip says he doesn’t know how Jill and Katherine can let Cane go.

He tells them they are letting this guy walk out of their lives as Cane is about to walk out. He reminds them that the money they gave him as a wedding gift went to charity, so it is obvious he wasn’t after their money. Katherine says Cane prayed on their feelings but Phillip says they loved him like a son and Katherine is always opening her home to strays, so can’t she do the same for the man who loves her. He tells Cane he is so sorry he got him into this. Cane doesn’t blame Phillip. He tells him he has a great family and for him to appreciate them. Phillip begs them not to let Cane walk out of their lives.

Mary Jane looks fresh when she arrives at Crimson Lights and she tells herself welcome back to the land of the living. She tells Kitty he will get a saucer of milk.

Adam lets Victor know that Nick left. He says the doctor says Ashley is doing much better now too, thank God. Victor says he won’t forget what a good friend he has been to Ashley. Adam tells him she makes it easy to be her friend. When the doctor comes down he tells Victor Ashley is finally sleeping. He says he would like to speak to Victor about another matter. Victor asks and what would that be. He says it is about his son, Adam.

Sharon tells Nick it seems like he likes riding to her rescue when she is in trouble. She says yes she is the mother of his son but unless it has something to do with Noah they shouldn’t be together. She says he belongs at the hospital with his wife and daughter. She tells him to go and give Summer a kiss for her. On his way out Nick passes Jack who is going in to check on Sharon. She tells him she is tired so she is going to go to her room and rest. He tells her to call him if she needs him.

The doctor tells Victor that Ashley has been depending on Adam for support and Victor says yes he has been very helpful. The doctor thinks Adams situation is causing Ashley undue stress. The bond with Adam should be ended so she can start depending on Victor more. Victor thinks Adam has been good for her. The doctor says yes but she needs to forget about Adam’s problems and focus on her own health and the baby’s. He says since sending Adam back to prison isn’t an option how about sending him to a facility for the blind where he would be able to gain confidence and independence. Victor says he would have to get a court order for that. The doctor asks that Victor doesn’t mention to Adam that he was the one to suggest this. Victor agrees to consider this. Then we see Adam going into the potting shed only to find it empty except for the purple dress.

Jack gets a call while he is at the club. It is Mary Jane while pouring Kitty a saucer of milk. She tells him she is back and she would love to see him. Jack tells her he would love to see her too so she says she will be waiting for him at Crimson Lights.

The doctor tells Devon and Lily that she isn’t pregnant but it was a false positive. He has to do some more tests to see what is causing the cramps. He tells her that he aunt is on the way to explain. He tells her he can’t tell her now. Lily is worried now and asks why the doctor called her Aunt Olivia. She wants to know what is going on.

Just as Cane is about to walk out he door, Jill calls out his name and then all hell breaks loose when Phillip Jr. walks in still dressed in his fatigues as he has just arrived home from Iraq. Nina is excited as she hugs her son telling him she is so happy to see him. While they are all excited to see him no one notices Cane slipping out the door.

Jan Barrett

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