Jack fills Nick in on asking Adrian to go to Australia for them. Nick says this is news to him. Jack says well they still need to talk him into it.

Jeffery claims someone stole the cream from him. He denies taking it and doesn’t know who did. Michael orders him to get that cream if he wants him to help them buy any Jabot stock. Gloria wonders if Alistair took the cream, or maybe Jill bribed the clerk to get the safe opened. Jeffery thinks about Kyon. He says her jewelry was in his safe so she probably took it. Jeffery says he has to get it back. Gloria asks him how he would do that. He says he will go to Korea and get it. She says over her dead body too.

Gloria wants to know why he would be the one to go and not Michael or Kevin, but neither of them wants to go. Jeffery says she will just have to do something unusual, like trust him. Gloria comes in with some tea and says she has had an epiphany and she tells Jeffery she trusts him so he can go to Korea without her. Michael thinks she will wait for Jeffery to leave and then follow him but Jeffery says it won’t happen because he hid her passport.

When Jeffery is packed and ready to go to Korea he tells Gloria he will call when he gets there. She notices his small bag. He says he won’t be gone long so he won’t need more. She makes him promise not to end up in bed with Kyon. He tells her he is going for one reason and it is not to be with Kyon. He doesn’t want Gloria to worry about having to go to jail. He is giving her back her free will. He tells her she can leave him with the money or stay and see if they can have a normal relationship. She laughs and she repeats normal. He says well as close to it as they can get. He asks her well which it will be. She tells him she chooses him and then she kisses him.

Nikki asks David how his meeting went with Tate Industries. He says he has the feeling they wanted to see her there but she says she believes in him. She tells David she has set up a meeting with him and her with Nick about a campaign to co-sponsor the gala this year. David thinks it is a bad idea but Nikki thinks it is the perfect idea. Nikki convinces
David he is the perfect person to be in charge of fund raising. He says he is sure Victoria and Sabrina can handle it. She says that due to the economy they’re falling short of their goal. She says it is a win/win situation. David doesn’t feel comfortable being involved with the kids and Jack but Nikki is certain it will all be ok

Victoria sees Sabrina and they talk about Sabrina having to do the walk thru of the Colonnade Room without Victoria. She tells her that she did it because they couldn’t reschedule it. She says she tried calling her but Victoria says she turned her phone off while she was at the pediatricians office. Victoria is upset that Sabrina managed to get the final say on everything including the music, food and color. Sabrina tells Victoria that she went with the classic look just like she suggested. Victoria is surprised and asks what changed her mind.

Sabrina tells her things have been so tense between them, even childish. They both agree which Victoria says is a first as they laugh about it. They talk about the old days drinking wine all afternoon in cafes and the great times they had together. Sabrina agrees. They finally agree to take Katherine’s advice about setting aside their differences to make this gala a success. As they put an end to their meeting they manage to joke with each other. Victoria apologizes for accusing her of trying to ram through her ideas for the gala. They make a pact that from now on if one of them is not available when a decision needs to be made they can make it alone.

Jack is on the phone confirming that his changes were made before the magazine went out to the printers. When he hangs up he announces that they made the deadline so everyone is happy. Adrian says if he goes to Australia he will miss the issue coming out. Daniel just glares over at him. Daniel comes right out and asks him how it was for him. Amber rushes over to him and says she couldn’t keep it from Daniel any longer. She had to tell him the truth. Adrian tells Daniel they were both really drunk and he is sorry. Daniel says that is no excuse. Adrian agrees but says they were just old friends that crossed the line and it will never happen again. He says Amber loves him very much and love like that he shouldn’t let slip away and then he leaves. Amber tells Daniel to please let her explain but he doesn’t want to hear it. He says he could have fooled around too while he was gone but he didn’t and now he feels like an idiot and he leaves. Nick sees Amber upset and crying so he tells her to take the rest of the day off.

Nikki thanks Nick for coming for the meeting but David isn’t there yet. Nick loves the idea of the co-sponsoring but he doesn’t like the idea of working with David. He accuses Nikki of only being with David because she feels the need to take care of him. He says he is walking all over her. Nikki says that is not the case here. He asks then why David isn’t there on time. He says it seems to him that if the guy was trying to prove himself to her he would at least show up on time.

David gets a call from Walter and David tells him he can’t talk right now. He tells him he will have to get back to him and he hangs up as he is about to go out he door. He runs into Jack. He tells Jack he’s like to talk to him and when he tells Jack about the co-sponsorship he thinks that is a good idea but doesn’t particularly like working with him. David understands but says he is the man for the job. Jack doubts that he will ever convince Victoria of this. David says he will worry about that once he gets him onboard. David admits that he was wrong with the way he handled his campaign. Jack says learning that he goes to gamblers anonymous is asking a lot to trust him with the funding in this, but David asks for the chance.

Daniel is at Crimson Lights thinking about the good times with Amber when Kevin interrupts his thoughts. Daniel tells Kevin about Amber sleeping with Adrian. Kevin is surprised saying that Amber is in love with him. Daniel asks to stay with him and Jana a few days. He says Amber made a mistake but only because she thought he did too. Kevin says if it were Jana he would try really hard to at least find a way to listen to her explanations.

Adrian shows up at Amber’s place and he finds her a mess in tears. He tells her that she forgot her phone. She tells him she can see there were no calls from Daniel on there. He tells her he is thinking about going to Australia for Jack. She begs him to go for her sake. She explains to him if he goes then it will make things easier for her there. She tells him she just can’t lose Daniel. He says well maybe if he goes it will help him forget about Colleen. Amber tells him thank you when he agrees to go so she hugs him, just as Daniel walks in the door.

Nikki tries stalling while waiting on David by talking about Summer day at the lake. He says if this was Brad or Victoria or any other employee she wouldn’t be making these excuses for them. Nick thinks David being late is pathetic. Nick tells her he is controlling her just as much as his Dad did if not more. He tells her she has shut down the rational part of her brain. He tells her to get away from this guy. She tells him to stick to publishing, he is a lousy psychologist. He starts to leave until Nikki says she hopes nothing happened to him. David and Jack walk in and he apologizes for being late. David says he ran into Jack and he ran this by him so he was late. Nikki apologizes to David about thinking he was out gambling.

Victoria joins the meeting with Nikki and David and agrees the sponsorship is a good idea. Everyone agrees but Nick tells Nikki if she insists that David is involved then he is going to have to insist that they are going to have to set up some sort of system to prevent David from running off with all the money. Jack gets a call from Adrian telling him that he is going to Australia tonight, Jack is happy with this news saying he will look forward to reading his article.

Amber begs Daniel to let her explain that it wasn’t what it looked like. Daniel doesn’t want to listen. He says all his questions were answered when he walks in and saw her with Adrian again. He says he will try to forget he ever told her that he loved her. When he leaves she falls to the floor crying.

Jan Barrett

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