Lily is at the club with Devon. She tells him she desperately needs to escape her Dad’s smothering her. She says Neil has turned his date with Tyra into a family dinner only because he was worried about leaving her alone. Devon wonders if she is complaining just because of Neil or if something else has happened with Cane. She tells him not exactly but she can’t talk about it now. She promises to tell him later though as they walk over to Neil and Tyra’s table. Neil comments on how nice it is to have them all hanging out together.

Mac thinks that by the look on Cane’s face he is already regretting selling the bar but he says no, he is only there to pick up his things. She asks him if he has even tried to talk to Lily. He says he has given up on Lily and the family forgiving him, and then says who can blame any of them for writing him off anyway. Colleen comes out the bathroom a bit tipsy and tells Cane she wonders why Lily hasn’t been returning her calls. When they tell her that Cane sold the bar she assumes it is because he is too busy at home with Lily making babies. She orders two Long Island Iced Teas and then waves to the bartender, Aidan.

Gloria tells Jeffery that Aidan just told her he is at Jimmy’s with Colleen and she is on round three of drinks and she is insisting on buying them all. She tells Jeffery it looks like their plan is a success. Jeffery says the poor innocent Colleen is about to have her good girl image tarnished for the world to see. Gloria says that Victor will have all the ammo he needs to throw her off the board. She calls Victor to update him when she is told he is about to get married which she is surprised at. She tells Abby not to interrupt him. When she hangs up she can’t wait to tell Jack when she sees him that Victor and Ashley are getting married tonight.

Abby says she would love to stand up for her mother as her Maid of Honor. When Victor asks Adam about being his best man Adam suggests he might prefer to ask Nick but Victor says no. He tells Adam he has been protective of Ashley and the baby so he would like him to be his best man. Victoria comes in with Newman business and is surprised to find them planning a wedding and is hurt that not only was she and Nick informed of it they weren’t even invited. Ashley tells her it was a last minute decision. Victor of course asks her to stay. Victoria asks Victor when she gets him on the side if he knows what he is doing. He tells her he always does things on the spur of the moment and then asks that she doesn’t put any stress on Ashley and he will explain everything to her later.

Mary Jane is out in the old potting shed wondering why Adam wants her to wear Sabrina’s dress so bad to the wedding. She says she is sure Sabrina didn’t turn as many heads in it as she will when she wears it.

Adam complains out loud how Victor only asked him to be his best man because his real son is tied up. He says like he has the right to ask anything of him. He calls Victor a hypocrite. He removes the ankle bracelet while thinking that Victor is only marrying Ashley so he can get back into her bedroom. He says but the night won’t be a total wash, he says he has a hell of a wedding gift for you Pops, it’s going to blow you away! Then he jumps out the window.

Ashley gets Abby to go upstairs with her to find which dress to wear and Ashley is surprised to hear that there is a Fenmore bag on her bed. Victoria calls Ashley and apologizes to her for being so horrible to her when she married Victor the last time. She says she was horrible to Sabrina too. She says if Ashley doesn’t mind she would like to stay for this wedding. Ashley tells her of course she would love to have her stay and then they hug.

Just as JT walks in at Jimmy’s he gets a call from Victoria telling him about the wedding. He asks if she is OK with it saying she sounds good. He tells her Mac needs some help with a security problem look at and then he looks over at Colleen with Aidan. She sees him and says hi as she falls into his arms. He can see she is drunk. She tells him that Mac is in the back with Cane and then she introduces him to Aidan. When she invites him to join them he passes and says he is sorry to interrupt. He asks if she is sure she is ok with that guy. She says sure, she already has a cab on the way to pick her up. She says he doesn’t have to look after her because she is fine, she won’t do anything stupid as she sips on her drink.

Gloria is stepping one foot ahead of herself as usual by spending the money she will get from Victor already. She says Aidan is ready to pounce and then she will get to see a certain Abbott be brought down a notch. She says he pushed his niece into that board seat just to get to Victor. Jeffery still doesn’t like destroying his new wife’s niece just so he can stick it to Jack. Gloria sees this as easing her out of a position she should never have gotten in the first place. Jeffery heads to Jimmy’s to check on Colleen. Gloria tells him to be sure Colleen doesn’t see him. He says she will be too busy dancing anyway. Gloria says she is sure this will work. She says they will get what they want, they always do.

Colleen says she is hot so she removes her shirt. Aidan asks if she is ready for another drink. She asks him if he is trying to get her drunk, because she already is. Jeffery sneaks in and when Aidan sees him he points towards Colleen to show where she is. He makes sure his camera is ready when Colleen starts dancing. Meanwhile at the bar JT talks to Mac. They are assuming Colleen doesn’t know about Lily and Cane. Mac says by the way she doesn’t think Cane is such a monster. JT says he is there to discuss updating the security there at the bar and he is surprised to hear that Mac owns the bar now. They go to check out what security they have now. Cane comes out with a box of his things and tries calling Lily yet again and Devon tells him to leave her alone. Cane asks Devon to tell Lily that he loves her and then tell her good bye for him. Devon tells him if he loves her then leave her alone and then he hangs up on him. When Devon goes back to the table, Lily tells Neil she needs to get out of there for a bit with Devon as they leave.

Adam goes to the potting shed and figures out that Kitty is stuffed and Mary Jane explains that Mr. Kitty met an untimely death but she asks if it isn’t even more twisted to be keeping a woman in his potting shed. When he has no answer she says yeah so she wants to just get back to their plan. Adam explains that there are more people at the wedding than he expected so she can’t attend the wedding like he planned. She can only make an appearance. She asks what he means by that. He tells her to put the dress on and wait for him to call her. He says he will get Ashley alone and she will need to come when he texts her. She asks if it will be for the bouquet toss. He says no but he wants her to run by the window crying. He says it will send Ashley over the edge and Victor to the hell that he deserves. She says she is all for torturing Victor but what about Jack. He tells her Jack isn’t invited for the wedding but he will be there, he can bet as long as Mary Jane does what he says to do. When Adam leaves Mary Jane says there is no way Jack is going to miss his sister’s wedding but she will be damned is she misses him.

Jack comes in asking Victor is he really thought he’d get away with marrying his sister without anyone hearing about it. Victor says it is because of his attitude like this that he didn’t tell him. He demands to see Ashley right now. Victor tells him he won’t allow him to ruin this wedding. Jack says he isn’t going anywhere til he sees his sister. Ashley comes in and asks Jack to contain himself She says he can stay but only if he behaves himself. She says this was a last minute decision and she will explain later. She says Victor is her family saying he has been wonderful to her. She asks doesn’t he want her to be happy. He says of course he does and he is there for her and offers to give her away as he hugs her.

Adam gets his ankle bracelet back on just in time as Victoria comes to his room. She is letting him know the Justice of the Peace is on his way. She asks where is his date. He asks what date. She asks if he and Heather are still together and he says yes but he didn’t invite her because it would only have upset the groom. He asks her what about JT. He wants to know if he is at home playing Mr. Mom again. She tells him he will be there any minute although she doesn’t seem so sure herself if he will be or not.

Colleen is really putting on a good show at Jimmy’s making a total ass out of herself. She says she can raise hell with the best of them as she jumps up on a chair and pulls up her shirt exposing her boobs. She asks how this is for being out of character. Jeffery and Aidan both look on as they get their eyes full until JT comes and pulls her off the chair. Aidan  says he will be happy to take her home. JT tells him he is sure that he would love to take her home (sarcastically) as he pulls her out to take her home himself. Jeffery gives Aidan the thumbs up and then calls Gloria to tell her that they hit the mother load.

Tyra says it is so nice to see that Neil seems relaxed as she asks him how about a massage at his place. She asks about listening to some Jazz and maybe light some candles. She has to snap her fingers in front of him to get his attention though. He says he wonders if Lily really just needed to get away or was she was just wanting to get away from her old man so she could call Cane. Then he wonders if Lily is only pretending to ignore Cane’s calls while she is around him and secretly calling him when she is away from him. Tyra says she is sure that if Lily wanted to talk to Cane she would do so if Neil was there or not. He tells her she is probably right.

Mac catches Cane and asks if he is calling Lily again. She tells him about Colleen acting like she was saying it was completely out of her character. Cane didn’t know that JT used to live with Mac. He says it must be nice to be able to remain friends with an ex. Mac tells him he thinks Lily will come around in time. He says he isn’t so sure that time will heal this time. He says maybe Devon is right. Maybe it would be best for Lily if he does just disappear.

Lily and Devon are at his place as she paces the floors back and forth. She admits she has been on edge a lot lately. She says she can’t even mention Cane’s name around Neil. Devon tells her that Cane is messed up and she should forget him. She tells him that isn’t so easy especially if she might be pregnant.

JT and Colleen are at the coffee shop when he buys her a cup of coffee. She tells him she doesn’t see what the big deal is, she was only dancing. She is shocked when he tells her she removed her shirt. She asks that he promises not to tell anyone. He says he won’t but it wasn’t a smart thing for her to do especially since Victor has been looking for any excuse he can find to get her kicked off the board at Newman. She asks how he knows that. He tells her to trust him, he knows. He tells her not to give him any ammo. She thanks him for the advice.

Jeffery is back at the club with Gloria and they are looking at the laptop there as they watch the replay of Colleen’s dance. Then they upload it to the internet and label it as Genoa City Hottie Gone Wild. They say when Victor sees this one they will be set for life.

The Justice of the Peace arrives and Victor thanks him for coming on such a short notice. Ashley comes down in the dress Victor got for her. Victoria thinks she looks stunning. Ashley tells Victor everything is perfect and Hope is as excited as she is. Victoria wonders where JT is saying he should have been there by now. Jack calls Sharon and tells her what is going on just as Adam announces he is Victor’s best man. When a delivery man arrives with flowers, he tells Jack that the order was paid for with a credit card which was no good so the flowers are COD. When Jack sees they come from Gloria he sends them back saying he isn’t helping that witch one bit. Mary Jane is hiding outside waiting for her call while wearing the purple dress. She sees Jack and says she knew he would be there.

Neil suggests to Tyra that they stop off at Devon’s place but she tells him to give it a rest for God’s sake. She says Lily can take care of herself. She wonders if he plans on protecting his grown daughter for the rest of her life. He tells her yes in fact he does until the day he dies. He says he told her, that his kids will always be his top priority.

Devon hugs Lily as she cries telling her it will be OK. She tells him no, it isn’t OK. She says all she ever wanted was to have Cane’s baby and now that she is pregnant she can’t even face him and he can’t face her either. Devon tells her that Cane has been calling for her non stop saying he called to say good bye to her. Lily asks how can a baby growing up without its father the best thing for everyone. Devon tells her it is completely up to her if she wants to call Cane even though she would never be left to raise a baby alone. She calls Cane and he tells her he is glad she called. She tells him they need to talk.

Victor is holding Ashley’s hands as she repeats her vows to him. Then Victor repeats his vows to her. They are pronounced man and wife and Victor is told he may kiss his bride. Everyone applauds and hugs each other. When Ashley turns and looks out the window she sees Mary Jane standing there in Sabrina’s dress. She screams out Sabrina! Then she collapses into Victor’s arms.

Jan Barrett

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