Jana, Kevin, Daniel and Amber hear the dog’s growling inside the pawn shop. They all turn to Kevin and ask what they should do now. He suggests that they turn around and head home but Amber doesn’t go along with that. She digs into her purse and pulls out a beef jerky stick and with her devious look she says she thinks she can negotiate.

Phyllis is shocked to see Nick so she asks what he is doing there. Brad proudly tells her he let Nick in on their little meeting and wonders if she would like to explain it or should he? Phyllis realizes she is busted.

Sharon is still having trouble with the lights flickering on and off and is surprised to see Jack standing at the door saying he is the handyman at her service.

Jill warns Jeffery not to be changing the game plans now. He tells her he is still working on her. He says he has Gloria’s deep love and affection and she will sell them to him. He wants the shares for himself. Jill runs after him as he leaves protesting to what he wants to do.

Victor is at the prison speaking to Gloria telling her that he cares about her and knows what it is like being in jail. Gloria tells him she isn’t interested in selling her stocks, Victor reminds her that she could be stripped of her shares if the Abbot’s have their way and she would end up with nothing. He tells her if she signs the papers he has drawn up for her she would walk out of there with more money that she ever dreamed of. When she reads the papers she asks if she is reading it right. She wants to know what the catch is. He says if she will agree to this agreement he will control the stock and the money will be wired to an offshore account where only Gloria can have access to. She will be able to keep all the money if she signs the agreement. He tells her to think about it and then call him. He tells her it is up to her. When he leaves Gloria laughs saying so many offers and so little time to decide.

Phyllis tells Brad he has had his fun so he can go now. Brad tells Nick that Phyllis tried to send him up to the cabin where Sharon is to seduce her. Nick asks what the hell is going on. Phyllis shows him the fax and complains that Sharon is alone again and reaching out to him again. She accuses Nick of falling for it. She says in doubt that Sharon respects their marriage but yet she is inviting him to a cozy little cabin. Nick just stands there staring at her in amazement.

Jack works on the fuse box while he and Sharon talk. She is glad she went there. She isn’t ready to go back to Genoa City yet though. She tells her that he got the divorce papers and asks if that is why she went there to begin with. He says he is having a hard time coming to terms with them getting a divorce. He asks if it is really happening and she says yes it is.

Amber tells everyone that dogs love her but Daniel is worried about letting her go in with the dog. Amber argues that Mrs. C needs a miracle and this could be there only chance. She says Mrs. C left them money and she had faith in them. She asks Daniel if he really wants to abandon her now. Amber says she won’t let this dog stop her. Finally Daniel agrees to let her go in but tells her to stay high. Kevin agrees to give her a boost to get in. Daniel tells her to be careful or he will kill her.

Gloria blows up with Jeffery and Jill as they stand before her arguing over who will get the 5% stock that Katherine left Gloria. She tells them that no one, not Jill, not Jeffery and especially not Jack will get her share of the stocks. She tells them they are not worthy.

Billy realizes he has never been inside at Newman before. Billy says it is all about the work though not the office. Victor pours Billy a drink as Billy tells him he likes his new position at Jabot just fine. When Billy wants to know why he is there, Victor tells him he has been hearing reports of how people have been raving about his business acumen.

Jack tells Sharon about an accident that happened up the road due to the weather tonight. He asks her if she has chains on her tired which she says yes to. He told her he will get the generator while he is there.

Brad tells Nick how Phyllis was using him but he has to admit that he agrees with Phyllis about how Nick is always right there by Sharon when she needs him. He tells Nick so he can run to Sharon now and Phyllis can go home and wait for her head to explode. Nick tells Brad to get lost but Brad keeps talking telling him to show some class and put Phyllis out of her misery by cutting the conniving bitch loose. Nick has heard enough and punches Brad in the face. Brad laughs and tells Nick he will let this slide this time as he gets up and leaves. Nick turns to Phyllis and tells her now they talk.

Phyllis wants to go home but Nick says his son is there and he doesn’t want to discuss this in front of him. She tells him not to ask her why she did this as she shows him the fax she has. He questions her hiding Sharon’s response to him about his fax to her. She reads the fax out loud and assures him that all Sharon was doing was trying to lure him up there with her. She tells Nick that he needs to face it that Sharon is just as conniving as she is. Nick thinks she is just paranoid. He says he was hoping it would end but he wonders now if it ever will.

Jack brings in the old record player from his trunk. He tells Sharon that the silence can be deafening sometimes. Jack says he guesses it is time to go. Sharon asks him if he is ok. He says yes but he just had hoped that they would reconnect. She tells him she will always care for him as she hugs him. They both say their good byes with tears in their eyes.

Victor tells Billy that he heard about his role in the Jabot takeover. Billy tells Victor it is a family business. Billy makes it clear to Victor that he will never turn against his brother. Victor tells him he is impressed with that but this has nothing to do with Jack.

Jeffery complains to the guard that Jill is mailing threats against his wife. Jill calls Jeffery an idiot. She turns and tells Gloria that Jeffery hit on her as the guard takes her out. Gloria crumbles up the papers in her hands and throws it at him. Jeffery tells her that she just trashed her best chance as he starts to walk out the door. When he is gone Gloria takes the envelope that Victor left her and she wonders now what is she going to do.

Amber shows the others that the dog they heard was just a recording on a recorder. She says there seems to be no real Cujo inside. Kevin goes back in with Amber to look inside. Daniel tells Jana it looks like they are home free just as they see headlights show up. It is the pawnshop owner that drives up. Daniel and Jana start talking as if they are lost as Daniel suddenly comes up with a different accent. They talk wildly to distract the guy while Amber and Kevin are inside looking through receipts.

Phyllis doesn’t understand how Nick doesn’t see this as an invitation. She shows him where he signed his message to Sharon as ‘love Nick’. He tells her that was just a figure of speech. He tells Phyllis that Sharon is the mother of his son. Phyllis explains that she and Danny both love Daniel but neither of them would send faxes to each other like that. Phyllis wants to go home and talk about this. She realizes she has gone too far this time. Nick says he will go home and kiss his daughter good night but then he is going to pack a bag and says he is leaving because he can’t take this any more.

Victor tells Billy he invited him there because Ashley thinks very highly of him. He wanted to let him know if he is ever tired of working at Jabot he is welcome at Newman and at the ranch. Billy thanks him saying he will keep that in mind. When he leaves Victor gets a call from Gloria telling him the stock is his. Victor mentions the catch now. He tells her not to mention his name. He says the money will be in escrow for 6 months and if no one finds out the money is hers. He tells her to have a nice day. When she hangs up Jeffery comes back in to try talking to her again. She tells him too late because the stocks have been sold already. Jeffery looks shocked.

When the pawnshop owner has had enough of Jana and Daniel he heads inside. They worry about Kevin and Amber but are happy when they come running from the back. They all take off before the man catches them out there.

Sharon listens to the old record on the record player and cries silently. Back at Crimson Lights Brad looks up an aerial view of the cabin online.

Amber, Jana, Daniel and Kevin are at Jimmie’s celebrating. They all clink their glasses of beer together as they make a toast to their team. Back at the pawnshop the man is on the phone saying they cut the power and jimmied the cage. Then he seems to find Amber’s pink sparkling cell phone.

Nick is at restless style. He opens up the paper that has the fax from Sharon and then crumbles it up and tosses it to the trash. He lies back on the sofa thinking. Then we see Phyllis driving in her car.

Jeffery wants to know who Gloria sold the stocks to. He asks if it was to Jill or Jack. She says to someone else but refuses to tell who. She tells him he needs to congratulate her. He tells her congratulations on the worst decision of her life.

Jack complains to Billy about his bad day. He says Gloria refused to sell her stock to him and that he got the divorce papers today. He asks about Billy’s day. Billy tells him that his day was boring. Jack says the Abbot’s need to stick together because they are all they have.

Jill goes to Newman and Victor shows her the papers in the envelope. Jill is shocked that Gloria sold him the stock. He tells Jill that he bought them for her and he wants her to resume control. He will be her silent partner. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to be a figure head though. He wants her to appoint her son CEO but not Cane. He wants her to make Billy CEO but Jill protests saying she can’t trust Billy. Victor tells her is she wants control she needs to do as he says. He wants Jack to stay on but he wants him to work under Billy. Jill sees this as him wanting to humiliate Jack. She says she has no problem with that but how can she appoint Billy CEO. She asks what about Ashley. He says she is happier working in the lab so there is no need to say anything to her. Victor asks if she will agree to all this. Jill agrees and says she will find a way to make this work so she gladly accepts his terms.

Jan Barrett

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