A reporter corners Nikki at the coffee house and asks questions about Victor. She keeps asking questions even after Nikki tells her to just leave her alone. She tells Nikki she is going to have to talk to her sooner or later and that she will get her story one way or another. As Nikki tries to walk away Phyllis comes between them and gets rid of the reporter for Nikki.

After finding the board room door locked Jack calls out to Sharon to open the door. When he finds Sharon and Brad in there together he asks why the door is locked. Sharon lies saying she didn’t know it was. Jack asks about how the meeting went then asks Sharon if she is still up for that drink. She says yes please and gets her things together. Before they leave Jack asks Brad if he has a few minutes to talk. Sharon doesn’t like it but Jack tells her to just take her car to the club and he will meet her there. She looks worried as the elevator doors shut. When she is gone Jack tells Brad to stay away from his wife. He says he will be doing everything he can to put his marriage back together so he wants him to stay out of it. When he goes out the board room, he looks at Brad and remarks how the door didn’t lock, how about that.

Jeffery announces to Michael, Lauren and Kevin that Gloria has agreed to become his wife. They are in shock and when Gloria asks them if they are going to drink a toast to the occasion, Michael gulps his champagne down then asks if this is the part where they start laughing announcing that this is a joke. Jeffery says no joke, but he almost forgot the most important part. He gets down on his knees and proposes to Gloria as he pulls out a huge diamond ring. He slips it on her finger and she tells him he sure knows how to make a girl feel loved and then she says yes she will marry him. Michael is not too happy with the news but Gloria points out that Kevin seems to be ok with it. Kevin says sure he is fine with it. Michael makes it no secret he doesn’t like this. After Gloria and Jeffery are gone Michael lays into Kevin about what is really going on.

Out in the hallway Jeffery tells her not to look so upset. He tells her to go back inside and tell her family that this is real. He says to convince them she loves him. She says this won’t work. He says well either they will be married or she will be in prison for what she has done. She says she has a proposition for him. She offers him half a million dollars cash if he will leave her alone and never bother her again. He just laughs. He says don’t sell herself too cheap. He says he can get much more than that when she marries him. To just look at him makes Gloria sick to her stomach. Back in the apartment Gloria tries to tell Michael that she is in love with Jeffery but Michael doesn’t believe her., He grabs her and shakes her telling her to tell him the truth. Finally she confesses to him that Jeffery is blackmailing her. She says he knows everything about the cream and he has proof.

Nick is out at the ranch trying to make Victor see that he is supporting him. Victor just sees that Nick has sympathy for his mother so he tells him to go visit with his sister as he gets ready to go out. His phone rings, when he answers all he says is he told them not to call him at home and not to do it again then hangs up. Nick asks him if that was more reporters. He says no it was the office calling. Nikki walks in and Victor says good timing, since he is about to go out the door. She tells him she is glad she got to see him. He asks why she would say that. She tells him she can only imagine the stress he must be under with everything that is going on and she wanted him to know he has her support in this. He thanks her and then leaves the house. She tells Nick she is worried about his father.

Sharon is at the club when she runs into Victor. He tries to warn her that Jack Abbott is a very selfish man and he knows one thing, when he goes down he will try to take her down with him. When Jack shows up Sharon asks him what did he says to Brad. He tells her he told him to not take advantage of her and that they were working on their marriage so he asked him not to interfere. She says well Brad is her friend, and she trusts him and she admits she does care for him. Jack tells her he trusts her but he is her husband now. At the office Nick tells Brad he needs to get over Sharon that she has moved on with her life.

Nikki tells Nick how Phyllis stood by her today with the reporter and how much she appreciated it. Later Phyllis comes in and offers to take some time to sit with Victoria. He says Nikki is up there with her right now. She says oh then she will leave. He says no and tells her that Nikki told him what she done for her today and he thinks that is so cool and thanks her.

Phyllis meets Nick at Newman. She tells him she remembered they still had the babysitter with Summer so she thought she would meet him and maybe they could go to Indigo and have a drink. He says well he could think of some more important things to do. She says well yes she can too. Then she goes and locks the door. She walks back over to him and kisses him.

Victor meets with JT and finds out some background on David. Everything JT tells him, Victor says he knows about already. He says there is something about the guy he just doesn’t trust. He asks JT to keep digging.

JT is back out at the Ranch and sees Nikki. He starts asking questions about David. Nikki figures out that he must have been investigating David but she wants to know if Victor asked him to. He tells her that she is going to be his mother in law so he is just looking out for her. She shakes her head and says he just doesn’t see it, that he is the one being taken advantage of.

Nikki waits for Victor and scolds him about using JT to get information on David. Victor tells her he has every right to find out who is involved with his family. They start arguing and Nikki asks him if that is what happened to JiMin. He asks her if she really thinks he killed JiMin.

Sharon and Jack get home and Noah calls asking if he can spend the night with his friend. When she hangs up she tells Jack it is just going to be the two of them tonight. He asks if that’s such a bad thing. She apologizes saying that isn’t what she meant, and then she kisses him. She starts turning lights out and leads him upstairs to their bedroom. In the meantime Brad calls Sharon but gets her voice mail and he leaves a message telling her he just wanted her to know he was thinking about her.

Jan Barrett

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