Victor tells Sabrina that Abby’s horse is pregnant. Someone calls Victor and talks about the article in the magazine. When he gets off the phone he wonders why anyone would be critical of the article so he calls someone and asks them to get him a copy of the magazine. When he gets a copy he hands it to Sabrina and she sees that the article in there is not the same one that Adrian showed them. Victor looks at the article and isn’t too happy. Sabrina says she doesn’t understand why Adrian would do this. She says it was such a beautiful article. Victor says if it were just Jack Abbott involved he would understand but with his two children doing this to him is something he can’t understand.

Nikki tells Katherine there could be any number of reasons why more money hasn’t been raised. Nikki tells her that David is going to be leading the fundraiser. Katherine is against it. She says that is like letting the fox into the henhouse.

JT brings a copy of the new issue of Restless Style to Victoria with her on the cover. He teases her calling her a celebrity now. He reads Phillipe’s words in the article. It says he was the love of Sabrina’s life and she was the love of his. Victoria grabs the magazine. She says the luncheon will be a disaster but she has to go. She says she is sure that Sabrina won’t dare show her face there though.

Sharon gets a postcard from Noah asking for larger sneakers when she visits on parent’s day. Jack says there are still no sales figures. He tells Sharon that he isn’t sure that Nick is willing to do what he has to do in order to make the magazine a success. He says he has a vision of doing something different if only he had free reign. Sharon says that he would have to buy Nick out. Jack says he will hold off thinking that this issue might get people talking.

Jana reads to Daniel and Kevin about the article in Restless Style that Adrian wrote. Colleen doesn’t think it sounds like something Adrian would write but Daniel does. He says that man just can’t be trusted.

David reads the article to Katherine and Nikki. It says Sabrina used her beauty to advance her career. Katherine is surprised that Nikki believes such rubbish. She says she is sure this will cast a pall over the luncheon.

Nick and Phyllis are getting lots of calls concerning the magazine and they think it is because of Victoria’s picture on the cover. Nick decides to take a look at the article. Nick tells Phyllis that this isn’t the article that they approved of Adrian’s. He says this one says that Sabrina used her sexuality to seduce an artist, and then married Victor but she is still in love with Phillipe. Victoria is quoted throughout the article. Phyllis asks if Victoria would have done that. Nick says no. Nick tries to reach Adrian but can’t.

Victor shows up and asks Nick what the hell he thinks he is doing. He asks him if he calls this journalism. He says they showed him one version of the article and printed another. They say they don’t know what happened but Phyllis assures him they will get to the bottom of this. Victor wants a retraction. Nick refuses to print a retraction until they find out what is going on. Victor blames Jack saying he warned him about this. He says he better fix this and he slams the magazine down and leaves.

Daniel sees Amber and tells her about the article that Adrian wrote. Amber tells him that Adrian wouldn’t do that. Amber is the only one at Crimson Lights that defends Adrian. Daniel says he sees Adrian has one fan for sure and he walks away.

Colleen tells Brad that it just doesn’t sound like something Adrian would write. He reminds her of the book he tried to write about his family. She agrees that he is capable of just about anything. Brad guesses that there are some pretty outraged people reading it right about now.

Sharon notices the phones are off the hook so Jack puts them back on. The phone rings and he suggests that they let it ring. He is buying time until he gets the sales figures in. He admits to Sharon that he had to make sure this issue got the attention it needed so he made a few changes to the article about Sabrina. Sharon demands to know what kind of changes.

Nikki comes in and sees Victoria and JT at Crimson Lights and sees the cover and praises Victoria over the picture. Nikki mentions the article about Sabrina. Victoria doesn’t know if it is true because she only knows one side of the story. Nikki tells her that Katherine is concerned about the gala, saying some of the biggest supporters might just skip the event altogether.

Katherine goes to talk to Sabrina and tells her she came there to tell her she supports her privately and publicly. She tells Sabrina to go on about her business and hold her head up high. Katherine tells her she has to do this. Sabrina tells her she can’t face all these people. Katherine gets a call and tells them indeed Sabrina and Victoria is co-chairing the gala. She tells them that article in Restless Style isn’t worth the paper it is written on. Sabrina says she is a liability. Katherine tells her that Victoria ok’d Restless Style and Jabot to co-sponsor the gala and they are leaving Newman Enterprises out. Sabrina gets upset and calls Victoria a hypocrite. She asks how she could do that. Sabrina tells Katherine that she wouldn’t treat her worst enemy this way.

Katherine confesses to Sabrina about how Jill hired a homeless man to seduce her. Sabrina asks her what she did when she found out. Katherine says she got her revenge by marrying the man. She says tongues were wagging but she held her head high. Katherine says she will use her secret weapon, Agnes. She can’t keep her mouth shut and the whole town will be sympathetic to her. Sabrina thanks her for her support.

Phyllis is accusing Amber of knowing what happened and says she is in cahoots with Adrian over this article. Amber denies knowing anything. Daniel tells Phyllis that Amber knows nothing. Nick walks in and confirms that his Dad was right. It was Jack that changed the article. Amber says she told her she didn’t know anything.

Sharon reads the article and tells Jack he has gone too far this time and the article is horrible. He says but it sells. He thinks the sales figures will change her mind. She says but he lied to her and right now that is all she cares about. He tells her to calm down. She tells him she would rather have an honest failure than a dishonest success. She tells him thanks a lot, now she will look like an idiot at the luncheon.

Nick can’t reach Jack by phone. He tells Phyllis he will meet her at the luncheon. Phyllis goes to Daniel and talks about Amber. She asks him if he thinks she is too hard on her. He admits he moved out of Amber’s place. She is happy to hear that. She asks him if he is uncomfortable with Amber working there. He tells her he will never speak to her again if she fires Amber. Phyllis says ok then she has a job for life. He says having Amber here will make her uncomfortable. He tells her that when he was with Danny, at least he was treated like an adult. He thinks maybe she could learn some parenting tips from Danny.

Katherine talks to Victoria about the article. Victoria says everything was taken out of context. Katherine is happy to know it wasn’t intentional at least. She scolds Victoria for making the decision on her own about the co-sponsors too. She snaps at Victoria telling her not to insult her when Victoria tries telling her that they didn’t have to run to each other over everything. David walks up with Nikki and tells Katherine he wants to run some ideas by her about the fund raising. Katherine says how about now but he says he can’t because he has a meeting. Katherine asks Nikki if her own fund raising liaison won’t be attending the luncheon. Nikki says neither will their co-chair, she assumes and says maybe that is for the best.

Victor goes home and Sabrina says she isn’t going to the luncheon. He tells her she is tough enough to go to the luncheon. He thinks she needs to show people what she is made of and to walk in with her head held high. He says if anyone looks at her sideways, to spit them in the eye.

Kevin tells Jana to stay out of Amber and Daniel’s relationship. Amber thanks Daniel for sticking up for her to his mother. He tells her he found out that Phyllis blocked his emails from her. She says everyone was getting emails from him but her so she thought he just blew her off. He tells her she was his best friend but he makes it clear to her that they won’t be getting back together.

Sharon tells Phyllis that she knows that the article was altered but she didn’t find out until today. She says Jack was only trying to save the magazine. Suddenly Sabrina and Victor show up and she tells the crowd that she is sorry she is late. Sabrina winks at Katherine. Nikki and Victoria look very uncomfortable. Meanwhile at the Abbott Mansion Jack is surprised and says this issue of the magazine could be sold out. He tells them to call him as soon as the Midwest numbers are in. He is about to leave and when he opens the door Nick is standing there looking very upset.

Jan Barrett

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