Sharon sits down and writes a letter to Nicholas explaining how she feels saying she can no longer keep this to herself.

Michael and Nick are looking for Noah and Eden when Michael tells him to take the next left. They talk about what the kids were thinking. Nick tells Michael he still can’t believe that he and Phyllis didn’t check out their story in the beginning.

Lauren and Phyllis call all the kids friends hoping someone would know something about a party or something to tell them where the kids are but have no luck. Phyllis blames herself but Lauren tries to comfort her. Phyllis says let’s hope they call her for a ride home at least.

Noah yells out for Eden not to come where he is because the ice is cracking. He tells her to run and get some help but not to come out on the ice.

Ashley and Abby run into Colleen at the club and when they invite Ashley to join them she says no but asks that they have Brad call her after because she needs to discuss business with him. They talk her into staying anyway so she says just until Brad gets there.

Jack is on the phone telling someone his wife is at the cabin alone tonight during this killer storm. Then Brad is seen with the hood of his car open using his flashlight to see when he hears someone yelling out for help. He realizes it is Noah yelling out.

Jack sees the girls and Ashley at the club and joins them. He encourages Colleen to take the Fresh Face of Jabot modeling job when Ashley says she was about to ask her to do it. Colleen says yes she would love to take it. Phyllis calls Abby asking if she has seen Noah. Jack takes the phone and tells Phyllis he doesn’t know where they are but asks her to keep him posted about it.

Michael calls Lauren and tells her that a man saw two kids walking in the woods. She tells him they haven’t heard anything on their end either. Phyllis wonders what if the kids are lost in the woods in this cold weather. Lauren says Eden is not experienced on how to handle this type of weather. Phyllis says Noah has been camping before and he knows the area so she is sure they will be fine.

The radio in Nick’s car is warning people to stay inside during this dangerous storm. Then we see Brad calling out for Noah. When he sees him he tells him to stay put he will get him. He starts towards Noah on the ice but it starts cracking so he gets on his stomach crawling towards him telling him to stay with him, he has got him.

Colleen calls Brad and leaves a message telling him to hurry up. Abby tells her that her Dad is mad at her for not moving back in with him. She said the look on his face when she told him she wanted to stay at the ranch was like she had stabbed him or something. Colleen tells her that her dad was mad at her when she moved out too. She says maybe they should sign up for kick boxing together. When Ashley tells them picking out a class together is a good idea so the girls go off. Ashley admits there is a bit of tension but she is working on it. Jack sides with Brad for a change saying he is the lesser of the two evils. Ashley says that Brad and Victor both love Abby and she is sure it will all work out.

Sharon is writing to Nick explaining how she really loved him. She talks to him about the day they brought Noah home from the hospital and how they went from high school sweethearts to a family of four in a blink. She thinks back to when they brought Cassie home and made her a part of their family. She says in the letter that they had everything, she just loved the life that they shared.

Phyllis leaves a message for Noah begging him to at least call her. She thinks if there is anything else they can do. She says this is just like when it happened to Cassie. She says what if something happened. She says Nick is thinking about Cassie too she just knows it, about how she lied about going out and how they didn’t check out her story and he will never forgive himself for it and now she is the one that let this happen to Noah.

While looking for the kids Nick gets a phone call and he asks who is calling. Next he says ok we are on our way. When Michael wants to know what that was all about, Nick tells him they found Noah and Eden.

Jack tells Ashley about offering Gloria a deal for her shares of the stock in Jabot. Ashley gets mad that he didn’t talk to her about it first. She tells him it isn’t what he did it was how he did it. He says that is what Sharon said to him too. She tells him she doesn’t blame Sharon for leaving him. Jack admits he thinks Sharon left for different reasons. He says Sharon’s heart belongs to Nick and always will. Ashley says she always thought he and Sharon were truly happy. Jack says yes but Nick was always there in her heart.

Sharon writes more in her letter to Nick as she thinks back to the trip to Paris and their talk in front of the carousel. She holds her head in her hands as she cries.

Nick and Michael meet Lauren and Phyllis at the hospital. When Nick sees Noah in the hospital bed he thinks back to just before Cassie died. Eden walks up and Michael holds her. She tries to explain while crying about what happened. They ask if Noah pulled himself out but she doesn’t know how he got out. She had run off for help. When she saw him he wasn’t moving. Nick sits by Noah’s bed and rubs his hair and whispers that daddy’s here.

Colleen and Abby tell Ashley and Jack they have signed up for tennis lessons. Ashley tells them their Dad will love that Jack gets a call and says he has to go as he reports that they have Noah in the hospital with hypothermia. Abby wants to go with him but they say its best she didn’t. Jack says Eden is ok. He says apparently Noah and Eden went ice skating. He says Sharon is at the cabin and he realizes she doesn’t know about any of this.

Sharon is still writing the letter. She says they always seem to get past their problems. She says she can look back at all their hurts and nothing compared to what they had and what they lost. She says she just didn’t know how to grieve for Cassie with him. She said she saw him slipping away from her and she just didn’t know how to stop it.

Phyllis tells Victoria that Nick is doing as well as could be expected. The doctor comes in and asks if they can step out while he checks Noah out. Michael and Lauren tell them that they tried faxing Sharon but it didn’t go through. When Eden tries to apologize Nick lashes out at her and Michael asks that they don’t go there right now. Nick tells him not to tell him what to do. He tells Michael that his sister is standing right there while his son is back there lying in a hospital bed unconscious paying for everyone’s stupidity, so unless they can promise him his son will walk out of there he doesn’t want to hear anything they have to say,

Ashley calls Victor and leaves a message to call her as soon as he can because she has some news for him. Abby talks about the joke of a party saying there isn’t enough bonfires and beer that would make it a good idea in this kind of weather. She blames Eden for all this. She says Noah is just so into Eden that he will do anything she says.

When Jack gets to the hospital he calls the rangers near his cabin and tell them that Sharon is up there and asks that they check on her. The doctor comes out telling them that Noah is waking up. Eden tells Michael she has to go in there to let Noah know she is there but Michael tells her not right now. Nick asks Noah how did he pull himself out of the lake but Noah only knows he didn’t do it by himself.

Sharon assumes the knock at the door is Brad again but when she opens the door she is facing Joe from the parks department telling her that Jack called and was worried about her. He offers to take her to a bed and breakfast place but she says she is fine there. She thanks him for checking on her though. She goes back to her letter once he is gone. She says she has finally grown up. She admits that she is still in love with Nicholas and if she doesn’t tell him she will always regret it and she will never know if there is a chance that they will ever be together again. Then she stops and says out loud that she can’t do this. She crumbles up the letter and sets it by the fire.

The doctor tells Nick that Noah will be fine. Nick and Phyllis hug each other while Jack jokingly tells them next time just go to a movie, he has enough excitement in his life and he doesn’t need another night like tonight. When Jack goes out in the hall he informs them that Noah will be ok. They won’t let Eden go in to see Noah and she is upset worrying what Noah will think if he doesn’t see her there. Jack offers to tell Noah she was there and then the Baldwin’s leave. Nick tells Phyllis he wants her to stay at the hospital with Noah so he can go to Sharon and tell her about this. Noah tells him how sorry he is and says he shouldn’t have lied. Nick tells him that all he cares about right now is that he is ok.

Ashley gives Abby and Colleen the good news that Nick is going to be ok. They start wondering though where Brad is saying he should have been there by now. They agree this is not like him. Colleen says she will go to his house and look for him. Abby checks her phone and no messages from Brad. Ashley starts to worry and then we see Brad’s car with snow all over it and then the lantern by the lake as it goes out.

Jan Barrett

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