Cane and Billy both find themselves at a charity interview at the bookstore. Cane asks Billy if there is anything else he wants that he has besides his job and his ex. Billy says nothing else unless he gives him a reason.

Michael is working at Crimson Lights when he tells Kevin to leave the coffee pot for him. He tells Kevin he could use that money he has to hire him a legal assistant. Kevin tells him he and the big guy have settled up and they are even now saying he scored himself some major cosmic brownie points.

Katherine learns that Nikki works at Restless Style right there in Genoa City. She is excited thinking surely she will recognize her. She tells Murphy it would be so nice to have her life back again.

Nikki agrees with Daniel that the deal for him to come back to work there was that he would be able to wear Amber’s designs. He doesn’t want to wear the neon shirt that Phyllis picks out for him. When Daniel walks away Nikki tells Phyllis she is going to take some work home with her if it is ok, so Phyllis tells her that Nick should be back soon anyway.

Nick calls Phyllis and tells her they are taking the buyer to dinner and he should be home before bedtime. She tells him to do what he has to do, then before hanging up she says she loves him. Then she sees the black plastic jacket Daniel is wearing and doesn’t say what she is thinking.

Nick tells Sharon that Noah is staying at the ranch to hang out with Abby while they are gone. They explain to the buyer that they use to be married but now they are just friends. Sharon takes a call from Michael and she tells him she wants a divorce from Jack so he agrees to handle it for her. He tells her he will start the paperwork for her. When Michael hangs up he laughs and then grabs Kevin demanding to know what he has been up to. Kevin tells him he gave Mrs. Chancellor a chance at her old life.

Nikki opens the door and finds Katherine there and she is in shock. Nikki says they warned her but she wasn’t prepared for the shock of actually seeing her. Katherine tells her she was always like a daughter to her. She reminds Nikki of the incident at the hospital and how they have always stuck up for one another. Nikki grabs her hugging her saying yes they do. Katherine whispers to her to please believe her as they are hugging.

Cane looks into the camera when he is asked about his grandmother’s book with all the fights and husband stealing. Cane insists that his grandmother and mother loved each other. The reporter then asks about his brother being a part of seizing Jabot away from them. Cane avoids that and says he is happy at Chancellor Industries and is blessed to be free of Jabot. He says he owes a big thank you to his brother.

Nick and Sharon try talking about the Beauty of Nature product line but somehow manage bringing the subject back to their own personal lives which seems to fascinate the buyer. She is taken by the fact that Nick and Sharon were high school sweethearts. She tells them normally she hears pitches all day long but seems to especially like this one. Nick and Sharon see how interested she is so they go on talking about their past and how it was when they first met and how they both knew they would be together.

Phyllis doesn’t like Daniel wearing the jacket next to Cane and Billy. Daniel is wondering what Phyllis is up to when he finds out she is going to have Amber’s ex’s as a part of this too. She tells him it isn’t her fault that Amber has slept her way through Genoa City’s phone book. Daniel says no way, to forget it.

After Michael nags Kevin he finally admits that he gave all the money to the guy Murphy to give to Mrs. Chancellor. He tells Michael it is really Mrs. C and the guy seemed honest. Michael asks if they told him the bail was only $25,000. He tells Kevin congratulations because he just bailed out a con artist and gave her an extra $38,000 to boot.

Ambers sees Daniel and Phyllis bickering over the shoot as Daniel refuses to model for. Amber cons him after she tells him she would be happier if he didn’t do it anyway because she didn’t want all those women seeing him on the cover anyway. Daniel thinks about it which is exactly what Amber wanted him to do and he decides ok he will do it. He tells Phyllis she has Amber to thank for his changing his mind.

Nick and Sharon talk about their life together. They tell the woman about how they were crowned King and Queen of the Polynesian Dance. Nick tells her how it was great as he has flashbacks to his wedding proposal to Sharon and to the day he brought her to their new home and how he held Noah for the first time after he was born. Sharon says they have some nice memories as they look at each other.

Kevin is slamming things around and he tells Michael he is just fine. He says he thinks he did the right thing by giving the money back. Michael gets a phone call and walks away leaving Kevin there to brew more. While he is gone Murphy walks up and tells Kevin that the bail was only $25,000 and there was $38,000 left over that they don’t need so he is giving it back to him. He tells Kevin to give him a cup of coffee and they can call it even as he heads for the patio leaving Kevin speechless.

Katherine tries to convince Nikki that she is Katherine Chancellor. She tells Nikki how Murphy found her in a river bank. He knew Marge and ever since then he has been trying to lodge her memory. He told her she worked in a diner because he thought she was Marge. She said but she was trying to remember a life that wasn’t hers. She admits her memory isn’t all back but she is working trying to get it all back. Nikki decides she isn’t Katherine after all since she can’t remember everything. She tells her she is not Katherine but she sure has done her homework well, calling her Marge. She tells her she is a cruel sick bitch.

The buyer tells Nick and Sharon she is totally sold and tomorrow Beauty of Nature goes on their front counter in all of her stores. Sharon is beside herself with pride. The woman says they need to attend a meeting with the West Coast supplier tomorrow though. Sharon says that is fine with her but Nick says unfortunately he has a prior commitment so he can’t be there but the lady says they have to both be there. She says that the only way she will deal with them is if they work as a team together.

Daniel is in front of the camera when he sort of clams up. With Amber watching she gets an idea. She walks over to him and kisses him getting him into a sexy mood which changes his attitude in front of the camera making the shoot a total success.

Now that the interview is over at the bookstore, Billy asks Cane how he and Cloe are bonding together. Cane asks Billy if he takes anything seriously and doesn’t he care at all about how that book hurt their mother. Billy says the book was honest and he will stand by it any day. Cane lashes out about honesty asking him if he has been honest with Lily. Billy tells him Lily has seen the real him and she likes it. Cane calls him a self centered bastard and Lily will figure him out. Billy looks at Cane and warns him that he has no idea.

Kevin tells Michael about Murphy bringing him the rest of the money back saying they don’t need it. Michael thinks Murphy is a con man but Kevin thinks he is a nice guy and he insists that Katherine is alive. Kevin hands Michael some of the money and hires him to make sure Mrs. C stays out of jail. When Kevin walks away Michael sees Murphy and he goes over to him telling him he would like to represent his friend, pro-bono, and then offers to walk him out.

Phyllis raves over Daniel’s shoot as they go into Crimson Lights. Amber shudders as she hesitates going in saying she is no so eager to see Kevin since she still feels like he killed Mrs. C.

Nikki tells Katherine how hard it was to say good bye to Katherine. Nikki accuses her of coming back and grabs her checkbook asking her how much it will take to get rid of her. She tells her to take this offer because it will be the best one she ever gets and then tell her to get the hell out and leave them alone to grieve. Katherine cries as Nikki yells again for her to get out. Katherine apologizes as she goes out the door and drops the check Nikki put in her hand. When she is out the door she tells Nikki again that she really is sorry as Nikki shuts the door.

When Katherine is back at the trailer she cries as she crumbles the piece of paper with Nikki’s name on it. When Murphy comes in he has news that a hot shot lawyer is going to handle her case for her and a supporter of hers will cover the bill. Katherine is still crying so Murphy asks what is wrong. He asks if something happened with Nikki, asking if she didn’t believe her. Katherine says no and she even offered her money to go away. Murphy said they just need to find a way to prove who she is. As she opens the paper Katherine says she has to find a way not to hurt the ones she loves while doing it though. Meanwhile Nikki is still at Paul’s crying and devastated. She thinks back to when she and Katherine first became friends only causing her to cry more.

Cane goes after Billy asking him what did he mean when he said he had no idea. Billy said he was talking about himself saying that Cane had no clue about him. Cane says he knows he is a man without honor. Billy questions that and insinuates that does marrying a chick that you slept with just once mean honor. Cane says he has common sense and he takes responsibility. Billy tells him he married a stalker that tricked him calling Cloe a nut and Cane a psycho. Before you know it they are swapping punches right there in the bookstore.

Daniel asks Amber again to please drop this about Kevin. Over at the counter Kevin is arguing with the plumbers about the pipes again in the café. He tells the guy this time he can’t pay in case, he will have to charge the bill and then he walks away. Michael hands the plumber some cash and tells him to do the job but to tell Kevin he has had a change of heart. Kevin tells Amber and Daniel he feels like he could just bash someone’s head in which scares Amber, as she takes him literally. When Daniel goes to check on Kevin Amber tells herself she should have done this sooner as she takes out her phone dialing a number. She says she would like to report a murder.

Nick calls Phyllis and tells her he has to stay in New York tonight so he will talk to her in the morning. She tells Michael that Nick is staying the night in New York with Sharon. Michael assures her that Sharon’s divorce won’t change anything between her and Nick then says she did know about that didn’t she. Phyllis acknowledges yes she did but she really didn’t and now she looks worried.

Nick and Sharon head for their rooms at the hotel to find them across from one another. Nick tells her that Phyllis said she understood why he had to stay the night. Sharon tells Nick she wanted to be the one to tell him before someone else did that she is about to get a divorce from Jack as she walks away to go to her room, leaving Nick standing there shocked.

Jan Barrett

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