Paul walks in at Crimson Lights and finds Nikki sitting there reading Katherine’s book. He tells her about Marge appearing once again and Jill has had her arrested. Hearing this Nikki decides to go to the jail and speak with Marge.

Gloria begs the guard to let her use the phone but she is getting nowhere with it. Then she talks to another inmate complaining about her friend being out of there and she is being stuck there in that hell hole.

Katherine and Murphy walk into the bookstore with Katherine wishing she could even remember writing the book. Murphy says they should buy it and then get the hell out of there when he notices other people staring at her. Jeffery watches Katherine and Murphy when Jill walks in so he hides.

Victor is on a business call when Ashley walks in. She asks him to join her for lunch if he isn’t busy but he tells her he will always have time for her. She says she is glad to see his priorities have changed. He tells her better late than never as he kisses her.

Sharon goes to see Jack and asks if he has seen a sex therapist yet. When he says no, she hands him a paper with a name of one and she wants him to call the doctor saying she is suppose to be a good therapist. Jack just stands there looking at the card

Victor had their lunch catered by the Colonnade Room which makes Ashley think that Victor the most romantic man in the world. They both seem so happy together.

Jack tells Sharon that he can fight this on his own but Sharon insists that this has to be done by a professional. When she can see that Jack doesn’t want to call, she takes the card and says she will call. When she does she makes an appointment the doctor offers to go there right away so Sharon gives her their address which really makes Jack uncomfortable.

Nikki is told that Marge is out on bail so Nikki doesn’t need to go to the jail to see her. Paul doesn’t want Nikki to get all messed up in this. Then he tells her that he is going to Miami to do some work for Michael concerning Gloria to uncover the truth. He said that Gibson did tell all the truth in his suit against Jabot. Nikki says there is no excuse for what Gloria did and they should throw away her cell room key.

Gloria thinks back to all the times Jack gave her the brush off and how he vowed to help prosecute her. She makes a deal with another inmate to do her chores for her if they made a phone call for her. The inmate calls Jeffery and he tells her he can’t come right now but he wants her to tell him little poopsie he is mad about her and then he hangs up. Gloria is fuming mad now saying damn him, and now she has to scrub toilets for that call now.

Jill looks at the book and thinks it is just trash but picks up a copy anyway. Jeffery hides again from Katherine and Murphy when they return. Katherine still can’t believe she is actually Katherine Chancellor. When they go out the door Jill notices Jeffery and asks if he is following her.

Jill runs into Nikki who asks if she has ever found that ring. Jill explains other things are on her mind and she tells Nikki about Marge. Nikki tells her she has been reading Katherine’s book and she sees that Jill wasn’t exactly painted in a flattering light. Jill calls the book garbage but she goes out to the patio and pulls out the copy she just bought and starts reading.

Murphy tells Katherine it is good having her back home. He calls her Marge then wants to kick himself for it but Katherine says perhaps for now she should stay Marge until they can prove she is Katherine. She asks if he thinks she could just stay Marge a little longer. Murphy says he thinks Marge would be honored so they decide to do that as they start reading the book. Jeffery followed them to the trailer part and watches through a window.

Ashley lets Victor get back to business saying she is heading back to Jabot to check in and then she plans to spend the afternoon with Olivia so she says she will see him tonight. When she leaves he calls for his car to be brought around saying he is ready to go back to the ranch.

Sharon tells Jack she is only there to give him some support in all of this so she wants him to cheer up. He rushes to get online to find out what kind of symptoms one has if they are a sex addict. The good doctor arrives and Sharon answers the door.

Katherine is surprised as she reads the book thinking she can’t believe she lived through all of this and she can’t remember it. Murphy is surprised she lived through it at all. As Katherine reads she keeps getting flashbacks.

Victor calls Jill asking if she can go out to the ranch. As she is heading out the door, Ashley is coming in all chirpy. Ashley says hello then goes in and says hi to Nikki and then Paul. She tells Paul; that Abby will be starting high school soon. Nikki remarks at how fast Ashley moved in out at the ranch. Ashley tells her that she asked her to find Victor and help him so she did that and now they are back together and besides Abby is Victor’s daughter too. Nikki says takes a stab at Ashley by saying not that Victor had anything to do with it. Ashley tells her to get over it and walks away.

After the therapist tries picking Jack’s brain with questions like did he do pornography or did he feel something was missing in his marriage he gets fed up and tells her and Sharon he just can’t do this anymore and he walks out of the room.

Nikki admits to Paul that it does bother her that Victor has moved in his instant family out at the ranch. Paul thinks she feels she has been replaced. He understands that she is happy where she is right now and agrees that it will take a long time to lose her baggage.

Olivia is worried that Ashley will get hurt when she hears that Ashley and Victor are back together. Ashley assures Olivia that he has changed and he won’t hurt her again because she won’t let him.

Victor thanks Jill for coming and they talk about the imposter. Jill tells him about the book and how Katherine made her out to look like a monster. Victor doesn’t see the similarity between the book and the diary. He says Adam was being malicious but Katherine didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Jill calls the book a slap in her face along with the stock Katherine left to Gloria helping her to take over Jabot as they did. Victor tells her that is why he called her out. He wants to crush Jack and Jill figures he wants to help her regain control again.

Jeffery goes to see Gloria and he tells her about following the woman that looks like Katherine after seeing her in the book store. He laughs at Gloria when he finds out that Katherine got out and Gloria messed up her chance of getting out on bail so she could stay there to talk with this woman. Gloria tells Jeffery that it really is Katherine and she worries that he and she are screwed now.

Sharon tries talking to the therapist thinking maybe she just wasn’t enough for her husband. Jack can’t stand it any longer so he interrupts and says that is not what happened. When he gets the doctor to leave, he admits to Sharon that he lied and telling the truth at the time was even worse. He says he never cheated on her because he loves her too much. He admits he was in that motel room that night but he wasn’t with a prostitute, he was there working on forging the diary of Victor’s.

Jeffery says if Katherine is really alive then that means the will would be invalid. Gloria says her plan was working until Katherine was bailed out. She says they need to find out where Katherine is now but Jeffery tells her that he knows, they are staying in a trailer park. Gloria says good, if everyone thinks Katherine is still dead then that will give them more time to plan their next move.

Katherine tries to figure a way to prove she is really Katherine Chancellor but she knows she can’t go back to Jill and she says Gloria can’t be trusted. Murphy thinks they should go talk to Nikki since she was Katherine’s best friend.

Paul asks Nikki to with him to Miami but she says she can’t because she has a deadline to meet at Restless style. She tells him she will drive him to the airport though.

Ashley works on Olivia to convince her that she is happy with Victor. She says she never thought she would ever have herself, Abby and Victor in a home together as a family. Olivia just hopes Ashley knows what she is doing. Ashley tells her that she and Victor both are determined to make this work so they will have a happy life together.

Victor tells Jill he needs her to convince Jack that she is behind him. Jill tells him she has been catering to Jack’s ego and then tells Victor how she caught him in the CEO’s office with his feet propped up on the desk. She says in his mind it is a done deal that he is back. Victor is happy to hear that Jack is that confident saying that will make it only sweeter to take it all away from him again.

Sharon is shocked at Jack’s confession. He explains that he hired a prostitute to distract the forger. Sharon asks why he is confessing this now. He says because he can’t stand what all his lies is doing to her. He tells her now that she knows everything can’t they find a way to get past this as he tries to hug her. Sharon backs off and asks him if he is crazy telling him not to touch her. She asks how can she lecture Noah about lying anymore when she is married to a man that wouldn’t know the truth if it hit him in the face. She tells him he is the worse possible role model for her son. She says no more, he will never change so this time she is filing for a divorce saying her lawyer will be in touch as she heads out the door.

Jan Barrett

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