Nikki and JT are playing with the baby when suddenly Victoria starts moaning and they see that she is finally waking up. She notices that she isn’t pregnant anymore so she starts screaming out. They calm her down quickly by telling her the baby is ok and they bring him to her. She wants to know what happened but they are all too happy to see her awake to tell her anything. JT goes downstairs to tell Victor and to call the nurse. Victor sits by Victoria and holds her close. Nikki goes out in the hall and calls Nick to tell him his sister is awake.

Victoria tells Victor she feels so floaty. He says not to worry because it will go away and the doctor would be here soon. She asks him if there were people killed in the explosion. He says there were a lot of people hurt and she was one of them. She says she can’t remember. He says it is ok, it will all come back to her.

Jack and Sharon talk to his attorney about Gloria getting the house. His lawyer tells them he would be better off to sell his half of the house to Gloria. Sharon says they can’t do that because it is their home. Sharon suggests that they make Gloria an offer for more than half of the house is worth. Jack says it won’t work because she wants that house. Sharon says but they all know how greedy she is so they just have to come up with the right price.

Sharon notices Jeffery in the restaurant and she suggests that maybe he can help them. They approach Jeffery but before they can tell him what they want Gloria walks up. She says she would like to hear what Jack has to say. He makes her an offer of three times what her half of the house is worth. She tells them that’s a mighty hefty offer but she isn’t interested. Jack tells her to think about this, he is talking about around 5 million dollars here. Gloria asks him if she looks like she needs money. She says what she needs is a good solid home to live in and she wants John’s house. Jeffery looks at Jack and says they are not for sale.

When they get home Sharon asks Jack if he noticed how Jeffery touched Gloria. She says the strange part was how she cringed when he touched her. Jack says the thought of Gloria living in that house makes him cringe. She says she just can’t get it out of her mind at how Gloria acted with Jeffery.

At dinner Jeffery and Gloria talk saying Jack is not going to give in. She says the only way to get him out of that house if for them to move in and drive him out by making him miserable. Jeffery drops a news flash on Gloria by telling her he thinks it is time they consummate their marriage. He asks her if she is surprised. She says she is disappointed. She says this marriage is in name only. He says ok if she isn’t going to share her bed with him, then he wants her to sign papers adding his name to all of her bank accounts. When Jeffery takes a phone call Gloria takes his credit card and writes the number down, then slips the car back into the folder.

Gloria and Kevin talk about how they are going to handle Jeffery. She wants him to order some poison online using Jeffery’s credit card. Kevin asks if she doesn’t think that would be kind of suspicious. She says she isn’t stupid. He says he would see the charge on his bill and question it. She says they now have a business manager so Jeffery would never see the bill. When Gloria leaves Jana questions him about what is going on with him and his mother. He tells her he doesn’t want her involved. She says she swears not to tell a soul. So he says ok. He tells her the whole story about the face cream. Jana sides with Gloria saying that Jeffery shouldn’t get away with blackmailing Gloria. She offers to help Kevin make this work.

Gloria sees Kevin at the Club and she gives him the credit card number. She tells him he has to do this right away because Jeffery just made her sign her bank accounts to to joint accounts and he also wants to consummate their marriage. Kevin says no, he doesn’t even want to hear of her doing that. He tells him to just get busy with their plan. Jana walks up and says not to worry. She will make sure he gets the right thing. She looks at Jana, and Jana tells her not to worry she is on her side here and walks away. She asks Kevin if he told her. He tells her to relax. She is going to need all the help she can get.

Phyllis goes out to the ranch. She talks to Victor about Nick telling him that Nick is really hurting over all this. She tells him he has just been given the greatest gift ever with Victoria waking up. She asks him if he can’t get the closeness he has with his daughter back with his son also. Victor tells her that on several occasions his son has betrayed him. He says to tell his son if he wants to talk about he can come to him because otherwise he will not go to him.

Downstairs Victor tells the family that the DA’s office has dropped all the charges on him. He tells them about the eye witness that Michael found that verifies where he was at the time the DA’s witness puts him at the gym. He says Michael used that to get the DA’s witness to admit to lying to the DA’s. Nikki and Nick say that is great news. Victor says it seem that Michael Baldwin seemed to think he was incapable of murder more than his own family did.

The doctor comes in to check Victoria out. He asks her to do a few simple tests but warns her not to worry if she slurs a bit because. She messes up a little but catches herself and corrects it. He tells her she is doing great. Later downstairs with the family the doctor says this will take some time but he thinks Victoria will be fine. He tells them they are all off to a good start by being there for her. He says as he is about to leave to remember to keep the stress at its lowest for her. They all agree as he leaves.

Jan Barrett

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