Victoria admits to her father about Brad being the one that hacked into Newman’s computers a year ago and how they avoided paying Brad and promised to not press charges. She said Adam had given Brad the golden parachute he would not believe. Victor tells her it was she that promised him, not him.

Brad sees Phyllis at Crimson Lights and she talks about Nick punching him. He tells her he doesn’t need sugar for his coffee, he likes it acidic, and he looks at her as he says like her marriage.

Eden tells Noah about a skating party she was invited to that she wants him to go to with her. He says he knows his parents won’t let him go. She tells him to watch and learn and they will find a way.

Kevin and Amber give Michael the information they have on the ring. When he asks how they got the information he guesses that they broke into the pawnshop and got it. He asks to please tell him that the police are not involved. Kevin tells him well that is the bad news that he mentioned.

Brad and Phyllis take turns lashing out at each other. He talks about problems in her marriage and her not being able to sleep at night. She tells him he can’t even land a woman handed to him on a silver platter. He tells her he is assuming there are problems in her marriage. She assures him the only problem she has is that he is breathing. When she walks off Brad gets a call from Victor wanting him to see him. He tells him he will try to fit him into his busy schedule. When he hangs up, Victor tells Victoria that he is on his way.

Noah and Eden talk to Michael about going to a charity bowlathon tonight. Michael asks if there will be adults supervising and she says it is a school event so yes there will be. Michael tells her she can go and he gets back to his work.

Nikki sees Ashley handing Abby her Fenmore’s credit card telling her she arranged it for her to have authorization to use it there. Abby teases telling her that was a big mistake. Ashley tells her to keep it simple and white and not too expensive. When Abby takes off Nikki walks over and asks if Abby is buying a wedding dress already. Ashley says hardly and then explains it is for a family portrait with the two of them and Victor. Nikki expresses her disapproval but Ashley comes back telling her they are a family.

Brad goes to see Victor but refuses to sign the letter of resignation that Victor hands him. Victor tells him that it was Victoria that protected him, not him. Brad tells him he can’t replace him as a father or a board member. Brad says he doesn’t care what people think of him. Victor asks even Abby? Victor throws the pen at him and leaves the room. Brad complains to Victoria for her letting her father use Abby to get to him. Victoria says that she doesn’t understand why she just doesn’t avoid the ugly conflict and resign from the seat. He tells her she is becoming more and more like her father.

Michael goes to see Katherine and tells her he is going to call Nelson Harkins and tell him he wants to buy an emerald ring. He says he will bring along with him an expert which is Katherine. Katherine gets nervous but Murphy offers to iron her bowling shirt. Amber takes out an outfit she has in the Fenmore bag and tells her it is time to get busy.

Brad calls his lawyer leaving a message for him and saying to remind the lawyer that he has been a client for 10 years. Abby and Ashley are getting off the elevator when she says out loud Dad! Brad turns around just to see her hugging Victor. When she and Victor go into Victor’s office Brad speaks with Ashley about this situation with Abby reminding her that he is Abby’s father. He says he can’t just be tossed aside like an old pair of jeans that have gone out of style. He asks if who ever buys Abby the most gifts will get to be her father. Ashley begs him to help her to find a way to work together for Abby’s sake.

Michael and Amber work to get Katherine ready. Amber helps Katherine put on her make-up. Then she tells her that it is like working backstage at a Forrester fashion show. She tells Katherine she wants to be just like her.

Nikki is sitting at the club when she receives a phone call from her sister Casey. She is excited to hear from her but suddenly Nikki’s face looks like she is hearing bad news and she says Oh, Casey, no.

Eden and Noah give their story about the bowlathon to Phyllis who drills them since the last time Noah’s mom got into her face over the New Years Eve thing. She asks if she calls the principal would he verify it. They tell her sure he would.

Katherine is ready and not only does she look like Katherine Chancellor she feels like her too. She feels comfortable and natural. She gets agitated for not being able to remember everything though. She says there is so much missing. She asks when she will ever get her old self back again.

Brad sees Nikki alone and sits with her admitting their moods seems to be alike. He says he isn’t happy about the family portrait either and he isn’t happy about Abby calling Victor Dad now. Nikki says she isn’t going to try fighting the inevitable. She starts crying and confesses that she just heard from her sister and she was told Casey has cancer. She remembers Brad going through this with Ashley. Nikki calls Paul over to let him know she is going to go spend some time with her sister. Brad tells her he is happy she has Paul in her life. Nikki tells him when one gets a second chance at love you hold on for dear life,

Victor joins Ashley who tells him Abby is getting a soda. Victor is looking forward to taking the portrait. She tells him she wishes his ex thought the same way. She tells him that Nikki thinks it is premature and that she and Abby are just an escape for him now. He hugs her and assures her that it is not how it is.

Brad is sitting at the club when Colleen and Tracie walk in. They pay each other all kinds of compliments about how they haven’t changed until they start thinking back to a younger Brad when he was encouraging Tracie who appears to be shy and insecure calling herself the fat one. When they are back to reality she says well maybe they have changed.

Kevin tells Amber that Michael’s plan will work. Amber wants to know if they are friends again. He tells her how hurt he was when she turned on him with her accusations. She tells him how sorry she is about that. She tells him she won’t mind giving the money back that Katherine left for her in her will.

Phyllis calls Michael and asks him if this bowlathon is legitimate. He tells her it is a school event and he has given Eden permission to go. She says ok, no problem she was just checking. When she hangs up she tells Noah he can go but on one condition.

Nelson tells Michael that he won’t find a finer selection of emeralds anywhere else. Michael tells him that his client prefers antiques though. Nelson brings out the ring Michael is looking for and says he will bring in his client to show it to her. When Katherine walks in Nelson is shocked and says Mrs. Chancellor… She continues his sentence with … six feet under? Nelson stands up and slips the finger on her finger and it fits perfectly.

Amber wants to know what is taking so long as she grows impatient. Michael draws up a letter and asks Nelson to sign it lending him the ring for 30 days for him to prove his client is indeed alive. Katherine tells Nelson if this works she promises to make it worth his while and if he doesn’t cooperate when she gets her resources back he won’t be a happy man.

Tracie and Brad share some memories like when Brad delivered Colleen when she was born. Colleen has to get to school so she leaves them to rehash memories. Brad tells Tracie that he did take her advice to see if the door was still open with that special woman and it wasn’t. She tells him if he really cares he won’t give up. He asks her if she knows how much he still loves her. With them both in tears they share tender moments about how close they still are. Tracie tells him she does hope he finds the happiness he deserves.

Nikki walks into the club when Victor calls her demanding to see her. She tells him now is not a good time because she is about to leave town. He tells her to stay put he will be right there.

When Michael walks in, Amber and Kevin are anxious to hear how it went. They are excited to see Katherine wearing the ring but Michael says it is too early to celebrate. Now they have to convince the pawnshop owner to tell a judge that Katherine was wearing that ring and sold it to him.

Phyllis drives Noah and Eden to the bowlathon with the two in the back seat text messaging to each other about their plans of getting to the party when they are dropped off. They agree to call Phyllis to pick them up when they start their 5th game. She tells them the roads are going to be slick tonight with the storm coming in. Noah and Eden hold hands in the back seat as Phyllis drives them along without her knowing it.

Victor walks over to Nikki’s table at the club and asks her how he can get through to her that he has moved on and he makes it clear that what he, Ashley and Abby do is none of her business.

Sharon is snuggled up in front of the fireplace on the sofa reading and drinking some wine when someone knocks on the door. When she opens the door she is surprised to see Brad standing there. He tells her hello.

Jan Barrett

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