Jeffery goes to see Gloria and he reminds her why he asked for the divorce. He tells her the arraignment is set for today and she might be free tonight and he can’t wait to celebrate in the nearest bed. Gloria didn’t realize she would be getting out but doesn’t look so happy.

Michael demands to talk to Kevin in private and he says it isn’t to talk about Gloria. Kevin says oh yeah he probably wants to talk about last night asking was that a hoot or what. Michael wants Kevin to explain why Kevin and Jana were hiding in Nick’s closet.

Phyllis tells Nick she is not pressuring Nick but she wants to know when he is planning on giving his notice at Newman. She says she is not worrying about Sharon but she is worried about Restless Style. She said the next issue is an all male one and the cover model broke his leg. Then she gets a call saying the color press just crashed. She reminds Nick that he told her he would be there if she called for help. She says well she is calling now.

Neil and Karen arrive at Newman and they find out Victor has returned to the office. Neil is taken by the news and says so much for the victory dance on the account that he has been working on for months.

Sharon talks to Victor and updates him on Noah. She tells him he is a good boy and the usual stuff that she is overreacting to. She tells him about her and Jack being separated. Victor tells her he honestly thinks she is better off without him.

Katherine wonders why Gloria is in jail and asks if she is innocent. Gloria says she is more or less innocent. When Gloria tries avoiding the question Katherine pushes until Gloria finally tells her she is there for product tampering and possibly manslaughter.

Kevin tries explaining to Michael about the $75,000 and how he tried to give the money back to Katherine. Michael asks how come he didn’t come to him about it. Michael tells him that he can’t keep the money because it isn’t his, it belongs to Katherine’s estate. He tells Kevin he won’t explain what the right thing to do is, but tells him to think long and hard about it.

Katherine tells Gloria since she says she isn’t allowed to talk about her case then perhaps they shouldn’t talk at all. Gloria tells her that is mean reminding her that when she thought she was dead, she was devastated. Gloria tells her that she is the only one in town that knows she is Katherine Chancellor. She tells Katherine she is the only one that believes in her and wants her to get her life back.

Michael talks to Eden about the money and let’s her know Kevin was holding it for someone. He let’s her know that Kevin took it from where Noah had it and it is going back to its rightful owner. He asks her if Lowell left the money for her. Eden says no but she walked in on him trying to get the money out of her bear. She says how she caught Lowell before he lied to her and took off. Michael tells her how grateful he is to have his little sister.

Nick calls Victor for help with the press. Victor knows of a printer he can use so Nick said he is a lifesaver. Victor asks Sharon if he will go to New York on business and when she says yes he tells Nick he needs him to go and Sharon has agreed to go with him but it won’t be an overnight trip. When Nick hangs up Phyllis is excited to hear that they will have a printer, but is upset when Nick tells her he is going on a trip to New York with Sharon.. He reminds her that yes, Sharon is the spokesperson for Beauty of Nature. Phyllis says she isn’t worried about Sharon, she is more worried about him leaving Restless Style, their baby! She tells him she supports his wishes but why buy out the magazine if he is only going to treat it like a hobby. He tells her he loves Restless Style and he loves Newman too. He says his Dad has asked him to come back permanently so it is not fair to ask him to choose without giving him time to think about it.

Victor congratulates Neil on a job well done. Victor tells him that Nick is planning on staying on at Newman. Nick doesn’t want to take a back seat to Nick and Victoria and Victor understands promising to come up with something saying he does not want to lose him.

Sharon runs into Noah at the coffee shop while he is there picking up coffee for everyone over at Restless Style. One of his friends comes up and talks about where Noah was the night of the New Year’s Eve party. Sharon gets mad when she finds out that Noah lied to her again. She tells him this has got to stop. She says when she gets back from her appointment they are going to sit down and have a very serious conversation.

Michael sees Heather at the courthouse and tries to talk to her about Gloria’s case. She tells him she sees it as since he turned his father in now he figures his mother should get a break.

Gloria questions Katherine more about her past to help her remember who she is. When she mentions her bringing her buckets of tea Katherine suddenly remembers Gloria bringing her tea and scones from Crimson Lights. Gloria is told her arraignment is today and she wonders if that can’t wait. As she is being taken out the rec room, Katherine wishes her good luck.

Phyllis tells Nick it looks like they will meet their deadline. Nick tells Phyllis that he wants to stay at Newman but he wants to stay at Restless Style too. She asks if he thinks he can handle both and he tells her his Dad has asked him to come back and he realizes how much he needs him and he can’t turn his back on him now. She says she just doesn’t want to see Victor treat him like a second class citizen and she doesn’t want to see him getting his hopes up.

Kevin thinks about what Michael told him. He says to himself, but right for who Mikey as he shuts the safe. Then he thinks back to when he saw Katherine at the jail and suddenly he leaves the coffee shop.

When Gloria arrives at the courthouse Michael tells her that the bail will be set for $350,000 so all she has to do is say not guilty and she will be released right after the arraignment. She asks if it will go that fast. Michael is confused saying he thought she had been whining nonstop about getting out of jail.

When Noah gets back to Restless style, Eden calls him and tells him there is a problem with the money. He tells her to meet her at his Dad’s place. He tells her he is on his way. After he delivers the coffee he asks Phyllis if he can leave early today.

 Neil tells Karen what is going on and he is happy to have Victor back as a friend but as for business he is not so sure. He says that his last name is not Newman. He says he’s been there/done that. He said he told victor he won’t answer to Nick or Victoria and he meant it.

Gloria’s arraignment is set and all goes well. Just as the judge is about to set it for her to be bailed, Gloria interrupts and says she has something to say which freaks Michael out. . Meanwhile Kevin arrives at the jail and sees Katherine. When she sees him she asks if she knows him.

Noah is shocked to hear that Kevin took the money. Eden tells him what Michael told him about the money. Noah asks if Michael explained how his brother happened to have $63,000 just lying around.

Katherine doesn’t recognize Kevin. He tells her he worked for her and spent a lot of time together. When he mentions his mother’s name Katherine recognizes that name. She says he must be the son that Gloria mentioned. She tries to remember saying he has this shop. She tells him he has her money that she left at his coffee shop and called him then asks didn’t she? When Kevin doesn’t answer Katherine isn’t so sure what happened.

Refusing to be quiet Gloria says she most certainly does have a question for the judge asking why they are taking her passport. She said the jail has been cold and dreary and she thinks the Cayman Islands are beautiful this time of year. Gloria says she agrees with Heather saying a private jet is definitely the way to go. Suddenly the judge denies bail and Michael asks Gloria what the hell she thinks she is doing. Jeffery goes over to Gloria and says he guesses she showed them as he taunts her.

Nick is back over at Newman Enterprises talking to Victor who tells him that he was wrong and he is proud of what Nick has done at Restless Style. Nick asks for the freedom to be able to go back and forth to both places. Victor promises to give him all the freedom he needs. Hearing this Nick agrees to come back to Newman then.

Phyllis tells Sharon that Noah isn’t there when Sharon arrives at Restless style. Phyllis tells her he is at her place doing schoolwork. Sharon asks if she is sure about that. She says he lied to her again. She asks Phyllis if she checked his story but Phyllis says no because she is not as anal retentive as she is. She tells Sharon if she would loosen her death grip on those kids they wouldn’t have to go underground. Sharon says that she can see that lying obviously doesn’t bother her. She says Noah is not her son so she would appreciate if she would stay out of it how she and Nick raise their son. Phyllis says she will as long as she remembers that while she is in New York with her husband that she remembers whose husband Nick is. She says she will give her a hint, he is NOT hers. Sharon smiles and says she doesn’t think anything will happen between her and Nick. Phyllis says good but she wishes they had this agreement before they were swapping spit in Paris. Sharon has that proud look on her face as she walks out leaving Phyllis fuming.

Jan Barrett

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