Amber receives a lot of calls concerning the magazine article. She asks one caller how could they call her a hussy when they don’t even know her, then she changes it to saying them. She hangs the phone up.

Victor talks to Phyllis and Sharon who apologizes to Victor. He warns them that there will be nothing left to Restless Style once he is done with them.

Nick goes to see Jack and tells him that this time he has gone too far. Jack defends himself for changing the article. Nick says he wants him out and offers to buy him out. Jack says he can’t do anything without his agreeing and besides Nick can’t afford to buy him out now. He tells Nick he is every bit as willful and righteous as his father. He tells Nick he is willing to do the dirty work to get the sales up. Nick asks Jack who gave him the right to gut this woman in public. Jack asks him if he really feels sorry for Sabrina. Nick tells Jack they promised Sabrina one thing and delivered something else. He says he wanted Victoria on the cover just to sell the Newman family war and get even with Victor. Jack says that was just icing on the cake. Nick tells Jack this is far from over and he leaves. Sharon calls Jack and tells him it is best that he doesn’t attend the luncheon.

At Crimson Lights Lily reads the magazine and she and Colleen discuss the article. Cloe walks in and Lily tells Colleen about Cloe insisting that she and Cane slept together. Colleen tells Cloe she isn’t’ wanted there. Cloe notes that she is a bit grumpy now that she no longer is sleeping with the professor. Colleen tells her no one wants her here. Cloe says but she can think of one who does and asks Lily if that isn’t right. Cane walks in and kisses Lily and ignores Cloe. Cloe tells Colleen that she is staying in Genoa City.

Jana and Kevin talk about the article. While talking Kevin slips and tells Jana about Amber sleeping with Adrian who is shocked to hear that. Colleen hears Kevin telling Jana about Amber.

Paul gets to Crimson Lights with JT and they discuss Mina’s death. Paul stops David and asks him how Mina is. David says he doesn’t know, he hasn’t talked to her in years. Paul tells him he has records showing David called her just two weeks ago. David tries saying he called to try and make amends with her but never got an answer, so he never talked to her. He says this is part of his 12-step program. Paul tells him Mina is dead apparently from an overdose. David seems to be very shocked. He thought she had stopped using. Paul says something or someone must have pushed her back into it. David has to go but asks Paul to please give the family his condolences. JT still thinks David is involved somehow, saying there are too many bodies showing up.

Katherine talks to Sabrina and is concerned about all the stress Sabrina is under wondering if it is good for the baby. Sabrina says she is trying to stay as calm as she can. Meanwhile Victoria sees her father and she tells him she had no idea what was in that article but in all fairness she did try and warn him about Phillipe being in town. She says she doesn’t think this was a hack job though. Nikki walks in and says he should take a look at his accusations. Victor tells her to take a look at her loser husband before she criticizes anyone else.

Amber is on the phones at Restless Style when Colleen walks in and asks her if she ever gets tired of being a slut. She says for a fashion designer she sure has trouble keeping her clothes on. She tells Amber she broke Lily’s marriage up to Daniel and now she screws over him. She calls Amber selfless trash and she always will be. Cloe arrives just as Daniel breaks up their fight.

Katherine tells Victor that Sabrina is holding up quite nicely. She assures Victor that David will treat Sabrina well. She lets him know that Jabot and Restless Style are co-sponsoring the gala and Newman was left out this year. Victor had no idea. He heads over to Nikki and blurts out to her that David’s stepdaughter, Mina just died supposedly of an overdose and he walks away. When Sabrina and Victoria thank everyone for coming, Victor orders for his car and says he wants to go to the Abbott house.

Cane asks Jana to take out the Ouija board to find out when his WIFI signal will be restored since he is trying to show Lily some houses. Kevin loans Cane his laptop and Jana tells Kevin to put his hands on the board. Jana gets all upset when she asks if Daniel will ever forgive Amber for sleeping with Adrian and she is hysterical when it gives its answer saying tragedy is coming up for Amber and Daniel.

Victor goes to see Jack. Jack says he was expecting him. Victor tells Jack he will tie him up in court in the tune of millions because of this. He then reminds him of who owns the building that the magazine is in. He says his wife was an innocent victim here saying she did the interview in good faith but he sabotaged her. Jack claims that Phillipe contacted him. Victor tells him he turns his stomach, and says his father would be ashamed of him. He says he carries his fathers name but that’s as close as he will ever get to being the man that his father was. Victor tells him he has failed his father. Jack orders Victor to get out. When Victor leaves Jack stares out the window.

Sabrina sees Nikki at the luncheon. Nikki tells her she is waiting on David and remarks that she thinks the luncheon went well. Sabrina mentions that she saw Nikki talking to Victor and assumes they were discussing the article. Nikki assures her that she and Victor don’t talk to each other about her, in fact it is usually with Victor meddling in her life and warns her that once the honeymoon is over it will happen to her too. Sabrina tells Nikki that regardless what others think Victor really cares about his family and since she is the mother of his kids that includes her and she advises her to listen to what he says.

Cane and Lily arrange to meet with a realtor. Jana thinks this is another warning. She says it is worse than she thought. She says the pointer went to goodbye and the picture of her and Kevin fell over. She thinks this means the couple destined for catastrophe is them but Kevin doesn’t want to hear it.

Cloe is at Restless Style and after Amber gives her a tour she tells Phyllis she would like to work there since she is leaving Jabot. Victoria comes in at Restless Style and tells Nick that their dad will not come to rest over this with his princess bride. Nick tells her Jack is the same way. He says Jack threw their family under the bus.

Nikki calls her bank to verify that none of her funds have been removed. She says she just wants to make sure as she gives them David Chow’s name. She tells them that is a load off of her mind. When David comes in he tells her about his meeting. He says he has been making amends with everyone but her. He talks about their vows. Nikki tells him she knows the perfect place that they can start over at. She hands him an envelope and he pulls out papers. She has bought a house and she put it in both of their names. He tells her that she has to be the only one in town that believes in him. She suggests they go upstairs to celebrate. When they leave Paul is there and Victor walks in. He informs Victor that Nikki just bought a house and put it in her name and David’s.

Katherine goes to see Sabrina. Sabrina says she can see why Victor considers her a dear friend. Sabrina tells her she will call her if she needs her. Katherine tells Sabrina that she has a great deal of respect for her especially after today. They hug and she tells her to be well as she leaves.

Amber continues taking crank calls about the article. Nick gets a call and then tells everyone that they are about to sell out in major markets. Victoria comes in saying she just got a call from the CBS morning show and they want to interview her about the Restless Style article. Jack gloats telling them all he is available for apologies and a thank you. Nick tells Phyllis that he didn’t want to succeed this way and he vows to find a way to get Jack’s ass out of there.

Jan Barrett

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