When Adam brings Mary Jane a sandwich and some cat food she snatches it out of his hands and demands to know how is her sleeping in a potting shed with bugs in her hair going to get her closer to Jack. He asks her if she has met Ashley and she tells him they worked together at Jabot. He tells her he is going to get Jack over there to sit with his fragile sister and then Mary Jane can be right there at his side.

Heather is in Adam’s room on the phone with her boss denying that she has a personal grudge against the Newman’s and swears it won’t happen again. When she hangs up she looks out the window and wonders where Adam is. Rafe comes in and they are both surprised to see the other there.

Ashley peeks out of her bedroom door and checks to see if the coast is clear. She rubs her belly and says she guesses they will have to face all of them sometimes, Hope, talking to the baby. She says they can’t hide out forever.

Jack looks at the sonogram photo and says she has Sharon’s ears. The doctor tells them their daughter is in perfect health. Jack doesn’t want Sharon to feel guilty if Nick and Phyllis get bad news regarding Summer’s health. Sharon agrees to go with Jack to see Summer.

Nick and Phyllis tell Summer everything will be fine and there is nothing for her to be scared of. They tell her that they will be there when she returns from having her MRI. Phyllis worries about her being unresponsive but Nick reminds her that they were warned that she would be out of it for a bit. Phyllis thanks Victor for flying the doctor in. Victor goes to talk to the specialist. Nick feels sure that the MRI results will be positive and says Summer will need lots of attention. He says he will be there day and night for her. Phyllis doesn’t know if that would be appropriate. Phyllis tells him she doesn’t want to keep him from his daughter but she tells him he can’t keep moving in and out. She says that is not good for anyone.

Gloria is flirting with the bartender at the club. Jeffery hears the bartender telling Gloria he is saving to go to LA because he is an actor. When Jeffery asks if she is contemplating being his Sugar Mama she tells Jeffery she hasn’t got any sugar for anybody but him and she still doesn’t think Victor is paying Mary Jane for sex. Jeffery says maybe not but he is certain Victor is paying her for something, perhaps for her discretion. He thinks Victor should be paying them too.

Nick says he will be there for his little girl saying she needs him and he needs her too and he doesn’t mean just today. Phyllis asks what about when she is healthy again. He says no, he won’t walk out on them again.

Colleen brings Summer some flowers but she wants to wait for Phyllis and Nick to give them to rather than leaving them with Victor. He tells her it isn’t a day for visitors especially from people they barely know. He asks Colleen to kindly leave. She tells him this might be the Newman wing but she won’t be forced out. He accuses her of snooping around for Jack.

Rafe tells Heather that Adam can’t be far away. He claims to be there to see Noah so he wanted to stop in and tell his friend Adam hello. She tells him that Adam appreciates his friendship. He tells her that it’s funny because Adam says the same thing to him about her. She says she has stuck by Adam because he is worth it. She says he won’t commit to a future because he doesn’t want to let her down. Rafe thinks Adam needs to make peace with himself and be the man that he is and let that be enough. He knows that is easier said than done though. When Adam comes in her looks worried when he sees the two of them there at the same time.

Rafe is uncomfortable watching Heather kissing Adam. Adam tells him that Noah went o the hospital so he isn’t there. Adam asks Heather to give him a minute alone with Rafe so she says she will wait for him in the library. Rafe tells him he won’t continue in a relationship that he will have to lie about. He says it isn’t fair to him or to Heather. Adam claims he doesn’t know how to break it to Heather since she has been there for him. Rafe thinks the longer he waits the harder it will be for her. He does understand that Adam is under pressure though. Adam tells Rafe no one gets to him like he does as he caresses Rafe’s face, he asks him to please be patient. He promises for only a few more days. Rafe says ok and then hugs him before leaving.

Mary Jane thinks Adam is a bit of a jerk but she says he does make a good sandwich. Suddenly as she eats she hears someone calling Zapato! She yells out for him asking where he is. Zapato comes in and sniffs on the stuffed cat. Mary Jane throws her sandwich to the dog as she hides. Ashley goes inside the potting shed and looks around before the takes Zapato out.

Victor gets a message on his cell phone with the photo of him and Mary Jane with the text saying “We’re waiting” He makes a call telling someone to meet him at Crimson Lights NOW.

Phyllis thinks Nick’s feeling will change once Sharon begs him not to leave her. He says that Sharon understands saying she knows him better than he knows himself. He says she has been making it easier for him to return to his family where he belongs. Phyllis says she knows him too and this won’t last. He tells her that their daughter almost died, and it hits home that Nick could have made a mistake that he’d never have forgiven himself for. He tells her he will be there for Summer and her. He promises that that is all that matters. Then he notices Sharon coming in with Jack.

Jack asks if it is a bad time for them to come in. Phyllis tells him no, in fact she needs to talk to him. She tells Nick she won’t hold him to what he said as she leaves him with Sharon. Nick tells Sharon he meant every word he ever said to her. She said she knows he loves her. She also knows he can’t abandon his family or he would never forgive himself. He said it is because he can’t do that again after he did it to her when Cassie died. She tells him she is proud of how strong he is now. She hugs him and tells him she loves him, she will always love him.

Heather tells Adam about the case against Phyllis. She says her witness disappeared on her making her look like a complete idiot. He asks if her witness is Mary Jane Benson. She asks if he knows her and he says no but he has heard the name before. Heather says she has no idea where the woman is. Ashley walks in and thanks Adam for arranging the ultrasound for her. She warns them that Victor is on his way home. Heather says she is pleased that Adam can’t keep his hands off of her. She says she can’t wait til he can get out of there and he adds that he needs her. When he is alone he isn’t happy that Ashley is feeling better now. He says he can’t have that now can he.

Victor has an assignment for the Bardwell’s. He asks if they need money. He says he is not responsible for them losing their money but he has a lucrative offer that will give Jack Abbott the shaft. He says Colleen Carter is becoming a nuisance to him. He tells them their job would be to have Colleen discredit herself without any harm coming to her. Gloria accepts the challenge even though Jeffery doesn’t like it. Victor says he always knew Gloria was the sensible one. He makes a call to JT and asks if he has tracked down his wallet yet, and wants him to stop his investigation of Colleen. He says he is taking a step back and see how things work out.

Rafe joins Colleen at Crimson Lights and tells her it is good having her back. She talks about all the people trying to ruin her life and doesn’t know that Gloria and Jeffery are eavesdropping. She says with her Dad gone she feels so empty, her own sister is annoyed with her and her best friend got married, Rafe says he can relate to that but he will need something stronger to spill his guts. She asks how about them going to Jimmy’s. He agrees so she says cool and they leave. Gloria figures out that Colleen is lonely, saying that will work for them. She says she doesn’t feel bad about going after John’s granddaughter, saying they are doing her a favor by getting her away from Victor.

Victor doesn’t get a response when he knocks on the master bedroom door. He asks that she kindly opens the door saying he misses her. When he starts to walks away Ashley opens the door and just pokes her head out.

Jack is stunned to hear that Mary Jane was the one that hurt Summer and then accused Phyllis of doing it anonymously. She tells him the evidence was the fact that she was hovering at the hospital, she checked out of the club in a hurry, and she had a photo of Summer hid under her sofa. Jack admits Mary Jane did seem a bit strange the last time he saw her.

Phyllis starts crying telling him Mary Jane did this to her daughter. She asks where that woman came from. She wonders why she is doing this to them. Jack has no answers for her.

Gloria goes to the bartender offering him an acting gig that is really a harmless practical joke. She says they made a bet with regards to a very prim and very proper young lady. She says a friend bet her that this young lady would never do anything unladylike but with coaxing from a handsome young man they could make a lot of money out of it. Jeffery tells the guy when he starts to walk away from the offer to look at Gloria’s ring. She shows him her ring and says if could be his if he can get this woman to cut loose a bit. She needs something tabloid worthy on camera. When he looks at the ring he takes the challenge from Gloria.

Rafe admits he broke the first rule and fell for a guy that is still in the closet. He says the guy is going through a rough time. He tells Colleen the guy looks at him with helpless puppy dog eyes and that makes him forget all about the alarm bells that keep going off. Colleen asks if Mr. Puppy Dog Eyes has a name.

When Adam hears Victor come home he has to eavesdrop. Ashley explains to Victor that she was soaking in the tub when he knocked on her door earlier. Victor is happy to hear that she was relaxing. He talks about how nice it was to see their baby on the sonogram. He tells her he has an idea to make her feel more certain of their future. He asks her to marry him tonight.

Sharon tells Jack that Nick is on the phone with Nikki. She walks over to Phyllis and assures her that everything will all be alright. Phyllis tells her she has a really bad feeling. Sharon tells her that Summer is lucky to have her as her Mom. She tells Phyllis that their little girls need them.

Jack joins Nick to offer his support. He suggests that Nick take out some of his aggression by hitting someone but no, not him, but how about Victor. Nick laughs and says he is grateful that Jack made him feel better. He thinks Jack will make a great father to Sharon’s baby. Phyllis and Sharon walk up announcing the results for the MRI are in.

Dr. Hahn tells them that Summer may have some short term memory loss and some verbal confusion. She warns them that she may become easily frustrated. She has hopes that she will recover in time, like in about 6 months to a year but she has seen a monthly progress over that time. When Summer is wheeled back in Summer says Mama and starts saying Da… but has trouble. They promise they will help her through this. Phyllis tells her that nothing else matters.

Rafe says he can’t betray his new boyfriend’s confidence reminding that he isn’t ‘out’ yet. Rafe says he has to go and then hugs Colleen good bye. She goes over to the bar and orders a Lemon Drop and smiles when the bartender is there drinking a beer at the bar. He asks that they put her drink on his tab.

Gloria says she missing her ring already even though she hasn’t given it to the guy yet. Jeffery promises to buy her a new one once Victor pays them. They wonder what if Aidan isn’t Colleen’s type. Gloria says he is everyone woman’s type. She says besides it has been a long dry spell for Colleen. She thinks that Victor will be very happy.

Ashley asks if Victor is serious. Ashley doesn’t sound too excited to marry Victor. He says he is overwhelmed with happiness and he wants the baby to be happy and loved in a protected environment. He tells her it is a miracle that they found each other again. Ashley agrees. After they talk about it she suddenly realizes that she has so much to do. He tells her no need, he will take care of everything as he kisses her.

Mary Jane strokes Kitty as she promises that horrible mutt won’t scare it again. Adam comes in saying he has some good news for her. He has the purple dress that belonged to Sabrina in a garment bag. He tells her that Victor and Ashley are getting married and he has the perfect dress for her to wear. When she asks if he is crazy saying she can’t go to Victor’s wedding, he tells her oh she is going alright, only she isn’t going as Mary Jane Benson.

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