Katherine is shocked to find that Marina and Amber are the same person. Amber cries out that she should have been allowed to enter the contest since she wasn’t married to Cane. She says that’s the only reason she was forced to do it this way. Cane admits he had known about this for a while but was hoping she would back down before going through with it. When Cane and Jill get rid of the reporters Amber cries to Cane saying she is so sorry. He tells her that he is more worried about his Mom and Katherine. He reminds her that Katherine thinks the world of her so now he is hoping this will make her see just what kind of person she is. Amber is upset but walks away to the elevator. Katherine goes over to her and they get in the elevator together. Amber tells her she is so sorry. Katherine puts her arm around her and says she is going with her.

Katherine takes Amber home with her. Amber tells her she doesn’t have to be nice to her. Katherine tells her she likes her despite the many, many strange things she has done. She says obviously the things she told her about Cane didn’t get through to her. Amber says she tried but she just can’t get him out of her heart. She says she just can’t stop loving Cane. They sit and talk and Katherine tells her that she had some wild times in her day. Suddenly Katherine starts acting weird and suddenly she passes out.

Jill happens to see Cane and Lily together. She backs off so they don’t see her. Lily tells Cane this is the happiest day of her life and its all because of him. Later Jill warns him to be careful with Lily. She tells her that if he isn’t ready for a relationship to tell her before he ends up breaking her heart.

Nikki and Nick are getting things ready in Victoria’s room for Reed to come home. Nikki tells Nick to give his father some time. All this bitterness will pass soon. Nikki tries to make him see that he can’t give up on the family. He asks her what about her. Has she given up? She says it has been rough on her but she will get through this too. She says after all she has David too now. Nick gives her that look so she questions it by asking doesn’t he like David. He says he just thinks she is moving too fast with him. She says she doesn’t think she would have made it through all this without David. He says well call him the over protective son but he still thinks she went too fast getting involved with him.

Sharon goes to Gloria to talk about what she is doing to Jack. Sharon says she thinks she should get everything that John wanted her to have. Sharon tells her that the house is also her family home, where she lives with Jack and her son. She asks Gloria to give up on trying taking the house. Gloria tells her she is sorry, she wants that house so she suggests they finds another house to live in.

Jack is at home talking to John’s ghost. John tells him that he is proud of him for giving Gloria what she deserves. He tells him there is one more thing he wants him to do for him. Jacks asks what that might be. John tells him to sell his part of the house to Gloria. He tells Jack to let Gloria have the house. He encourages Jack to buy a new house for him and Sharon and her son and start a new life. He thinks he should just move on. He tells John he just can’t do it, he wants this house for them Sharon walks in and asks him who he is talking to. She tells him she talked to Gloria and she has come to a decision. She says they are not going to be moving. The Abbott mansion will stay in the Abbott family.

Michael talks to Heather at Crimson Lights. He tells her about the eye witness that saw Victor at the restaurant at the same time her witness claims he was at the club. He brings up the coincidence that her witness also just deposited a large sum of money into her bank account too. Heather says he just came into an inheritance. Michael says oh yes from her Aunt that just so happened to have died broke. He tells Heather to drop the case. She says not a chance. She is not worried but she thinks he is, and then she walks away. She calls her office assistant and tells them she needs everything about the witness they have. She needs to know if Michael has something on her that’s real or is he just blowing smoke.

Heather’s boss walks in her office telling her he just had a visit from Michael Baldwin. She says that was fast. He asks her about this eye witness. She says the person is not a credible witness so she didn’t think it was important. She says she spoke to the man herself. He tells her he wants a full report on both witnesses within 48 hours and if their witness shows something wrong then he is pulling her off the case. She sits there and says understood.

Gloria and Kevin discuss how they can get rid of Jeffery. Kevin wants to know what Sharon wanted to talk to her about. She says she is worried how Noah will be affected by the tension in the house if they are all living there. She tells Kevin she is not all that heartless.

Michael walks in at the club and Gloria calls him over to the table. He says he is there to interview someone. When the girl comes in Michael walks up to her and introduces himself. He tells her he would like to talk to her about her claim to have seen Victor Newman there that night in the gym. He gives her something to think about when he talks about Victor being innocent. The woman finally admits being paid to say she saw Victor there and is sorry now she did it.

Gloria gets a phone call from her lawyer. She answers by asking what the verdict is. She smiles and says this is good news. She says no she wants to tell him herself. When she hangs up Kevin asks where she is going. She says she is going to give Jack a quick kick in the butt. She heads straight over to The Abbott Mansion. She tells him that the judge ruled in her favor. She tells Jack to give it up and sell her his half. If not with or without him here she is moving in immediately.

JT brings the baby in to see Victoria. The whole family is there. Nick says welcome home little man. JT sits on the bed next to Victoria hoping this will help wake her up.

Jan Barrett

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