Everyone at Restless Style is trying to figure out what to do without a cover model for the new issue of the magazine. Victoria walks in and says she changed her mind and has decided to do it. They all get excited thinking she has saved the day.

At Brad’s house everyone is joining in for the poker game when Skye walks in. David tells her he feels lucky and he is there to win back what she won from him last time. He asks her if she cares to make a side wager but she thinks they need to keep it just with the cards. The game begins and David is on a roll. He and the judge walk away from the table while they take a break. Brad offers to give Skye money to continue playing and says if she wins she can pay him back, if not he will take the loss. He tells her that her luck is about to change.

At Indigo Cloe thinks back to when she and Cane were in her car. Cane walks up and tells her to get out. She tells him he can’t tell her what to do, he isn’t her boss anymore. She tells him he has some nerve acting like nothing happened between them. She accuses him of sexual harassment and her lawyer says she has a good case. Cane tells her he is not interested in her, he never was and never will be and he insists that nothing happened between them. He accuses her of just wanting to break him and Lily up. He tells her again to stay away from him.

Nick thanks Nikki for talking Victoria into doing the front cover for them. Victoria, who is in hair and make up says she didn’t, and then quickly admits yes she did. Jack and Sharon are looking over Adrian’s article and Jack tells him that Victor will be so happy with it that he will be sending over a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

Sabrina tells Victor she is upset about Victoria telling him about Phillipe being in town and about her relationship with him so she wants to confront her about it. Victor doesn’t want her to upset herself over this. He says it isn’t good for her or the baby but she insists on talking to Victoria.

Adam talks to Victor about David. He thinks he knows of a way that he can make Chow’s gambling problem made public which would give him less credibility with Jabot’s clients. Victor doesn’t want to do it because he thinks someone will get hurt by it. Victor stands firm by his decision and says, end of discussion. 

At the poker game Brad and the judge drop out so it is David and Skye left in the game. She calls David on his bet after he bets everything he has. She tells him to let them see what he has. He has a full house, king high. She should her four 3’s and she wins the pot making David looking very upset. Once David is gone Skye gives Brad back the money he fronted her with. She tells him she saw him cutting her a card from the bottom. She says that is a good way to get his fingers chopped off anywhere else. She says he must really hate the guy a lot. Brad tells her she is happy, he is happy too so they can just leave it at that.

Daniel looks at Amber’s animated character and makes a few changes. He calls Adrian over to look. Daniel makes the lips a little bigger and assures her she won’t screw this up. She says she is about to become famous. Jack gets off the phone and tells Amber he has some bad news. According to their web host they don’t have the bandwidth to support Restless Amber and they can’t add more. When they go off to watch Victoria’s photo shoot, Amber sulks. Adrian comforts her and he assures her he will never tell Daniel about what happened between them. She says he might not but Phyllis would.

Karen is with Neil as they get ready to listen to Anna singing at Indigo. They are all surprised when she says she doesn’t want to sing. Karen has a talk with Anna to try and calm her nerves down. Karen tells her the secret she used to calm her nerves on stage. She says she can try that but Neil tells her no one will force her to do this if she doesn’t want to. Ana asks if she can decide once they get there. Neil tells her of course she can.
At Indigo Cane and Lily talk to Anna telling her she will do great.  Lily asks Cane to buy her a drink. He tells her about running into Cloe earlier. Lily asks him questions and he answers. He tells her he made it clear to her that they don’t want to see her anymore. He says she is out of their life for good. He tells Lily he fired Cloe too. They both are happy to have Cloe out of their lives.

Victoria is ready to start with the shoot. Everyone loves how she looks. As they are about to start Sabrina walks in and heads over to her. She tells Victoria she has finally crossed the line. She says she can’t believe she could be such a bitch. Everyone is surprised hearing Sabrina talk to Victoria this way. Victoria tells her that she ran into her father and he wouldn’t let it go, he insisted on knowing what was wrong with her. Sabrina refuses to leave until she gets an apology from Victoria.

Victoria asks for two minutes with Sabrina and of course Victoria refuses to apologize, she says it would be a cold day in hell first. She says her father had every right to know about Phillipe. Sabrina tells her that obviously their friendship means nothing to her. Victoria says she is the one that betrayed their friendship to begin with by hiding her relationship with her father. Victoria says she may be married to her father but that doesn’t mean she has to spend time with her. She wants Sabrina to resign from working on the gala. Sabrina tells her if she doesn’t want to work with her for her to quit and she leaves.

Cloe gets a confirmation on the phone from her doctor that she is pregnant but doesn’t want to make an appointment. She says she hasn’t decided if she wants to keep the baby or not. She says she and the father of the baby will have to decide.

Neil introduces Anna on stage at Indigo. She gets up there and sings her heart out. She sings a song about love being a key to the world. Cloe watches as Cane and Lily kiss each other with a look that could kill. After the songs ends everyone applauds for her. Lily sees Cloe and she tells her to go away. Cloe tells her she has lost everything even though none of this is her fault. She says they were wasted and he is hot and a good kisser. Cane walks over to Lily who can’t believe what Cloe is telling her. Cloe says he is the liar here not her. She says one day Lily will wake up and see he is not Mr. Perfect. When Cloe stomps out Lily says she is psychotic.

When Skye gets to the airport she talks to Adam on the phone. She tells him about the poker game and that she won. She says Chow is desperate. She wouldn’t put anything past him right now. He tells her he is happy to hear that she won. He finds it interesting that Brad hosted the party and that he rigged the game. He tells her to have fun in St. Bart’s. She says to say hi to his new girlfriend. When she hangs up she looks up and asks someone what they are doing there.

Back at Restless Style all agree on the picture they use for the cover of the magazine shocking them all that they finally all agree on something. They decide to go to the club to celebrate but Jack stays behind to work on one more thing but promises to catch up with them. Jack goes to the laptop and makes a few additions to Adrian’s article. He added the line, ‘it was widely believed she created Phillipe’s one-man show to seduce him.’ He gets a call on his cell phone and he confirms he is sending it over to them right now.

At the club Sabrina tells Victor about her argument with Victoria. He tells her he will handle Victoria. Later Victoria tells Nikki that Phillipe didn’t just come to Genoa City for sightseeing. She says Sabrina was madly in love with him. She was suicidal after they split up. She says her Dad was a rebound for her and she wasn’t being honest with him.

Amber and Daniel are at home and she can’t get over her guilt about having sex with Adrian. She finally tells him after seeing that picture of him on his Mom’s computer she really thought he was cheating on her and she needed someone to talk to. She finally admits she messed up only once but it was a mistake. Daniel gets upset and walks out.

Jan Barrett

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