Neil asks Nick if he thinks he should make one more attempt to Victor to drop this counter lawsuit. As they speak of it they find Maggie and two officers standing by the elevator arresting Victor. Maggie tells them they have a warrant for his arrest as they get inside the elevator. Victor asks Nick to call Michael and have him meet him at the station. Nick promises to have him there when they get there as the doors close.

Jack comes home with a bouquet of Sharon’s favorite flowers. She smiles and tells Jack she was just looking at their wedding picture with her flowers that he got for her on their wedding day. She says she can think of a lot of reasons that they should stay together. He agrees with her and then they decide to celebrate by ordering pizza tonight. While discussing the pizza the doorbell rings. It is a reporter wanting Jack’s reaction to Victor Newman being arrested. He says he knew nothing about it. When he closes the door, he says to himself, Victor Newman in jail, he can’t think of a better reason to be celebrating, while Sharon is devastated by the news.

Michael is having dinner with his family when Neil calls him telling him about Victor. He tells Gloria and Lauren and Kevin that he has to go because Victor has been arrested. Gloria says Wow, she knew there was suspicion but she never thought they would arrest him. Michael says most people get arrested when a crime has been done, meant to be as a hint. As he is walking out of the restaurant Nikki and David walk in and he tells Nikki the news. She says she has to find Nick but David thinks she needs to stay and attend this meeting. She tells him he will just have to do it alone because she has to go, leaving him standing there not too happy.

Lily and Devon are at the coffeehouse when Cane walks in causing Lily to remember when Cane told her he thought their age difference was too much for them. Devon says oh no here we go again. He says this is where when Cane walks in Lily’s brain hides. Later Devon gets Roxanne to call a friend to see if they can get Lily interested in someone else. Neil walks up and asks if they are trying to set Lily up and Devon says yes.

Lily keeps running into Cane and they finally both agree that this is really awkward. He says every time they run into each other they act like kids. They agree to perhaps go see a movie or something together instead of trying to avoid each other.

At the police station Victor tells Michael he doesn’t know anything about this so called evidence they claim they have. He says someone has set him up. He tells Michael to get him out of there and then he is going to find out who is behind this and he is going to make them pay dearly. Michael tells Victor not to say anything to anyone. He says he is going to find out what kind of case the DA thinks they have. Victor says they can’t have anything because he hasn’t done anything. He says he will be back for the arraignment. Victor tells him to get him out of there tonight.

Lauren and Gloria are talking about Victor being arrested when Jill and Katherine walk up and overhear her. Jill automatically blames Jack thinking he has something to do with this one. Katherine defends Jack but Jill insists that Jack must be involved and of course Gloria agrees with her. As they sit to eat with Gloria while having their meeting Jill brings up the fact that Jeffery told her the other day about him and her. About that time Jeffery walks up and sits next to Gloria.

After Jill and Katherine leave Jeffery tells her that he wants to propose to her in front of her family. She says no, she doesn’t want him proposing in public. She agrees to have him over for dinner at home tomorrow night. He agrees but doesn’t let her leave til she gives him a check for $50,000. She wants to know what for. He says of course he will be expected to give her a ring so he needs money for it. He lets her know that he is on to her plan of buying up all the jewelry. She asks him just what is going to happen once they are married. He says she will find out. When he walks away Lauren walks up to the table and tells her that she saw all that and then she asks Gloria what is going on. She tells her if she is in some kind of trouble she needs to tell her and Michael about it because she doesn’t want any more surprises.

Nikki goes to the office to talk to Nick about Victor. She asks him how his Father was when they arrested him. Nick asks Nikki if she thinks Victor could be guilty. She tells him she can’t even allow herself to think that way. She says it is impossible for her to think of him as guilty. Nick just nods his head. Neil is answering calls from the press. Nikki is trying to avoid the press. Nikki says she is going to have to talk to them sooner or later. Neil offers to write a press release for her. She thanks him and as he walks out David walks in. He asks her if that is going to be a release for support for Victor. She says of course. David tells her she can privately support him but she can’t publicly support him and then sue him. She says but this is two different things. He says at this point he doesn’t know if Victor is guilty or innocent.

Nick saves the day by bailing Victor out of jail. He tells Victor this doesn’t mean he is a free man. He says it only means he is out on bail. Michael goes back to the club and meets with Lauren. He lets her know that Victor is out on bail. Lauren asks if he thinks Victor is guilty. He doesn’t want to say.

Back at the ranch Nikki comes in and finds Nick there. She tells him she heard he posted bail for his father. He says yes that he is upstairs taking a shower. She tells Nick she released a press statement that Neil helped her prepare today. He said yes he heard it over the radio on the way there. He says she was very generous. She asks are those his words or his fathers. Just then Victor comes downstairs and doesn’t speak to Nikki. He grabs his coat and goes out the door.

Gloria goes to the coffeehouse and tells Kevin that they can’t dodge the bullet anymore. He asks who is doing the shooting, Jeffery. She tells him about Jeffery wanting to make the proposal in front of her family. She tells him that he also is having her followed. He knows about her buying the jewelry and her taking money out the bank. She says they have to come up with something to stop this. Meanwhile, Lauren warns Michael about the dinner party at their home tomorrow night that Gloria is planning that apparently is revolved around Jeffery.

Jan Barrett

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