Phyllis and Nick discuss Victor being arrested. She tells him that Victor had lots of reasons to hate the man. Nick points out that his Dad hates a lot of people. Even Jack and look, Jack is still alive. Phyllis tells Nick that the facts are that the police didn’t have enough evidence against Jack to arrest him but they did have enough apparently to arrest Victor.

Ben comes to see Jack and they discuss Jack’s future now that he is no longer on the senate seat or working at Jabot. They mention something about Jack writing a book. Sharon walks in and tells Jack she is going to Newman’s for a meeting for a new product they are coming out with. Jack wants to know who the meeting is with. She says Brad is handling it.

Lauren tries to get Gloria to watch out for Jeffery. She is trying to find out why suddenly Gloria has changed her mind about him. Gloria tells her she knows what she is doing and that it will all be OK, then goes to the kitchen. Lauren asks her where she wants her to put her purse, but Gloria tells her to leave it alone that she will take care of it, but it is too late, Lauren already picked it up to move. She see a pouch in it and curiosity was too much for her, she had to look to see what was in it. She finds a handful of expensive jewelry. Gloria comes out and finds the jewelry in Laurens hands. She asks her what she is doing. Lauren asks if she is stealing jewelry now. Gloria says no, she has paid for every bit of it.

Michael comes in and Gloria says she is going to get dressed since Jeffery should be there soon. When she leaves the room Lauren shows him what she found in Gloria’s purse. He freaks out and empties her purse out and finds her check book. Going through it he finds where she wrote Jeffery a check for $50,000 just yesterday. He blows up and stands up yelling telling Gloria to come out of there right now. When Michael asks about the money she claims he needed some money for a down payment on some land that he wants to buy. Jeffery comes in with flowers and a bottle of Champagne. While waiting on Kevin they discuss Victor being arrested. Gloria gladly says that Victor didn’t do it. She says Jack Abbott did it. As they sit down with their drinks. Michael and Lauren drill Jeffery about the money Gloria gave him to see if he would back Gloria’s story but he knew nothing about property like she said. Gloria covers by saying it was for a down payment that he is making on a house. When Kevin finally comes home Jeffery makes the dreaded announcement that he and Gloria are getting married.

Daniel goes to see Heather and before she finds out what he is doing there she starts off giving him a hard time. He finally gets to tell her he came to bring her a check for the damage he done to her car. She apologized to him for jumping to conclusions before asking what was up. They talk a while with Daniel ending up asking her out for dinner. At first she thinks about it and then politely says she is going to have to decline on the offer. Later Heather goes to the coffee house for a quick sandwich to go but Daniel manages to get her to join him there to eat. She actually seems to be enjoying it. She is surprised he isn’t pumping her with questions about Victor Newman. He tells her he would rather just sit there and talking about surfing.

At Jabot Sharon is with Brad for this meeting. Brad wants to talk personal talk and asks how Noah is doing. She tells him he is great and that they had pizza and watched a movie last night for family night. She asks him if he knows how Victor is doing. He says he hasn’t seen him since he had been arrested. She says she will stop back by the ranch later and check on him. She asks Brad how Victoria is doing and he says he doesn’t know, he isn’t allowed to go see her. Brad keeps getting closer to Sharon as she tries discussing the new product.

When she finally says that she is going, he stands up and tells her they can both feel the tension between them. He says he will stand by her decision to stay with Jack. Nick walks in and asks Sharon to stop by his office before leaving. When he leaves Brad locks the door and then tells Sharon he thinks that she is more comfortable around him than her husband. She tries to stop him but he tells her he loves her. He begs her not to do this. He says he knows this is not what she wants. She tells him she doesn’t even know what she wants anymore. He kisses her and she starts kissing him back. She finally stops him saying he can’t be doing that and she pushes him away.

Meanwhile Jack tries calling Sharon but her phone is turned off so he leaves her a message telling her that he and Noah will stop by and pick her up and just go back to get her car later. When he hangs up he finds Phyllis at his door. He asks her how is she and she says that’s what she came to ask him. She tells him that she knows he is capable of some pretty underhanded stuff and his response is with a smile “Right back at you, beautiful” She says she doesn’t think he is capable of murder but she wants to know about setting someone up for murder. She explains that this is tearing her husband apart. When Phyllis goes home she talks more to Nick about Victor putting doubt in his head about his Father.

Jack heads over to Newman to pick Sharon up. When he shows up at the door of the board room he finds it locked. When she opens it she lies about it and said she didn’t even know the door was locked.

Jan Barrett

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