Poison was delivered to Jeffery’s room which Kevin ordered using Jeffery’s credit card but he was out running so Gloria received the order without him seeing it. She is in the Jabot board room when she tells Kevin about it. Jeffery comes in and tells her he would like to have lunch with her but she says she is busy. Jeffery later corners Kevin and tells him he knows about him looking into his phone call records and warns him that if he does something like that again then Gloria goes to jail and he knows he doesn’t want that to happen now does he.

Gloria finds Jeffery still at Jabot and tells him she thought he had gone. She says she thought he had gone home. He tells her that is funny that he mentions that because he doesn’t seem to feel like the room at the hotel is home anymore. He seems to think it is about time they moved into the Jabot Mansion. She says well at least that is one thing that they do agree on. She says she loves that house. He tells her he wants her to go for a ride with him in his new sports car. She tells him she is working. He says it isn’t like they need the money but she won’t change her mind and leaves.

Jill asks Katherine when she will want her to take over as head of Chancellor Enterprises. Katherine tells her as soon as she can get the paperwork done and find a replacement for her at Jabot. Cane walks in asking what is going on and they tell him Katherine is stepping down and Jill is taking over. When Jill leaves Katherine tries talking to Cane about Amber. She tells him she loves him so if he doesn’t want her then he needs to be straight with her about how he feels. She tells him all his nice gestures towards her only gives her some false hopes about them getting back together.

Victor and Nikki sign all the divorce papers and end their marriage officially. She hands him the papers for NVP telling him it is his now. He says she should be happy. She is a very rich woman now. She says well she lost her company though. He tells her she can do whatever she wants now. She can even start another company if she wants to. Nikki asks him to please remember to keep all this from Victoria til she is stronger. He says she is smart enough to figure it out on her own. Nikki says until she is better it is best not to tell her. Neil walks in and gives Victor some bad news. He tells him the Judge ruled against him in the Clear Springs case. Jack and Nikki and Katherine won their case against him.

Victoria tells JT she can’t believe she missed the birth of her son. JT tells her all he knows is that he has two miracles, Reed fought to survive and now she is getting better. He tells her as soon as she is well enough to get out of that bed they are going to get married. She says yes she wants that very much. She questions JT about her parents situation in their marriage. JT tells her not to try focusing on that right now. The only thing that is important is for her to get well.

She asks JT to help her go downstairs. When he carries her down she interrupts Nikki and Victor arguing. JT sets her on the sofa and she tells them they don’t have to pretend everything is ok. She could hear them arguing from upstairs. She says she knows they were considering a divorce before she had her accident. She asks did they work things out or what. Neil leaves so Victoria says now that it is just family, she wants to know what’s going on. She says she has missed three months of her life so she wants to know. Victor tells her they put everything on hold until they knew she was going to be OK and that Reed was ok. She says well she and the baby are ok so now it is time for them to tell her everything. Nikki tells her that they decided they should get a divorce.

JT goes upstairs to check on the baby. Victor goes up to talk to JT and tells him they decided to be honest with Victoria about their divorce. He says he has set up a trust fund for Reed also. JT tells him he appreciates it but he really would like to provide for his son’s future. Victor says he can respect that. He offers JT a job at Newman as head of security.

Cane calls Amber and asks her to meet him so they can talk. When he gets there Amber is a bundle of nerves talking to him a mile a minute. He tells her she has got to listen to him. He tells her that they no longer have a future together. He says he wants her to acknowledge that she has heard him. He says he no longer loves her but she does deserve to be loved but just not by him. She starts crying and he hugs her to comfort her, with Neil standing in the background watching them. Neil later confronts Cane about it warning him never to hurt his daughter or he will have to answer to him.

Jill tells Gloria the news about Katherine stepping down at Chancellor and her taking over. Gloria says that’s wonderful news for her but she is curious as to who will be replacing her there at Jabot. Jill says she doesn’t know but she supposes that she and Katherine need to discuss that. Gloria tells her that she would love to take the job thinking she is well qualified for the job. Jill tells her not to count on it. Not satisfied with that Gloria heads over to Katherine’s. She tells Katherine no one knows that company better than she does, of course with the exception of her and Jill. She says she thinks she would make the perfect CEO of Jabot. Katherine tells her she already has someone else in mind but refuses to tell her who. She says she will find out when the announcement has been made.

Brad goes to see Victoria as soon as he got the news that she was awake. She tells him she knows about her parents divorce. She asks him how he has been. He says he has been ok. He mentions that now that Nick is not with Newman anymore things have been hectic. Victoria says what, Nick isn’t working there anymore? Just then Victor walks in and Victoria asks him how he could have let Nick go.

Katherine calls Nikki and tells her she is happy to hear the news about Victoria. She asks her to come see her. When Nikki gets there she tells her about her decision to step down at Chancellor and letting Jill take over leaving a spot open at Jabot. She asks Nikki if she will take over Jill’s place at Jabot.

Jan Barrett

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