Phillip seems impressed that Cane remembered his favorite drink. He says he is so sad about how all this has hurt so many people. Cane finally comes to realize that the life he had there never really existed. Phillip tells him that is how he felt before and that is why he left it behind him.

Katherine is ready to go home. She promises Billy she will recuperate better at home. Jill wishes now that she had trusted Billy’s instincts more about Cane. Nina says Cane fooled the whole world. Jill says it is because she is a lousy mother but Billy agrees. Mac voices her opinion by defending Phillip’s honesty. Katherine can’t forgive so easily. Jill blames all of them for Phillip hating his life to the point that he felt he had to run away.

Mary Jane goes to the old potter’s shed saying it isn’t much but at least it is a roof over their heads for now. She thinks back to when Victor told her to get the hell out of town. Saying he had his nerve. She says to Kitty that they have as much right there as anyone does. She says there are people there that they love, not that anyone cares about them. She thinks Victor’s son seems decent so maybe they can stay there til they can figure out what to do next. She lays on a cot in there swearing that Victor promised her and she is going to make sure he keeps his promise.

Victor is aggravated to hear there is still no word on Mary Jane’s whereabouts. Ashley comes down and asks how come Mary Jane is targeting Phyllis and Nick anyway saying she must be insane. Victor sits her down telling her not to worry about all this. He says Summer if fine, so his focus is on her and the baby now. Dr. Taylor is on his way to the ranch now with an ultra sound machine.

Dr. Taylor is fighting with an image of a fetus in his laptop screen trying to make it cooperate with him so he can calm Adam down when Adam calls asking him how come he isn’t there yet. He tells Adam he has rigged the machine to give the appropriate image but still has some tweaking to do. When Adam starts threatening the doctor he tells Adam he has had just about enough of this. He wonders if blowing the whistle on Adam would be worth losing his license over if it meant getting him off his back and then he hears a click.

Victor tells Ashley that the electrician wants to know what kind of lighting she wants in they nursery. She is too irritated and anxious to get this ultrasound done to think about that now. When the doorbell rings Adam says immediately that he will get it. When he gets to the door and lets the doctor in he tells the doctor to pull this off or they are both screwed. Victor comes up and welcomes the doctor to the ranch.

Phillip says he thought that leaving his family and giving it to Cane was the answer to both of their problems. Cane says they were both fools and nothing good came out of it. Mac comes in and tells them that Katherine is being released to go home today. She came in to work her shift. Cane tells Phillip he needs to go home and talk to Katherine and tell her about him being gay. Phillip says now that he has told Nina he doesn’t think coming back from the dead will soften the blow for any of them.

While everyone is getting ready to bring Katherine home from the hospital Billy doesn’t understand why Jill is willing to forgive Phillip with all that he has done. Nina fusses with Billy for stirring up redouble saying there were mitigating circumstances. They all assume Phillip told her something and they want to know what it is. Billy tells her to drop the territorial attitude as Jill says Nina has always been like this. Nina says she won’t reveal Phillip’s secret despite what Jill says because it isn’t her story to tell. She tells her to just lay off it.

Back at Jimmy’s Mac sees it as business as usual. Cane says he can tell she doesn’t like working for him anymore. She doesn’t lie, she admits to him that she doesn’t. He tells her then don’t. When she wonders if he is firing her he says no but he is offering to sell the bar to her. Mac tells him Chancellor’s always run out on Chancellor’s so she guesses he is more like family than he thought he was.

When Nina arrives at the Chancellor Estate she finds Phillip and tells him that Jill, Billy and Katherine will be home soon and they know there is more to his story. She says she is hoping he is going to tell them. Phillip sarcastically says this is his coming out party saying that the last thing Katherine needs right now is more stress. He asks her if knowing the truth bring her more peace. When she says no, he says he didn’t think so. Jill and Katherine walk in bickering as usual. They heard Nina say to Phillip to let them decide so they want to know let them decide what. She says whether they would like to hear why Phillip’s life spiraled out of control all those years ago.

Mary Jane gets nervous when she hears a noise outside. She is worried about being under Victor’s nose and if her trusting Adam could have been a big mistake. HShe thinks he could turn on her just like his father. She tells herself to stay calm, calling herself Patty. She says they have gotten this fat, by fooling Paul even so they can’t throw this away. She hugs Kitty and says, Oh Kitty how does she know if Adam is their friend. Can she really trust Adam as their friend.

Dr. Taylor sets up the ultra sound machine as Adam hovers over nervously. Ashley invites him to stay to see his brother or sister. Since he feels Victor would rather him leave he says he will check in with her later but he stays by the stairs to listen in anyway. Ashley talks about how big her belly is getting. When the doctor put the cold gel on her she jumps and laughs, then the doctor tries to get an image of the baby. Ashley asks why isn’t there anything happening. She panics as she asks if there is something wrong with her baby. When Victor asks why there is a blank screen the doctor says normally he would be doing this in his office and then blames it on the portable machines. Suddenly an image appears which calms Ashley down. The doctor tells her that it is an excellent chance that this is a little girl. He offers to print out some pictures if they want.. Ashley starts crying.

Cane says he isn’t running away. He is merely giving the people he loves some time and space. Mac says she isn’t buying that but she can’t be one to judge him. Then she says ok maybe she was but she admits she ran, and so did Billy and now Phillip. She asks if he is not taking off does that mean he is staying. He says no but it does bother him that everyone hates him. He asks how Billy can take Jill for granted like he does. He says he could never do that to her.

When Nina asks Billy to leave he doesn’t like it but agrees to go. Jill has a drink when she tells Phillip to go ahead with what he has to say that will help them accept this. He says he can’t think of anything that would make this OK. He says he wasn’t injured in the crash. Katherine says then she can’t think of anything else that could excuse his behavior. Jill says she just wants to hear what he has to say. Nina nudges Phillip to get him to tell them everything. He finally tells them that he could never make them happy by being the man they wanted him to be, because Phillip Chancellor III could never be gay. Jill looks at him and asks gay? He says yes and that is why he was so miserable. He asks if he is magically forgiven now.

Jill asks him how could this be and how could he hide this and why would he want to. He reminds them it was in the late 80’s and he was young and trapped by a lot of things. Katherine tells him but he had a child. He says yes he and Nina had sex but it was on a night that he was drunk. Katherine assumes the drinking was to cover the deceit. Jill says not deceit, it was confusion. Phillip said he was never confused he knew who he was but he felt he had to hide it because he was a Chancellor. Katherine tells him they are not bumpkins, he should have trusted them. Phillip says no he knew they wouldn’t have been alright with it. Nina questions his love for Cricket. He admits yes he did love Cricket but he still wanted to be with a man. He says he has never had a lover but he has ached with loneliness every day. He couldn’t have survived it as long as if he stayed there he would have had to lie.

Cane writes down some numbers for Mac but she has questions. She asks how come he came to Genoa City. He tells her he meant the numbers to be about the bar but OK. He says he wanted to be a part of a family. He says nice dream huh while it lasted? She likes the numbers he has offered and agrees to buy the bar. She says but it doesn’t mean he has to leave town. He doesn’t agree because he says it won’t work so they hug and as they do, Billy walks in and says ah hell no. He tells him to back up and not to even talk to Mac. She tells him she doesn’t need protection. He tells Cane to leave them the hell alone and to leave. Mac tells Billy Cane is giving everything back including the bar. She announces that she is buying it and yes she ran Crimson Lights so she can handle this. Cane tells him to be happy and soon it will be like it never existed. Billy doesn’t agree saying nothing can ever be the same.

Katherine asks how come Phillip just didn’t move away. She says sending someone to replace him was cruel. Jill says she came to love Cane and now he is dead to her, it was all a lie. Phillip tells her he was a son who truly wanted to be there. He says some things never change. He says he is telling her how he felt and she is there telling him he is wrong. He says he didn’t want to leave he was forced to leave because he couldn’t be what they wanted him to be. He says he wasn’t the father, son or husband they wanted. Jill yells back at him saying he never gave them a chance. Katherine tells him he took the coward’s way out. Jill agrees saying he made poor Katherine think her dreams were real that she has given her own grandson away. She asks if he knows how much pain that caused. Two years of happiness verses 20 years of loss. Katherine cries out asking Phillip to look at her please and then she asks if he really thinks that is a fair trade.

Victor walks the doctor out and then he wonders why Ashley is so quiet. He asks if it is her hormones again. She wonders if he is mocking her. He says he isn’t patronizing her. She talks about how strong she has had to be. She says Estella was allowed to torture her as long as she did and he didn’t believe her. She said he thought she was losing her mind and told that to Olivia behind her back. He says he only wants the best for her. She says it was insulting and now he is making cracks about her being hormonal. He doesn’t understand her reaction. She admits that she was terrified that she would never get to this point. She holds the ultrasound picture up and says this is out baby. He hugs Ashley.

Mary Jane hugs Adam when he brings her a bag of groceries. He tells her to be careful or she will crack his ribs. She tells him she is so glad he finally came back. She doesn’t know what she would have done if he had have waited any longer. .

Billy asks Cane how come he is selling the bar. He asks if he is trying to score some more points. Then he wants to know if Cane is leaving before the cops come for him. Mac tries to get Billy off cane’s case but Cane understands that Billy is only protecting his family. He gives Mac the keys to the bar and tells her he hopes she enjoys it as much as he did. He hesitates for a moment and then walks out the door.

Jill says he should have told them. She says they were family, they would have understood. Katherine asks Nina how she feels about all this. She says she will throw herself a pity party later but for now they have to resolve this as best that they can. Phillip stuns everyone by walking out the door.

Adam unpacks the groceries and Mary Jane asks if he got her a toothbrush. He says all the basics saying he wants her to be as comfortable as possible. She says she just needs to regroup. She says she isn’t so sure it is such a good idea for her to stay there though. She wonders how long it will be before someone or even Victor catches her there. Adam tells her no one comes out there. He notices the cat and she says this is Kitty. She says he sleeps a lot so he won’t be a problem. Adam says he will bring some chow next time he comes by. She tells him that is very sweet of him as he leaves.

Ashley and Victor go upstairs and when they get to their bedroom before going in Ashley asks if he minds if she has the night alone. He asks if she wants him to sleep somewhere else. She asks if he minds. He tells her he will be in the guest bedroom if she needs him and he walks away as she enters her bedroom.

Jan Barrett

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