Michael and Lauren discuss Jeffery blackmailing Gloria. He is not only worried about Gloria but he is worried about them. He says that Jeffery can pull them right down with Gloria. He says they can be charged with accessories after the fact in a crime. He says he would like to strangle Gloria and then Jeffery. Lauren says she would like to strangle them both together. She said it really makes her mad that Gloria wasn’t honest with them to begin with. She says if she had been none of this would be happening right now.

Gloria goes to see Kevin at the coffee house and tells him she needs his help. He tells her he thought she told him and Michael and Lauren they are not to try and get her out of this. She tells him that only included Michael and Lauren. She wants his help though. She was thinking about leaving town and going into hiding. Kevin told her that is a crazy idea. He said Jeffery is too smart for that, he would track her down. She says she can change her looks and all. Kevin tells her no she is going to stay and fight him and beat him at his own game.

Neil is getting Indigo ready for a new singer’s debut tonight but her agent calls telling him she is going to have to cancel because she is sick with the Flu. Neil has a fit but realizes if the woman is sick there is not much they can do about it. So now with it just a few hours before show time he doesn’t know what to do til he thinks about Karen. He calls her and asks her to sing tonight after telling her she has a beautiful voice. Karen doesn’t want to do it. When she hangs up Lily is there with her and she tries to talk Karen into doing it saying her Father says she is a natural. Karen says sure in her shower but not up on a stage. Lily begs her to do it. Neil comes in and tells her he thought begging her in person might work better. Now she has Neil and Lily begging her. She finally agrees but says she doesn’t have anything to wear. She doesn’t have any music put together. Neil asks her to trust her that he will take care of it all and everything will be fine. She says she suddenly feels sick.

Neil calls Lauren and asks her for help with something for Karen to wear tonight. She says not to worry she has it covered and then brings three different gowns to Indigo for Karen. Karen is really nervous so Lauren tells her back in the day she herself once was a singer. She tells her how when on stage she use to get nervous so she would pick out someone in the audience that she knew and focus just on them thinking she was just singing to them and that really worked. Neil says see, she can just think of her singing to him. He leaves so she can get dressed and then Lauren and Lily help her pick out a gown out of the three. She says she is going to trust their judgement and she goes off to put the gown on.

Jeffery runs into Jill at the Club and he announces that he and Gloria are getting married. Jill is surprised. He tells her he knows Gloria isn’t her favorite person but he hopes she will be happy for them. Jill starts to say something but stops herself. Jeffery tells her to go ahead and say what she feels. Jill asks if this proposal was Gloria’s or his. He assures her that Gloria wants nothing from him. He says the proposal came as a complete surprise to her even. Katherine comes up and hears the news about Jeffery and Gloria. She is surprised to hear this news too. When Jeffery leaves the table Cane joins them and Jill tells him they want to give him a promotion. He says he doesn’t really think he deserves a promotion. Jill tells him that she and Katherine are the ones to decide these kind of things and they say he does.  He thanks them both very much and when he makes a toast, he says he is so happy to have found them. Katherine asks Cane if he would like to call Amber and ask her to go to Indigo with them but he says that’s all in the past and he would like to take his two favorite women. Jill sips her drink and smiles.

Roxanne and Devon call Roxanne’s friend Alan and invite him to Indigo in hopes of hooking him up with Lily. When they get there they get together with Lily and they all sit at a table. Before long Lily notices Cane sitting at another table with Jill and Katherine. He spots her also sitting there. Cane walks over to their table and Lily introduces him to everyone at the table. He says he has to get back to his table but says it was good to see her there.

Gloria and Jeffery show up at Indigo and everyone seems to notice them. Michael tells Lauren he thinks he is going to be sick. Gloria and Jeffery are making a show in front of everyone. When they sit at the table Gloria says she is going to get drinks. At the bar she says orders two drinks and tells the bartender to put three shots in one drink and the other one very weak. Then she turns around and waves to Jeffery while waiting. Later Gloria orders another drink telling the waiter to tell the bartender she wants them exactly how he made the others. Jeffery remarks that she must be thirsty. As she sits back admiring her ring Jeffery pours his drink out into the flower pot without Gloria seeing him.

Neil gets on stage and introduces Karen as a new singer for tonight but she doesn’t show so another man gets up there to sing. Lauren says oh no. Lily says oh no. Neil runs to the back and finds Karen too nervous to move. She says she is so sorry but when time came to go on stage she got his big lump in her throat and just couldn’t go through with it. He tells her it is ok. He kisses her and while they kiss Lily walks in. She is embarrassed that she interrupted and after she finds out that Karen is OK she leaves the room even though they tell her it is ok. After they are alone again Neil says he wants to pick up where they left off then kisses her again.

Lily goes back to the table and excuses herself again. They ask where she is going. She says she is going to step outside and get some fresh air, that she will be right back. She goes out and calls Colleen and leaves a message for her to call her. Cane comes out the door and surprises Lily. He tells her he saw her rush out like that so he was worried about her. He tells her that her date seems like a nice guy. She says well he isn’t really her date. He tells her that seeing her there with that guy made him jealous. She says it did? Cane leans over and kisses her.

Jan Barrett

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