Katherine has passed out and Amber is in a panic state. She finally calls 911 and tells them to come help her. While Amber waits for paramedics she tries to wake Katherine. Suddenly her eyes start to open leaving Amber so thankful asking her a lot of questions. She tells Katherine that an ambulance is on their way but Katherine tells her to call and cancel it. She doesn’t want a bunch of paramedics there trying to get her pulse. Amber asks her if she is sure. Katherine tells her to call them or she will so Amber makes the call.

They told Amber she needs to get checked out anyway. When she is off the phone Katherine tries to get up but gets dizzy. Amber convinces Katherine to call her doctor. When he gets there he tells her he thinks she has had what they call a mini stroke. He says it comes and then it goes. He wants to run some more tests to see just what is going on. Amber asks her to let her take her to the hospital but Katherine says tomorrow. Amber says she thinks she needs to go tonight so Katherine agrees. Just as they are about to leave Jill and Cane come in but they don’t tell her anything. Katherine says she and Amber are going out for dinner. Jill bad mouths Amber and Katherine jumps them both telling her the girl has been through enough and they leave. Jill asks Cane if he thinks her mother looked ok, she thinks she looked like something was wrong with her but Cane brushes it off with the stress for the day.

JT and Nikki put the baby next to Victoria and JT asks Nikki to take their picture. JT tells Victoria that she needs to wake up now. After they feed Reed Nikki is going to put him down for a nap. As JT stands behind her they look at the baby. Nikki tells Victoria that they are going downstairs for a bit but her baby is right there with her. The baby starts crying and Victoria’s eyes start to open.

Michael talks to Heather and tells her about her witness lying to her about seeing Victor stuffing a towel in his gym bag. Heather tells him that her case against Victor doesn’t rely on just that witness. Maggie comes in after Michael leaves and Heather tells her what’s going on. Maggie tells her that Michael will tell her anything to get her upset. Heather says not this time. It is legit. The police caught the witness and her husband at the airport trying to leave town.

Heather’s boss comes in and scolds Heather for not checking out her witness more thoroughly. She says she had no reason to believe she was so easy to pay off. Then he tells her the other witness that claims to have seen Victor at the restaurant that night just went to the press and made a statement that the DA wasn’t interested in his story since it would only hurt her case. He says he warned her that this case would either make or break this case and he doesn’t think he has to tell her which it has done now.

Maggie calls Paul and tells him that Heather just got a big set back in her case and she is worried about her. She asks him if he could come by and talk to her. She says she doesn’t know if it will help but she just thought it would be worth a try. When he gets there he tries to get her to take a break but she is refusing. She says she can’t afford to take time off. Just then her boss comes back in and tells her he has went over everything and nothing they have is strong enough to get a conviction so he wants her to call Michael Baldwin and tell him they are dropping the case against Victor Newman. When he is gone Heather lashes out at Paul and blames him since he messed her head up during the most important trial of her career. She says this is his fault. Maggie whispers to her that it isn’t his fault. Paul says he won’t say anything more and leaves. Once they leave she calls Michael and gives him the news.

Phyllis is back home and she talks to Nick about how beautiful the sunsets are in the deserts. He says well maybe they will have to go there together sometimes and look at them again. Then he kisses her and tells her he really missed her, and then kisses her again.

Michael calls Victor and tells him he has some promising news for him and wants to know if they can meet at the club. Victor says no he would rather meet at the ranch since they just brought the baby home. Michael says that is great. Victor asks what the news is but Michael says he will tell him when he gets there. When he gets there Michael is on the phone with Heather. When he gets off the phone he tells Victor he is a free man. Victor asks what he means. Michael tells him that the DA’s office has dropped all the charges on him. Victor just says WOW.

Neil goes to Jabot when he heard the news on the radio about Lily being chosen as one of the 5 semi-finalist in the Fresh Face Contest. He offers to take her to lunch. She says actually she planned to invite Cane for lunch. She says how about the three of them can go and celebrate. Cane backs out so it is just Lily and Neil. At dinner she talks to him about Cane. He is worried that Lily is moving too fast. She asks him isn’t that what he is doing with Karen.

Cane goes to Jill and tells him he owes her an apology. She asks if he means about the part that he knew about Marina being Amber then yes he does. She asked him how long he was going to keep letting it go on. He says he doesn’t know. He kept thinking she would never really let it go that far but she fooled him.

Jan Barrett

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