Sharon is nervous over the advertiser’s party that they are having it at the pool at their house. Jack tells her to just relax and he turns her around and rubs her shoulders. Sharon takes advantage of the time they have alone there.

Gloria goes in to talk to Nikki. She tells Nikki that she wasn’t sick today. She admits she went to Las Vegas and got married. She tells Nikki that she had so much fun and then she mentions that she ran into her husband at the casino. Nikki tells Gloria she must be mistaken because her husband is in L.A. Gloria says no, she is sure it was David she saw at the casino. She says he was playing Roulette. Gloria apologizes saying she had no idea and asks if there is anything she can do. Nikki tells her no and she can go. When Gloria starts to go Nikki tells her thank you. Nikki dials David’s phone and gets his voice mail but she doesn’t leave any message.

David sits in his hotel room and thinks about losing his money and then how he lost Nikki too. He picks up the phone to make a call he changes his mind and he throws the phone on the side.

Jill asks Cloe what’s going on with Lily. She tells her that they have her trying on the whole wardrobe. Jill says she needs Lily there ASAP for the new campaign trumps Forrester’s new collection. Cloe suggests to her that she and Cane get started on that. Jill gives her the go ahead.

Cane tells Neil about his and Lily’s trip in Cabo. He says now she is in fitting’s all day. Neil talks to Cane about Tyra and Anna and about how he wishes he knew them a little better. He wonders how much longer he is going to be there. He can’t help but wonder why she hasn’t been in Devon’s life all this time, why now.

Victoria and Nick talk about the party. He invites her to go. They talk about Reed being in the pool but Nick says he can’t swim in the pool until he is potty trained. Victoria tells him about her co-chairing the charity ball. He wants to know how come their Mom isn’t doing it. Victoria tells him about Sabrina going to Nikki to talk to her about it. Nikki calls and asks Victoria to get Nick and meet her at her office. Victoria tells Nick she sounded upset.

Nikki’s assistant brings in a huge fruit basket from Harrison at Worldwide Productions. She notices the bottle of Champagne at the bottom of the basket and she remembers almost taking a drink in her hotel suite. She asks the girl to please bring the basket to Jill’s office.

Neil talks to Devon about Tyra asking him if she mentioned how long she is planning on staying in town. Devon tells him no but he admits how he likes having them there. Neil wonders if she doesn’t have a job to get back to. Devon tells Neil that Tyra is nothing like Yolanda, and she is a wonderful Mom and he asks him not to give her the third degree.

Gloria and Jeffery go home and announce to the Abbots that they got married and they are going out to the pool house to continue their honeymoon. Gloria says she just wanted to warn them.

Jill thinks back to when Jeffery told her about him and Gloria getting married again. She comes back to reality saying Bastard just as Nick and Victoria get off the elevator. Nick tells her he hopes she didn’t mean that for him. She says no and then a remark about three Newman’s being there. She says they must be multiplying. Cane walks up and invites Jill to dinner.

David sits in his hotel room in Vegas and he is drinking. Nikki calls and leaves a message but before he hears it he throws the phone across the floor at the wall.

At Jabot in the boardroom, Cloe talks to the photographer about the other fresh faces and how only a couple is worth showing to Jill. She tells the girls she is sorry and rips up the good pictures when the photographer leaves. She says it is for a good cause, ME! Cloe shows Jill the bad pictures and they discuss Lily being the only fresh face girl for Jabot. Jill says Lily wants to stay in school. Cloe suggests that maybe they can work this out. She offers to work with Lily while Cane handles the campaign. Jill thinks this could work. Later Cloe tells Cane that Lily is going to be the new Fresh Face of Jabot and she will be supervising Lily while he is going to supervise her.

Neil invites Tyra and Anna to dinner at Indigo. Tyra thanks Cane for paying for her hotel room. He admits he overheard her talking to Anna so he thought he could help her. Neil and Devon find out about her job so when Tyra joins them Neil asks her about it. She explains it all to them. Cane tells everyone about how he has been paying for Tyra’s hotel bill. When Neil gets Devon alone they talk more about Tyra. Devon tells Neil that she has no where to go back to in Seattle. Neil says they can’t move in with him. He tells Devon they have to go back to Seattle. Devon agrees to tell her. Anna tells Tyra she doesn’t want to go back. Devon promises to visit them.

Walter asks David how does he plan on paying him off what he owes him now. He wants to know if David will tap into his wife’s assets again. David says he will go back to work for him one more time. Walter tells him he knows the drill. David says yeah, you’ll call me when you need me, right?

Nick and Victoria go to see Nikki. She tells them that David is in trouble. Victoria asks if he is gambling and Nikki says she got it from a reliable source that he is in Las Vegas and he isn’t answering her calls. They want her to dump him. Nikki says this is a sickness. She remembers when she was drinking how Victor stood by her and they weren’t even together. She tells them she loves David and she won’t run away from him. She tells them she can handle this. She tells Nick how Phyllis stood by him when he lost his memory. Victoria recalls how she stood by Brad when things got rough. She asks her mother to promise them that if things get impossible that she will just let him go. Nikki promises.

In the pool house Jeffery teases Gloria saying he thought she hated it there saying it was too small. She laughs and he tells her she loves everything about him. He tells her how he talked to Jack about letting her move in there because he was really worried about her. They laugh about how Jack went as far as hiring a ghost to scare her off. Jeffery tells her that he never stopped loving her and her giving away all that money didn’t hurt anything. He says her karma has certainly improved.

The Abbott’s can’t find Fisher. They wonder if he could be in the pool house. Sharon says poor guy he would be scarred for life if he was. They realize now that Gloria is back with Jeffery they have money again and she won’t have to live in the pool house anymore. Jack looks at his father’s picture when Sharon walks out the room. He asks his Father’s memory if he has to make it so hard. He says he wants her out of here and he promised Sharon but he kept hearing him say to let her stay. When Sharon walks in she asks if he thinks his father would still want Gloria there even though she married Jeffery. He tells her yes he does. Sharon asks even though he knows she doesn’t want Gloria there and Jack is honest with her and he says yes.

Gloria stalls Jeffery while she models some lingerie for him. He has a gift for her, a dog bone wrapped in a bow. She says she hopes he didn’t get her a Chihuahua. He tells her she underestimates him. He removes Fisher’s collar and shows Gloria what he found on it. She says her Star of Marbella! Then Jeff gives Gloria her diamonds back. She says she knew he was a thief.

Tyra tells Neil she is sorry for lying to him and they will be leaving. Neil has a change of heart and offers Tyra and Anna to stay with him at his place. Anna is all excited to hear they can stay in Genoa City. Tyra thanks Neil for taking care of her hotel bill while he prepares his apartment for them to move in. Karen tells Neil he did the right thing by asking Tyra to stay. He tells Karen he had hoped that she would have considered moving back in but she tells him they need to just kind of see where it goes, and take it step by step. .

David comes back to see Nikki. He tells her how he was in Las Vegas. She tells him she knows. She says she tried to call him. He tells her that she told him if he lied to her again it would mean that they were over. She says she realizes that but she loves him and she believes in him. She says she has been doing some research on ways to get him the help he needs. He says it is over and she needs to let him go and he walks out.

Jan Barrett

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