Victoria and JT go to the ranch for dinner and Victoria says she knows this dinner is about Ashley. JT tells her to come in anyway so they go inside and Victoria is surprised to see Abby there and Victor says Ashley and Abby are home for good now.

Kevin figures out that no one is home at Nick and Phyllis’s place when he serves the Newman’s and Lauren and Michael. He tells Jana to call for a back up at the café so they can go get their money back.

Billy is at Jabot’s office when he gets a call from Lily, aka FallOutGirl saying she won’t be able to meet him tonight.

Cane offers Cloe something to eat but she doesn’t want any of it. She asks him to go out to the garage to get her some water. Billy calls and tells Cloe he wants to pick Cane’s brain about Jabot. She invites him to come over and when Cane comes back he is on the phone with Jill saying she wants them to meet her for dinner. She didn’t tell Cane that Billy is coming over. Cloe gives him an excuse why she doesn’t want to go but tells him to go on without her. When he is gone she rubs her belly and says Daddy’s on his way.

Things are tense between Ashley and Victoria. JT warns Victor to expect some noisy pool parties which makes Victor happy saying he looks forward to the noise and laughter there again. Victoria teases saying if that is what he wants she can always bring Reed over.

Jill talks to Cane about going to work at Chancellor. He says his place right now is at home with Cloe but Jill says they can have Esther come sit with her while he is at work. Cane tells her he will at least think about it. Jill would like to see cane and Billy friends again but Cane can’t see that ever happening. He warns Jill that if she trusts that little bastard and she will get hurt again.

Before Billy arrives Cloe dims all the lights. When he gets there he asks why it is so dark in there and figures out she didn’t even tell Cane he was coming over. When he asks about the baby he tells her the baby is his niece so of course he cares. Cloe admits that when they were together it wasn’t all that bad and Billy agrees.

Kevin and Jana break into the Newman’s and the alarm is triggered. When the security company calls Jana answers pretending to be Phyllis and she guesses what the password is. When she hangs up they agree to grab the money and get out of there but they take time to kiss each other first.

Victor thanks JT for encouraging Victoria to return to work at Newman. Ashley can see the tension with Victoria so she tries talking to her telling her she realizes she wanted her parents to reconcile. Victoria tells her she is not jealous or being petty but she is worried about her Dad falling back into the depression again. She finds it odd that he snapped out of it just out of the blue. Ashley assures her that she will provide all the love, space and understanding that Victor needs.

Jana and Kevin search for the money and they find it stuffed into a pillowcase. They are so excited they kiss each other again. Suddenly they get scared when they hear Phyllis and Nick with Michael and Lauren come home so they hide in the closet. They hear them say they have no kids and they have hours to kill.

Billy gets a call from Lily and Cloe notes that he lit up like a Christmas tree as if Lily was on top as the angel. Cloe insists that she is not jealous, after all she is the one that is pregnant and married to a doting husband. He says that is great so since his brother is so amazing it shouldn’t bother her if he dates Lily. He tells Cloe that she after all was the one that wanted Cane.

Lily is talking to Colleen on the phone joking around telling her not to be calling her Aunt Lily but then agrees that her uncle is cute. Cane walks in and over hears and asks if she is dating his brother now.

The Newman’s and Baldwin’s decide to play the game Pictionary. Nick and Phyllis go to get the paper and markers for the game so Michael says he will put the coats in the closet. When he opens the door he sees Kevin and Jana were are motioning to him to be quiet. Michael tells Nick he will just set the coats on the side since the closet is crowded.

Lily explains to Cane that she didn’t expect the guy she talked to online to be Billy but now that she knows and since she is still single she decided why she should pass up a decent guy. Cane insists that his brother is not a decent guy. He tells her this is just a payback because Billy wants everything he had. Lily says well Cloe wanted everything she had and just maybe Billy likes her for her and she leaves mad.

When Billy is about to leave the baby starts kicking so Billy puts his hand on her belly to feel it. He is amazed and says the little booger is amazing smiling when he feels her kicking. She is surprised saying she called the baby the little booger too but Cane doesn’t like it which doesn’t surprise Billy.

At dinner Jill complains some more about Amber pushing Katherine’s book to being published. She tells Cane that the imposter is still in jail because she can’t come up with the bail . Cane tells Jill that he ran into Lily and found out she is dating Billy now. Jill thinks Lily is a smart girl that could guide him the right way. Cane doesn’t think so, he thinks Billy will always only think of himself.

Billy talks to the baby through Cloe belly when Cane calls telling Cloe he will be out a little longer. Billy asks if he always checks up on her this way. Cloe says yes he does. He says good because that is what a good father is supposed to do.

Victor tells Victoria it is good to see her smiling. She tells him she has missed him. Victor gives all the credit for his return to Ashley. She lets him know she is worried about what is going on now. He tells her that Ashley and Abby is his family now so she needs to accept it. He tells her to accept who he his and his choices and they won’t have any problems and they hug each other.

Michael suggests that need to use blindfolds for the game. When they put the blindfolds on Nick and Phyllis he rushes Jana and Kevin out of the closet and out the front door and then they finish playing the game.

Jill sends Cane over to talk to Alex , Jabot’s R&D guy saying he is a good contact to maintain. While he is gone Lily passes by and tells Jill it is good to see her. She tells Jill she is dating Billy. Jill tells her she has two amazing sons. She warns Lily that Billy never means to be cruel but he will use who he can in order to get what he wants. Lily thanks her for the advice but assures her that she can take care of herself.

Nick and Phyllis talk and she says she isn’t mad at him and she understands why he would want to work for his father. Meanwhile Lauren is wondering what the Fisher’s are doing in the closet and wonders if they broke in. Michael tells her he will find out and then he is going to kill them.

Jana is excited about getting the money back. She says tomorrow they are going to buy that car that Kevin has been talking about. Kevin loves having his old Jana back. Jana corrects him saying not old, she is the new and improved and it feels good.

Victoria tells JT that Ashley fantasizes about her parents getting back together and she said her Dad thinks she is an ingrate regarding Ashley. JT advises her to leave it alone but Victoria can’t help but worry.

Ashley tells Victor not to expect them to all mesh together perfectly so soon. She reminds him that the kids all love him though. He tells her that she and Abby are part of his family now and Nick and Victoria will have to understand that.

Cane and Jill leave the club as a pesky reporter gets in Jill’s face asking her if she really did steal her mother’s husband asking did she really hate the old broad that much. . Cane ends up punching the guy out to the ground. Jill is shocked as Cane rushes her out the door.

Cloe is sitting at home alone when she starts imagining Billy with her making his pregnant wife feel good by telling her how pretty she is while he is lying on her lap with his head on her stomach. When she comes back to reality she settles for watching the TV thinking it is all she has to keep her company.

Lily goes to Jabot and finds Billy in the office. She sees he is sitting behind Cane’s old desk. She asks if this is what he wants, Cane’s job and his ex-fiancé. Billy stops her saying to hold on. He tells her it is only her and why would he want to hurt her. He tells Lily he can’t remember the last time he felt like this and he tells her he wants her. They promise each other to never use the other as they kiss. Soon his tie is loosened and they lie back together.

Jan Barrett

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