Daniel plugs the flash drive in that he found while Amber is inside telling Jana there could be photos of her on there. She says there are things about her past that Daniel can’t find out about. She says the matchbook she found is from a club in LA that a guy she use to know owns. She asks what if this guy is behind all this. She says the guy was obsessed with her. She says she thought Deacon Sharp was out of her life forever.

Deacon tells Victoria that the photos do not do her justice. He says he is relatively new in the art world saying he is in Genoa City on other business that he has been wanting to take care of for some time now. He says the Koon’s piece actually belongs to a friend of his that wants to sell it discretely so he offered to help him out. He tells her she and he have something in common, the forged Terroni.

Phyllis gives Nikki a doll she bought for Summer to please give to her. Phyllis tells Nick she is hanging in there. She assures them both that with Paul there someone is always with Summer around the clock.

While Victor is talking to Summer he notices his wallet is gone. He thinks that maybe he left it in his car. He tells Summer to get well soon. He tells her she is a Newman, his granddaughter so she is strong.

Heather goes to see Adam who is looking a bit pale. She suggests they take a swim to get some sun. He says why with his brother hanging around, maybe she should go but she says she doesn’t have a bathing suit and she doesn’t want to risk getting caught skinny dipping by Victor, besides she doesn’t have time anyway. When Heather sees that Rafe is calling Adam on his cell phone she says she didn’t think Rafe was representing him anymore. He tells her to just ignore the call and then tells her they are still friends though. He changes the subject saying he would rather talk about something else. She asks what subject and as he starts to unbutton her blouse he tells her he wants to think about her without a swimsuit on. She smiles as they start kissing. Mary Jane watches them as they start making out.

Phyllis appreciates what all Nikki and Victor are doing but she says it sucks to be getting updates about her own daughter from Victor. She says it is a nightmare. Paul tells her he thinks she is an amazing mother, and then he questions Mary Jane’s devotion. Nick seems to find that odd too. Phyllis says Mary Jane is an intense person. Paul tells them about the restraining order Mary Jane put on him. He says she has a Jekyll and Hyde thing going on. Nikki asks what anyone knows about this woman anyway. Phyllis says she thinks maybe it is time they found out.

Victor jumps on the guard’s case that was supposed to make sure Mary Jane got on the plane to Rio. He tells them she didn’t just fall off the face of the earth and then he orders them to find her.

While Mary Jane watches Heather pulls herself away from Adam saying she has to be in court. As she leaves she passes by Mary Jane who comes out of hiding. Adam sees her and recognizes her. She falls as she walks into a tree and she is on the ground again when Adam fights with his ankle monitor so he can go running after her.

Daniel has finally managed to get the photos to download and is anxious to see what he has. Inside Amber is in a panic as she confides in Jana about her past with this Deacon. She tells Jana they had a fight over custody of a baby he fathered with her cousin. She says he can be a real creep if he wanted to be. She says they took the baby away from her and Daniel knows nothing about it and she can’t tell him. She says she did some really bad things. She said she hadn’t heard or thought about Deacon in years and she thought he had totally forgotten about her. She doubts very seriously if his being in Genoa City is a coincidence.

Victoria is talking with Deacon when he brings up the forged painting that she tried to buy. She tells him she doesn’t want scandal associated with charity because she is trying to rebuild the collection in the memory of her friend. He tells her he met Sabrina and he was a big fan of hers. He stuns Victoria when he tells her he got burned too when he paid 250K for the forged Terroni.

When he starts looking around, Adam finds Mary Jane behind some bales of hay. They both ask each other who they are. He tells her he is Adam and he could run into a tree as well because he can’t see very well. And she explains she is there so see Victor. He says that he and his father don’t see eye to eye saying his father is a bully. Mary Jane says she can relate to that. She says he makes promises he can’t keep and is trying to get rid of her after promising to help her win Jack’s heart. Adam asks if she is talking about Jack Abbott and she says yes and then she cries saying she knows Jack loves her. Adam tells her that since Victor didn’t treat him very nicely either they should help each other out.

Victor is canceling his credit cards when he can’t find his wallet and orders new ones reissued. He tells Paul what is going on and he offers to help out. He says he would like to visit Katherine too so Victor says he appreciates it. Paul tells Victor he may have a lead as to who accused Phyllis. He says it could have been Mary Jane Benson. Victor says “I’ll be damned” and then he says that is the woman that JT found prowling around on the ranch. Paul says Nikki, Nick and Phyllis are out looking for her. Paul says he didn’t trust her way before she put that restraining order on him. He says she has these incredible mood swings. Victor offers to handle her so Paul is free to support Nikki. Paul says this is what he does for a living. Victor tells him Nikki needs him though so he insists on taking care of it himself.

When Nikki, Nick and Phyllis get to Mary Jane’s suite they are told by housekeeping that she checked out in a hurry. They ask the woman if she ever noticed anything odd about her. She says she was secretive, and they were told not to open any closets or drawers and she never left a tip. When the lady leaves they all decide to look around and they search the room. Phyllis finds a photo of Summer under the sofa. They all wonder where she got that and why. They wonder what kind of freak is this Mary Jane. They decide Heather needs to see this. He says whatever Mary Jane is up to they now know it is no good.

Adam brings Mary Jane inside once he convinces her that no one else is around. He says he can’t leave while she is so upset so he asks her to let him help her. She tells him that is what Victor said to her too. He tells her to sit down and tell her all about it.

Nikki is back with Victor in Summer’s room and she gives her the pretty doll that Phyllis got for her. She tells Victor that Mary Jane has cleared out her room and according to the doorman she left in a hurry. She tells him about the photo of Summer that they found in the room. He asks her if she is serious.

Paul asked Heather to come to the hospital. When she arrives she tells him he mentioned having something that was a break in the Newman case. Nick and Phyllis come up and they say they know that Mary Jane was the one that made the accusation about Phyllis. Heather says she can’t confirm that. When they fill her in on the details and Phyllis tells her about them finding Summer’s picture in Mary Jane’s room under the sofa she asks if Heather still wants to rely on her word.

Jana wonders if this Deacon guy would go as far as to kill someone. Amber asks as in the guy in the ally. Daniel comes in and tells Amber he got the flash drive going and they need to talk. He tells her to check this out. A photo of the forged Terroni pops up and Amber is happy is isn’t her and she says Thank God. He asks Thank god for what. She says that it isn’t something dangerous. Jana says she can’t tell if it is the forged painting or the real one but maybe Victoria would know.

Deacon shows Victoria a picture of the Terroni saying the owner called him out of the blue to sell the original painting to him for 250K so he says he put the money in a briefcase. She laughs telling him she only had 100K in her briefcase. He then tells her that both his money and the painting were stolen making him feel like a complete idiot. He bought it to return to the museum. Victoria says that was her motivation too. He tells her if only he could catch the guy. She tells him the guy is dead. He assures her that for the record the Koon’s are authentic. She says she needs a few days before she can make him an offer.

Heather tells everyone that Mary Jane’s phone has been deactivated and there has been no credit card activity. She can’t lift the court order just now. Phyllis is sure that it was Mary Jane that gave Summer the cookies now and that is why her daughter is in a coma right now. Victor stares into space feeling responsible for all this.

Mary Jane is encouraged to trust Adam and she panics when someone knocks on the door. Adam tells her he will get rid of them and tells her to go hide. She goes upstairs only to hear it is a security guard telling Adam there has been a possible security breach. He tells Adam to lock the doors and to call if he needs something. Adam says ok and then he tells Mary Jane he is gone. He points out that he told her she could trust him.

Jana tells Amber she needs to tell Daniel the truth. She refuses saying he will never look at her the same way again if she does. Jana tells her that Daniel loves her and she needs to warn him. Amber insists that Daniel never knows about Deacon.

Daniel finds Victoria at the club and he asks if they can talk. When Victoria introduces him to Deacon they shake hands. She asks him if this is about the Terroni. She invites him to talk to her about it in front of Deacon saying he knows all about it. Deacon invites Daniel to join them.

Phyllis talks about how Mary Jane saw her throw those cookies in the trash. She says Jack came in and she and he were having a heavy conversation and she wasn’t looking behind her back because she had no reason to. She starts crying asking herself how she could have trusted Mary Jane. She says this is all her fault. Victor tells her no it isn’t her fault. Suddenly Summer wakes up calling for her Mother. Phyllis says Oh My God she is awake and then begs Heather to please let her go to her daughter. Heather lets her go in. All the Newman’s go in to see her as they are all overjoyed. Paul thanks Heather before they go get the doctor.

Amber goes to the club and is stunned when Deacon is looking at her. Daniel calls her over and asks if she is OK. He tells her she looks pale as a ghost. Deacon says maybe she just saw him as he extends his hand out while Daniel introduces her to him calling Deacon an authority on art. She says small world huh. Deacon says he has to go and tells Daniel and Amber it was a pleasure meeting them, Amber looks sick as Deacon walks out.

Phyllis talks to Super Girl telling her she has been sleeping for a while. The doctors say the prognosis are good saying the tests will show if there has been any brain damage. Nick assures Summer Mommy and Daddy is right there saying it is all good. Nikki joins Paul when he gets off the phone and she tells him it is a miracle. Paul tells them all that Heather took off and has ended the investigation saying Phyllis is now in the clear. She says she does think Mary Jane is behind this. Paul says he has made some calls to the companies in Europe where Mary Jane claims to have worked for and couldn’t find anyone to verify it. Victor tells them all he wants to handle this Mary Jane himself. Nikki isn’t surprised saying he always does need to be the one in control. Nick doesn’t understand it with all that Victor has going on with Adam and Ashley. He says Paul and Nikki should investigate it more. He says what Victor doesn’t know can’t hurt him.

Adam tells Mary Jane she can stay in the old potting shed. He says no one ever goes in there and she would be safe. He says he will bring her everything she needs. He tells her how to get there and a key. She tells him how grateful she is. He thinks this might be a start of a beautiful friendship. She says she hopes so because she could really use a friend right now. When she leaves Adam has a look on his face as though he is very pleased with himself.

Jan Barrett

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