Phyllis shows up at Restless Style and finds Nick there. She asks if he got some perspective last night being alone. He tells her she spent the night alone so why doesn’t she tell him.

Lily is at Crimson Lights talking to Billy telling him she is looking for a job. He asks what she feels about being a waitress. She says she thinks she would like it. He makes a call to his friend Jimmy and gets Lily an interview which impresses her.

Esther brings a stuffed animal to Cloe and Cane for the baby and tells them that she is meeting with Roger and mentions that he treats her like a Queen. When she goes to freshen up, Cloe tells Cane he needs to go with her Mom because she thinks things are moving too fast for them. Cane argues with her at first then he finally agrees. When Esther comes out he asks if she would mind if he tagged along so he can explain why his Mom fired the guy.

Roger tells Clint he has things covered but Clint is worried if that woman is Katherine, then Esther loses her inheritance and if she is Marge she could recognize him. Roger tells her he has Esther wrapped around his little finger.

Michael calls Katherine and tells her the judge has refused their request to get a DNA test done. She figures the ring is a dead end too. Murphy asks her then what is their answer. She tells him if she could just get into her home, she just knows she is Katherine Chancellor.

Amber is at Crimson Lights when she realizes she can’t find her phone. Kevin tells her it wasn’t inside his car. She suddenly asks what if she left it in the pawnshop.

Cloe goes to Restless style and notices that Nick looks like he must have had a rough night. Phyllis makes a remark about how he looks. Nick tells her not to make him look out to be the bad guy here while she plays the victim. She tells him she was protecting her marriage and starts to say more but stops saying she isn’t going to do this with him again. He agrees and they both go off working on different things.

Billy comes in asking for some copies of the magazine. He asks Cloe what is wrong with her. She tells him she is worried about the man her Mom is dating. He tells her some women fall fast. Cloe tells him they know how that works out.

Roger arrives at Jimmy’s and Cane says he hopes he doesn’t mind him joining them. He says it is ok about Jill because she got nervous when he was looking at some of the antiques. Esther says well she owns half the house so half that stuff is hers. Cane tells Roger who doesn’t have a job that he could make a phone call for him. He says his Minneapolis office has an opening. Esther mentions how nice that is. Roger says actually he thinks he will pass on the offer because he has everything he wants right there as he looks at Esther. Esther looks happy as she says, Oh Roger.

Amber and Kevin worry about her missing phone. She says she just can’t go back there. Kevin says he is going to have to do it. They leave with him saying he knew this was a bad idea from the beginning.

Roger tells Cane that long distance relationships never work so maybe he will just retire and spend more time with Esther. Lily walks up and greets Cane and tells him she is there for an interview for a job that Billy arranged for her.

Phyllis shows Nick a fax which shows the estimate for a copy machine which they both agree is too high. He tells her he will take care of it but she says no, she will take care of it.

Amber and Kevin go to see Katherine and they tell her what they did to get information about the ring saying they found out who bought it and how much they paid for it. Katherine asks how did they find out and they have to admit they broke into the pawnshop. Katherine is shocked and tells them she didn’t want to get them into trouble, Kevin tells her that ring is easily worth a half a million so don’t worry, they will get it back. Katherine says that ring is the only way to prove she is not a liar.

Jimmy walks up to Lily asking if she is looking for a job which surprises Lily because Jimmy is a woman. Lily asks Cane to stay and she hands the woman her resume. She admits she doesn’t have any experience in waitress work but she adds that her father owns Indigo. Jimmy says Billy is a sweetheart so Lily can have the job as soon as she serves her best 5 drinks. She tells Lily no girlie drinks with fruits and umbrellas either and says she will be back in 10 minutes. Cane use to be a bartender so he offers to help guide her when she tells him she doesn’t know anything about mixing those drinks.

Cloe tell Phyllis that she and Cane aren’t celebrating Valentine’s Day. She explains that her life isn’t exactly what she expected it to be. Cloe tells Phyllis that she has the perfect marriage with a beautiful child, a business and she can’t help but notice that she and Nick can’t keep their hands off of each other. Phyllis asks her if that is really how she sees them. Phyllis looks over at Nick while he chats with Billy who admits he is too selfish to have kids. Nick tells him it is a huge responsibility but he says having his family is the best thing that has ever happened to him. Billy looks over at Cloe who looks back at him at the same time Phyllis and Nick look at each other too.

Katherine thanks Kevin for bailing him out but she might never be able to pay him back. Kevin finally admits that all that money wasn’t his. He tells her that it was hers and she left it at the coffee shop. Amber has a fit saying she knew it. He admits he spent some of it but the rest was used on her bail. Katherine tells her to consider it paid back already and she thanks him for his honesty. Amber apologizes too for accusing him of killing Mrs. C for her money. They start arguing and Katherine stops it making them both stop in their tracks. Kevin tells her that is so like Mrs. Chancellor. They tell her it is so good having her back.

Roger tells Esther who would have thought he would have fallen in love after all these years. He tells her yes he is head over heels in love with her as he leans over and kisses Esther who is falling for everything he tells her.

Lily comes up with 5 drinks and Cane samples them telling her it is perfect. He suggests that she studies the bartenders guide though like she does her school books. She is all excited.

Cloe takes shirts from a rack and holds them up to Billy wanting him to try them on. When the baby starts kicking she says the little booger is doing somersaults. Suddenly Billy says he has to go and meet Lily. Cloe reminds him to take the copies of the magazine that he went there for to begin with. Billy looks upset as he gets on the elevator.

Murphy tells Katherine that it is obvious that the kids adore her. She says she is blessed to have them in her corner. Back at Crimson Lights Amber thinks it was worthwhile to break into the pawnshop. As she walks off to look for her phone, Gill walks in and tells Kevin he is there on official business. He explains that the owner of the pawnshop reported a break in last night and wrote down the license plate of the car that a couple was in that he caught outside the shop. Kevin asks what does that have to do with him. Gill says the car was registered to Kevin Fisher. Amber peeks through the window watching them talk.

Roger gets down on one knee and opens a box with a ring. He proposes to Esther. Cane jumps over to them and tells them they have only known each other for like 5minutes and it is too soon for that. Billy walks in and is against it too. Esther is starry eyed and tells them she has to listen to her heart and she accepts his proposal. Billy and Cane stand there shaking their heads.

Nick and Phyllis keep looking at each other until he walks over and asks her what she thought of Cloe’s Valentine’s Day piece. They both admit they hate fighting with each other like this. They both said they regret the things they said. Phyllis admits it bothers her that Nick refuses to see Sharon as a threat to their marriage. He tells her she makes things worse by acting out. Phyllis wonders where they go from here. He says he doesn’t know but his sleeping on the couch isn’t the answer. He should be home with his wife and daughter. Phyllis tells him that is a good first step and suggests that they go home. They both admit they missed each other.

Jimmy tells Lily she tasted her drinks and says she is sorry, she doesn’t get the job but says the cutie that was helping her make the drinks can have it if he wants it. Lily admits that that is what she gets for trying to pull a fast one. Billy sends Cloe a text message telling her that her Mom is wearing a new ring when Lily goes to the ladies room.

When Cane gets home her tells her he doesn’t know how to tell her but her mom is engaged to Roger but he really did try to stop it. He says though something isn’t right about this.

Esther and Roger kiss each other as they start out the door. They walk right past Clint who is hiding behind the newspaper as he thinks so far so good as long as Katherine or Marge stays out of their way everything will be just fine.

Katherine calls Michael and leaves a message telling him the ring isn’t a dead end after all and asks him to call her. She says there still might be hope for the DNA test.

Amber comes out to try and help Kevin. Gill tells her they found her cell phone at the pawn shop and they are holding it for evidence. He tells her that a crime has been committed and he is curious as to how come now those two are all chummy when just a few days ago she wanted him to arrest Kevin. He tells them to go ahead and play their games but in the meantime he will be collecting evidence and the next time they talk it will be downtown.

Jan Barrett

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