Jana arrives to appear in the courts wearing handcuffs and Amber tells her that Michael found a judge to review her case, saying maybe he can get her out on bail tonight. When Michael walks up he says he is asking that everything gets thrown out and if he doesn’t get that he is hoping they will at least get a bail set. He wonders now where Daniel is.

Kevin wonders too about why Daniel isn’t in court. He hears that Daniel has been editing videos of Summer all morning for his mom. He tries again to get Kevin to swipe Balfour’s cell phone saying the prosecution will have it with them

Neil is going by Katherine’s after he brings Tyra home to ask her some questions about Cane. Later Roxanne comes downstairs and feels herself in an awkward moment since she is wearing nothing but Devon’s shirt. Tyra doesn’t look very happy to see her.

Jill is upset as she raises hell with Katherine telling her she has already admitted that she was glad she wasn’t her daughter and now she hears she is hoping that her son is not her son. She tells her that would be such a victory for her. She says the test will show he is her son and she blames Katherine. She asks her to answer her one question. She asks why she hates her so much

Billy find Mac by the pool and he tells her he knows she thinks he is the worst person in the world. He says he is not there to make any more excuses so he is going to give up. He promises not to try pushing them together any more.

Kevin thinks to do this would be suicide saying there are guards and cameras in there. He tells Daniel besides Jana might get out tonight on bail anyway. Daniel begs him saying he really needs that phone to figure out who wanted Balfour dead. Kevin says one more arrest and he is toast. He tells him he can’t risk it so he won’t do it.

Heather comes into the courtroom with Aucker and she says this hearing is a waste of time. When Jana is taken inside Amber tells Michael that Daniel is innocent of all these charges. She thinks Him being framed is somehow connected to her.

Katherine denies hating Jill even though she has given her every reason to. Katherine seems to be having problems talking but Jill continues to yell at her accusing her of stealing her child and now she is saying that he is not her son. She tells Katherine she nearly destroyed a little boy’s life and she didn’t even really want Phillip Sr either. Katherine appears weak as she slumps on the couch. Now Jill is accusing her of faking an attack. When Neil walks in and sees Katherine, Jill says Katherine is faking it but Neil yells back at her asking her what the hell is wrong with her. . He asks her can’t she see that something is wrong with Katherine. Suddenly Jill realizes he is right as she covers her face with her hands as she looks horrified.

Billy admits to Mac that he has made moronic mistakes and his judgment is crap. He says he had convinced himself that he could change so he would be worthy of Mac but realizes he was only kidding himself. He knows he won’t change. So he says no more begging for a second chance because he will just screw it up anyway and she deserves better. She tells him she thinks this is probably for the best because they are both looking for something that isn’t there anymore. When Murphy comes outside looking for someone to help Katherine, Billy and Mac both run inside.

When Mac gets to Katherine she asks her if she is in any pain and then asks if she can describe the symptoms she is having. Katherine says numbness on her left side and her vision is blur … blur…blurry. She is scared and asks what is happening to her. Neil asks her to try raising her arm. Jill wonders if this happened while she was screaming at her, she asks did she do this. Mac takes Katherine’s blood pressure and then asks Murphy to bring the car around. She asks Jill to call the hospital and tell them they are on their way.

Michael doesn’t see a connection from Amber’s past that would frame Daniel. She tells him she had made some mistakes while living in L.A. admitting she had a drug problem and she went to rehab and she went through a lot of guys. She says she hung out with some bad people back then and asks what if they are trying to get back at her. She tells him she will give him specifics but only if Daniel isn’t around. Michael thinks she should tell Daniel everything but tells her to let him know what she decides to do. She is worried about telling him everything about her past. Kevin says well the truth is a bitch but then he asks what would be worse, to have Daniel judge her or him finding out she didn’t do everything she could to save him.

Roxanne leaves Devon to explain to Tyra about what was going on there. He tells her what the hell, he thought she was at work. He tells her point blank this is HIS home anyway. Tyra tells him but he begged her and Anna to move in and asks what if Anna had been with her when she came home tonight. He tells her he knew Anna was at a sleepover tonight and remarks that he guesses she was so busy trying to seduce Neil to remember. He tells her that Neil isn’t going to rush into anything after a divorce. Tyra says she thinks it is time she and Neil move in together since Devon wants his privacy so much. He tells her she is in for a let down if she thinks Neil is ready to play house with her.

Murphy and Neil explain to Olivia what was happening with Katherine with her and Jill arguing. Katherine wonders if she had a stroke. Olivia says she has to do some tests first before she will know for sure. Billy goes after Olivia to find out just how bad this is. Mac comes out and asks if he is ok. Billy says he just can’t lose his grandmother again and then he says he has to get out of there.

Tyra complains to Devon about how he is always so critical of her. She asks what is it that he has against her. He isn’t trying to be mean but he has to ask hasn’t Anna had enough disappointment. Tyra tells him about all she gave up to raise Anna. She never dated or got to hang out with friends. She says she is finally experiencing what the other girls did and she doesn’t think anything is wrong with that. She tells him that Neil cares about her. Devon tells her he will never love her like he loved Dru. He says Dru’s death messed Neil up. Karen was nothing but a rebound and he tells Tyra that now she is a rebound from Karen. Tyra starts crying as she asks him how can he say that to her. He tells her it’s the truth, he is sure Neil will never marry her. She yells “Screw you!” to him. He says yeah screw him, as he slams out. She calls Neil crying telling him she really needs to talk to him.

Neil goes back to Katherine’s estate and tells Jill that Olivia is running some tests and she is in excellent hands. He asks her how come she isn’t with Katherine. He tells her he knows she still loves her. Jill says she is the last person she wants hovering by her bedside. Neil thinks she should go see Katherine telling her that life is too short.

Olivia tells Katherine that she has had a mini stroke caused by a blood level spasm. She says there won’t be any lasting effect. She says since her blood level’s still elevated she’s like her to stay overnight. Katherine asks someone to call Jill and give her the bad news that she is going to live. She says this is all Jill’s fault. Mac gets all teary eyed just thinking about something happening to her grandmother. Katherine tells her she isn’t going anywhere. Billy slips into the chapel and kneels to say a prayer to God, asking, if he is even there, could he help him.

Michael and Heather argue in front of the judge but the judge sets a bail for Jana at 100K which Michael says he will pay. The judge tells her she still is facing some serious charges and then asks where Mr. Romalotti is. Daniel is out in the hallway updating Amber that Kevin won’t steal the phone. Amber is about to confess to Daniel about her past when Kevin calls Daniel into the courtroom.

Heather shows the judge the cell phone which has all the calls between the defendant and the victim. Aucker tells the judge that Daniel had every chance to cooperate and he never even scheduled the polygraph test and then he allowed himself to be put in the middle of a sting operation. Heather asks the judge to set a trial date as soon as possible. Michael claims his client is a victim. The judge orders the bail on Daniel stand as it is. Aucker tells Daniel he will see him in court. Michael says the good news is that Jana was granted bail. Daniel tells them all he will meet them later when he once again cuts Amber off as she is about to confess to him. Kevin wonders if Amber told Daniel anything but she tells him she didn’t get the chance besides she is going to check some things out herself first.

Billy prays to God to please help his grandmother. He says he loves her very much and asks God not to abandon her saying they all need her. Mac comes in and listens to Billy talk about him not caring about anyone but himself but then when he lost Mac he changed. He thought if he couldn’t have Mac nobody was going to have him. He says then Delia came along and he thought that was God’s way of telling him he can’t walk away from love. He says that tonight he walked away from Mac not because he wanted to but because it was the right thing to do. He says they both know he is not good for her so he asks that God just lets her be happy. He asks to please let Mac have a good life that is all he is asking. As Mac listens she is crying.

Olivia tells Katherine she needs to get some sleep and then leaves Katherine’s room. Jill sees Olivia in the hallway and stops her asking about Katherine who tells her she is keeping Katherine overnight for observation. She tells Jill she can’t discuss Katherine’s prognosis but she tells her she is still awake if she wants to talk to her.

Devon accuses Tyra of being dense when he is at Crimson Lights with Roxanne. She tells him that Neil and Tyra are adults though so why is he so bent out of shape about it. She asks if he is upset that Tyra might get hurt. He says yeah but he knows it makes no sense.

When Neil arrives, Tyra tells him that she and Devon had a huge fight and they just can’t be housemates anymore. Neil offers to help her find her and Anna another place. She tells him she was hoping they could move in with him. Neil tells her he enjoys her company but he isn’t ready to take things to that level yet. He explains that when he was with Karen he let himself slip and he treated her terribly and he doesn’t want to make that same mistake with her. He says the only way things will work for them is if they take it slow and easy. He asks if that makes sense. She asks him if he ever thinks they will get to that point. He says he has to focus on his new job and his children right now. He tells her she is a lovely girl. She is crying when she tells him he has said enough. He wants to take a step back and the last thing he wants is for her to be blind sided like Karen was.

Daniel wonders what Amber was trying to say to him earlier. She says she was just going to say she is going to do everything in her power to find out who is doing this to him. He asks if she has seen Kevin. In the courtroom the lights go out as the court clerk is removing the box of evidence. He shouts out HEY! But as soon as the lights come back on all he sees is the door closing. Out in the hallway Kevin walks past the opened electrical door while shoving the cell phone into his pocket thinking mission accomplished.

While Jill hangs around outside Katherine’s hospital room, Katherine has a message for Jill for Murphy to give her. She wants him to tell her that she is directly responsible for this. She was screaming at her before this attack calling her vile names. She says she never used to think this way but as she lies there in the bed she is absolutely thrilled that that witch and her aren’t related. Jill hears what she says and turns away to leave instead of going into the room. He tells Katherine that she and Jill had wonderful times together and if she could have her as her daughter she would take her back in a heartbeat. Katherine admits to him that he is right but Jill doesn’t hear that part.

Mac let’s Billy know she is there and that Katherine is going to be fine. She says she has been standing there long enough to hear some surprising things. She tells him not to be embarrassed. She says she is glad she heard because she needed to know that the man she loves is still here. She says she has made some big mistakes too, like closing off her heart because she was scared and refusing to face some things. She asks how she can fault him for things he did when they weren’t even together. She says she guesses what she is trying to tell him is that that she loves him and she always has and she wants to be with him. He tells her he loves her too and then he takes her in his arms and kisses her.

Jan Barrett

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