Noah and Eden appear to be the first to arrive for this so called party. They are surprised that Phyllis and Michael actually fell for their story about the bowlathon. Noah says he will have to make sure to keep up with the time so he can call Phyllis in time to come pick them up. Eden asks if ice skating will be hard.

Nick comes in from Chicago to find Phyllis still at Restless Style working late. He says he made another deal for Beauty of Nature and when she asks if he seen anyone else he asks like who, Sharon? He tells her no he was there alone. She tells him he doesn’t have to be so defensive. He says he is sorry but he is exhausted and he still has a lot of work to do. He tells her he missed her and she says she missed him too and they hug and kiss but Nick doesn’t seem happy.

Sharon lets Brad inside at the cabin to say what he came to say to her.  He says this could be the most important conversation he has in his life. She says ok to come on in.

Victor tells Nikki that he and his new family can take 100 portraits together if they want to do so. She tells him she has a few things she’d like to say. He tells her she always has to run her mouth and that is her problem. She tells him her only concern is the way he has been throwing himself into his second family and neglecting his first. He says he has been doing no such thing and then asks her who the hell she thinks she is telling Ashley the so-called truth. Nikki asks to just drop this because she has other things on her mind. She tells him that her sister Casey is sick. She has second stage cancer and she is planning on leaving town to go help take care of her. Victor tells her he is sorry to hear this. She tells him she is starting the treatment so she needs to be there to make sure she eats and takes care of herself. She says to tell Ashley the coast is clear because she is leaving on the red eye tonight. He offers to fly in a specialist. Nikki is touched that he cares and thanks him. He tells her she is in good hands with her as he gets up and leaves.

Eden and Noah realize there is no cell phone reception where they are. They see that no one is showing up for this party and agree that it looks like the cheerleading captain lied. They both agree to stay anyway. Eden pulls out a bottle of whiskey that she stole from Michael’s liquor cabinet.

Michael takes a swallow of Scotch as he think about seeing Katherine coming out all dressed up to deal with the gem dealer. As he takes a swallow he tells Lauren he is so torn over whether or not to make his guardianship of Eden permanent.

Brad apologizes to Sharon for plotting with Phyllis. He admits he was so in love with her that he would have done anything to get her back but he realizes he was wrong. He asks her to forgive him but his motives were pure. He wants to give her everything she needs, to protect her, and to spend every day making her happy. He asks her to tell him what he has to do to have that chance.

Victoria talks to Nikki about Casey having cancer. Nikki tells her about her going to be with Casey until she gets better. Victoria tells Nikki about her Dad working on trying to get Bradley to step down from his seat on the board. Nikki tells Victoria that her father has to control everyone around him and it doesn’t make for healthy relationships. She says Ashley should know that too. Victoria says she suspects that she is about to be reminded.

Ashley walks in with macadamia nuts for Victor. He tells her he has some conference calls to make. They discuss Daniel taking the photos for the family portrait which Victor agrees to. He tells her that he has some business to discuss concerning Brad but admits to Ashley that it is about something she might not want to hear.

Noah doesn’t like the scotch saying it tastes like nail polish remover. He asks how Michael can even drink it. They talk about Eden living with Michael and Lauren. Noah tells her that he thinks Michael and Lauren are great and reminds her that at least they want her there.

Michael tells Lauren that he can’t help but wonder if he is even cut out to raise a teenager. Lauren tells him Eden needs a strong father figure in her life and she thinks he is the one for that job.

Sharon thanks Brad for his apology. She says she doesn’t think he will ever do it again to her. She admits to him though that she is not ready to get into another relationship. She tells him she always cared about him but only as a friend. She says she never loved him like he loves her. She tells him she thinks the only one she has ever really loved like that is Nick. She thinks that if Phyllis hadn’t have gotten pregnant her marriage to Nick wouldn’t have ended. She admits also that she is not thinking of Nick leaving Phyllis now, she won’t go down that road but she is just being honest about how she feels. She says she feels like a loser and needs to take time to heal and then decide what direction she wants to go in her future.

Phyllis says she can’t stand the silence saying they have to fix things. He asks what else is there to talk about. The problem is they both think the other is the wrong one in this. Nikki comes in to tell them about her having to go be with Casey who has cancer. She says she will take her laptop to do some work and apologizes for leaving them suddenly like this. When Nikki leaves Phyllis asks Nick if he is ok. He says yes but then asks where Noah is.

Eden says she guesses that the cheerleaders are getting a good laugh at her about now. Noah tells her that his Mom and Jack are getting a divorce and he isn’t even sure why. He says Jack has been hiding things. No one will tell him why though. He says his Dad and Phyllis have been fighting and he thinks it was about his Mom. He says Phyllis seems to think his Dad and his Mom are sneaking around behind her back or something. Eden asks what he would think if they were. He says part of him would be happy but the other part would be mad at them for doing this to Phyllis.

Ashley asks what is it that she won’t want to hear. He tells her he has asked Brad to resign from the seat on the board but he has refused. He tells her that Brad stole company secrets and used them against them. He says he is going to charge Brad with corporate espionage. He tells her he didn’t want her to hear it from someone else. She says she appreciates that but has he even stopped to think about what this will do to Abby. Before he can answer he gets a call for his conference call and has to take it leaving Ashley looking upset.

Nick calls the bowling alley and finds out there is no bowlathon there tonight.. Phyllis says WOW they have been had. Nick corrects her saying no, SHE has been had. She talks about why she thought it was fine for them to be going. He asks if either one of them, she or Michael even bothered to call and check it out. She says no so Nick says he is going to call Michael.

Eden and Noah decide they are on their own. They are both cold and agree that it is too bad that the whiskey tastes so bad. Noah offers to keep her warm the old fashioned way and asks if she feels better once he moved closer to her. They start kissing.

Nick asks Michael didn’t he check with the school about this bowlathon. Michael says they told him they were going bowling and it seemed harmless. Nick says since they didn’t bother to get more details, now they have no idea where the kids are now. Lauren says there is a storm coming in too.

Nikki talks to Paul about Casey who is sorry to hear the news. Nikki tells him she can’t imagine the world without her sister. Paul asks her if there is anything he can do to help. Nikki looks at him and says yes, they could skip dinner.

Ashley comes back in hoping to continue her talk with Victor about Brad and Abby. She says Abby will be devastated to hear the father that raised her is guilty of such a crime and the father she is just finally getting to know is trying to bring him down. She says if she thinks this is out of spite, there is not enough Arabian horses in the world to undo the damage.

Brad tells Sharon the storm is going to be worse than they expected so he better get back. He asks if she will be ok there and she says yes. He tells her she is making a big mistake. She realizes that but she can’t help how she feels. She says he deserves better than someone going through the motions that she has. He tells her he will love her until the day he dies. He kisses her on the forehead and then he leaves after one last look at Sharon.

Michael and Phyllis are blamed for now checking with the school calendar to see about this bowlathon before giving their permission to the kids to go. Lauren and Michael say this is not Eden’s fault. Phyllis says no one is blaming Eden, right. They all look over at Nick wondering who he is blaming.

Eden laughs with Noah telling him she is not taking her clothes off out there to go further. She says it isn’t because she isn’t into Noah and all but it is freezing out there. She asks how about they go skating instead.

Paul and Nikki are in bed after making love. Neither of them wants to get out of the bed now. Nikki tells Paul she feels so comfortable and safe in his arms. She says she hasn’t been this happy in a long time. Paul tells her he will miss her like crazy as he kisses her.

Sharon sits by the fire and thinks back to her night in New York with Brad. Meanwhile Brad is in his car and his dashboard lights come on and beeps. He asks what the hell! Then says damn it when the car won’t start.

Victor is done with his call and goes back to talk to Ashley. He tells her he doesn’t want to alienate or hurt Abby but he refuses to let Brad get away with this. Ashley says she understands but asks for a chance to talk to Brad first to try and get him to resign. Victor tells her because he loves her so much he will give her the chance to talk to him first.

Nick and Michael leave to go look for the kids leaving Phyllis and Lauren at home. They tell them to be careful because the roads are icy. Phyllis tells Nick she is so sorry but Nick just hopes the kids aren’t doing anything stupid. Lauren just looks over at Phyllis.

Eden watches Noah skating. He tells her it is easy. She says well she is from California where they don’t have ice skating as she watches him zip around. She screams out to him that he is going too far. Suddenly she hears Noah yelling for her not to come out there because the ice is cracking. She yells back for him calling his name over and over.

Jan Barrett

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