At the gallery Sabrina and Adrian talk and she loves his article. He tells her it will be printed exactly how he has it there in the article. She tells him she had a bad argument with Victoria at the photo shoot. Adrian thinks they will work it out. He finds her loyal, forgiving and generous. He says soon everyone else will know that too.

Jill and Kay talk about a new employee that Katherine hired as the new director of operations. Jill is annoyed that Katherine hired the man. She tells her she had a stack of resumes on her desk for the job, she just hadn’t gotten to them yet. Katherine tells her someone has to do her job since she has been so stressed over Jeffery Bardwell.

Gloria invites Michael, Lauren, Kevin and Jana for dinner at the main house. Michael wants to know what she has done now. Jack walks in and asks what Gloria is doing there. She takes him out the room and asks if she can have this dinner party for her kids and Jack agrees but only this time. Kevin and Jana walk in and Gloria announces that she and Jeffery got married again. Kevin says he thinks he is going to be sick, saying he never should have gotten off the plane.

Amber thinks about her confession to Daniel when suddenly he walks in. She tells him she was so worried. He tells her he needed some time to think. He wants to know who she slept with while he was away. She tells him it doesn’t’ make a difference but he insists on knowing. She tells him it was Adrian. Daniel laughs. They argue more as they yell at each other. She tells him they were wasted. She says she never got any emails from him and she needed someone to talk to. She tells Daniel she loves him and promises it will never happen again. She says their love is stronger than that. Daniel tells her he will be back for his stuff later as he storms out.

Brad calls Skye and leaves a voice message for her telling her he found her compact which would give her a good reason to come back to his house. He said it was good seeing her in action at the game. He adds that he doubts if David would say that though. He offers her a position at Jabot saying he might soon be calling the shots there. He asks her how she would like having him as her boss.

Jill is mad at Katherine for making her decisions at work for her. She says that was her job. Katherine says she IS Chancellor Industries. Katherine reminds her to stay out of Jeffery Bardwell’s relationship. Jill remembers Jeffery telling her that Gloria had done something like this before. Katherine laughs thinking this is absurd. She says he rejected her and she is humiliated. Jill says that isn’t it. Kay disagrees. Jill tells her she just doesn’t trust her instincts at all, not personally or professionally. She says maybe she is just getting senile.

Michael tells Kevin that Gloria and Jeffery are in love this time and the marriage is real. Gloria tells the kids that they have a plan. She says they want to buy some Jabot stock but she tells them all it has to remain a secret for now.

Brad is shocked when Jill pays him a visit. He wants to know to what he owes this pleasure. She has a business proposition for him. She tells him this has to be strictly confidential though. She knows he isn’t happy unless he is running the show. She tells him her plan. Brad thinks this power play against Katherine is risky but Jill thinks it won’t fail. She says when the time is right she will put Brad in charge at Jabot which convinces Brad to join her with this plan.

Jack tells Adrian that he loved his article and asks him to do a piece on aboriginal art. He says he would have to leave for Sydney tonight if he says yes to interview Irving Dietrich. Jack says he has to move on this one pretty fast so he would have to leave tonight or he will miss the man. Adrian asks him to let him think about it. Jack says to think quickly.

Katherine goes to see Amber to see if she is ok. Amber starts crying and tells her everything that is going on between her and Daniel. Katherine is shocked to hear that she cheated on Daniel. She tells her that she told Daniel the truth. Amber cries on Katherine shoulder. She tells Katherine she wants Daniel back and she will do what ever it takes to do it. Katherine tells her if he loves her he will come back on his own. Amber says she always blows it. Katherine reminds her of the lies she told Cane and she hopes she had learned a lesson from that. She assures Amber that Daniel just needs some time to calm down.

Daniel goes to Restless Style and when no one is there he goes to Amber’s desk and checks out her computer. He laughs and says that explains a lot. Phyllis and Nick come in and she asks him what he is doing there. He tells her he is trying to find out how far she will go to mess up his life. He tells her he knows what she did. Daniel accuses Phyllis of blocking his emails to Amber. She says yes she sort of did that but only because she is trying to keep him from making a big mistake. She tells him she will never stay out of his life and one day he will see that she is right. Phyllis tells Daniel she was protecting him with her actions. He tells her to butt out of his life. Amber comes in and Daniel tells her he didn’t tell his mother what she and Adrian did because he doesn’t want her to say she was right about her. She starts crying and he tells her he has to get back to work and he walks away.

Sabrina walks in at Restless Style and apologizes for storming in like she did yesterday during the photo shoot. They say that is fine but it isn’t them she needs to be apologizing to. She says she will be apologizing to Victoria too. In fact there is a lot she wants to say to her.

Nick tells Jack that a major newsstand has reduced his order for the magazines because the sales from last month’s weren’t so good. Jack wonders how long they will be able to afford that. Nick says they are in the process of turning this around. He says their expenses are exceeding their income as it is. Restless Style is starting to look more like a millionaire’s hobby than a successful business.

Jana and Sabrina are at the gallery when Victoria walks in. Katherine walks in and can feel the tension in the room. She asks them if something is wrong and they all say nothing, that things are just fine. She says good then they can get to work.

Gloria and Jeffery discuss their plans with Michael and Lauren. Gloria tells Michael he is the only one he can trust to do this. Lauren isn’t sure she is comfortable with this scheme. Gloria says “scheme?”  She looks at Michael and tells him to do it. He tells her ok but for a price. Kevin tells him to go for the big bucks. Michael says he doesn’t want money. He wants the cream that Jeffery was holding over Gloria’s head before.

Jeffery assures them that he adores this woman. Gloria tells him that she and Jeffery have been through a lot together including trying to kill each other. Michael says he wants it so they all won’t be threatened again with this. Jeffery heads off to get it from his safe at the club. Lauren doesn’t want it in their home. Mike tells Lauren that he will destroy it and then this nightmare will end. Gloria vows to get Jill for treating her like garbage and trying to steal Jeffery from her. Jeffery comes back and tells them that the cream is gone. He says someone must have taken it.

Victoria doesn’t think the casual goes well with the Colonnade Room. Sabrina disagrees saying she thinks the contrast will be striking. She asks Victoria if she wants to do the same tiring idea as last year and the year before that. They argue over making changes and Katherine interrupts and suggest that they find a way to work together whether they like it or not and then she calls for a truce. She makes them both agree. Katherine tells them they need to make their decisions and she tells them to call her when they do. Jana walks Katherine out leaving Sabrina and Victoria alone. They tell each other to look at what they have done.

Nick and Phyllis talk to Jack reminding him why they started this magazine. He tells him this isn’t a hobby. It is a legacy for their children. The webzine is exceeding their expectations and they can’t turn on each other. Jack says it isn’t a workable business but Nick says it is. Jack tells him he knows he wants to keep it going to prove Victor wrong but they have to be realistic here. He says they have some difficult decisions ahead of them. Jack asks Nick if he is willing to do whatever it takes to make the magazine a success. Nick says as long as it isn’t anything illegal. Jack tells him he hopes he means it. He says if they don’t pull a rabbit out the hat soon, the magazine will go under.

Amber tries to get Daniel to talk to her more but things get kind of awkward when Adrian steps off the elevator. Adrian says hello to amber and Daniel but he has no idea that amber confessed to Daniel that she slept with him.

Jan Barrett

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