Michael is watching Gloria with Jeffery and is frustrated. Lauren tries to get him to think of something else but he complains saying they are getting drunk and he doesn’t like it. They walk over to Gloria and Michael tells her she needs to slow down some. Michael tells Jeffery he trusts him to get Gloria home in one piece and he doesn’t want either of them to be driving. When Gloria gets up to tell Lauren and Michael good bye Jeffery pours most of his drink out. Gloria tells Jeffery if he respected her he wouldn’t be blackmailing her. He tells her the blackmail thing is more or less his way of trying to get close to her.

In the back alley Cane and Lily share a romantic kiss. Lily is amazed and the kiss was hot. Neil and Karen walk out and interrupt them with Neil not very happy at all. He asks Cane and Karen to give him a minute with his daughter. When they go inside Neil asks her to please tell him this isn’t what he thinks it is. Lily tells him yes it is exactly what it looks like. She tells Neil that this is not a big deal. He tells her they have talked about this before and reminds her of their age difference, then brings up Cane’s past. Lily reminds Neil that she is not a little girl anymore and says she knows what she is doing. He tells her he tried to warn her about Daniel and she wouldn’t listen and now she is warning her about Cane. She tells him he has got to let her start making her own decisions from now on and then she goes back into Indigo. Inside Cane sees Lily come back in and he asks her if she is ok and she tries to make excuses for her Dad. Cane tells her he thinks her Dad doesn’t like him. She tells him it isn’t that. She says he just worries about her.

Nikki goes to Phyllis’s and tells her she thought she would try and catch Summer before she goes to sleep to read her a bedtime story but Phyllis tells her she just got her down to sleep. They sit down and Nikki admits she is restless and hasn’t been getting much sleep lately. She also tells Phyllis that she has a proposition for her, She invites Phyllis to come back to work full time at the company that she helped her start. Phyllis is shocked. She says how much she appreciates the offer but asks if she can talk to Nick about this first. Nikki tells her of course.

Nick and Victor wrap up a business meeting when Victor asks Nick if he was aware of the fact that his mother came right out and said she thinks he actually is guilty. Nick asks if he means that she thinks he killed JiMin. Victor says yes. Nick says well Nikki has been under a lot of stress lately and says a lot of things. Then he starts saying about the evidence that they have and how he could understand how one might have their doubts. Victor stops him by asking him if he is saying that he actually thinks he could have killed that man. Nick tells him if he tells him he is innocent then he will believe him. Victor says he can’t believe what he is hearing here. Nick says neither can he.

A knock at the door brings in JT and he apologizes for interrupting but Victor says it is ok, Nick was just leaving. Victor asks JT about his talk with Nikki. JT says he didn’t tell her about him investigating David. He says he she figured it out. JT says he doesn’t like being pulled in the middle of their divorce and being forced to take sides so Victor fires him.

Michael and Lauren go home and Lauren is in a seductive mood. She kisses him and starts taking his shirt and tie off when his phone rings. It is Victor he says. Victor asks him if he was in bed yet and Michael says no. Victor asks him to come see him. When he hangs up he tells Lauren he isn’t going. She says yes he is and he says no, because he has to stop dropping everything the minute Victor Newman needs him. Lauren is kissing him telling him to go and take care of it because if he doesn’t he will only keep thinking about it.

When Michael gets to see Victor he tells Victor he is working on a strategy for his case. Victor insists he gets a good one or he will find someone else that will. Michael tells Victor that if he wants to win this case he will have to help him. Victor asks what he has in mind. Michael brings up the surveillance tapes and says if they can come up with a reasonable doubt about the reconstructed tapes that the police came up with to fit the missing pieces then it would force the police to come up with the missing parts. When Michael goes home he finds Lauren there waiting for him still in her romantic mood.

Nick comes home and finds Nikki there. She can see that something is wrong with him so she gets him to talk. She is sorry he is going through all this. Phyllis comes down and she is happy to see him. Nikki says she is going home now and leaves. Phyllis kisses Nick and then asks him what is wrong. He tells her he is ok. After they talk awhile Phyllis tells Nick that Nikki offered her old job back. He says great but only if that is what she wants. She says well there is a “but” to the offer. She says she will have to go on the road for promotions. He says well Summer might enjoy that. She asks him if he would be able to go with her but he says he would love to but with Victoria’s problem and work it would be impossible to leave.

Gloria and Jeffery ask for one more drink but Neil tells them he thinks it is time to call them a cab. Gloria laughs and tells him no cab, call a limousine for the newlyweds. Neil asks Newlyweds?  Jeffery says well not yet but they are engaged to be married. When they go back to the hotel Jeffery gets Phyllis up to his room and tells her she is so sexy and so beautiful and before he could say anything else she passes out. He laughs and then says and so drunk.

Cane goes to the coffee house and runs into Lily. He orders some coffee and when she walks up to him he swears he isn’t following her around. She says she knows that. Amber brings him his order and Cane says hang on a minute. He asks Lily if he can speak to her for a minute, she says sure. He tells her he would like to ask her out on a real date. She smiles and asks him when. He says soon, so she says ok but she doesn’t want to set herself up for a fall or to get hurt again. He says he won’t do that to her. She asks him if he promises that. He rubs her face and then kisses her. Amber witnesses this and starts crying because she is crushed.

JT goes to the Athletics Club and orders a drink and while sitting there he spots David in the lounge talking to some strange man.

Karen sings a song with Neil sitting next to her. They show Lauren and Michael and then Nick and Phyllis all in the romantic ways and then Neil kisses Karen in the middle of the song.

Jan Barrett

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